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August 18, 2015 - meeting notice mail-out.jpg  

May 16 - Annual Meeting -
Only 61 registered for the meeting. Note, there was very poor notice given.

Entire Annual Business Meeting.wmv  or  .mp4
Prayer Time.wmv or .mp4

Regular Meeting Videos:
Trustee 2015 Travel Approval.wmv or .mp4
Trustee Committee Asignments.wmv or .mp4
Approve new Federated Insurance DOM
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RUS, TriState, IRS 990 report.wmv  or .mp4

Annual Meeting - May 16 - Macey Center
Registation at 1 - business Meeting at 3

2015 Annaul Agenda
May 16th. Board Meeting Agenda
New By-laws adopted April 25, 2015  
Resolution of Reasonable Notice  

District Map
District 3 Map

Unapproved 2014 Annual Minutes (to be approved 2015 annual)  

There were 2 resolutions made at the District 2 meeting to be presented at the business meeting, but as there was no quorum, those will have to wait another time. Click here to see those proposals

District 2 trustee annual meeting report
April billing insert and meeting announcement  
2014 Annual Meeting Agenda  
042214 annual meeting commentary  
2014 Order of Business  
Unapproved 2013 annual meeting minutes  

SEC meeting lacks necessary turnout (Chieftain)





August 20, 2015 - Co-op meeting, Election Sunday

May 14 - Chieftain article:
Changes in SEC bylaws may continue Saturday   

May 13 - The regular montly board meeting follows the Annual Meeting on May 16th. Board Meeting Agenda


2015 Annaul Agenda   (Published in The Enchantment)

May 12 - Update on the critical "missing" video from the last board meeting -

More reports coming in that the missing and critical part of the last board meeting video was not a result of an accident.
Claims the attorney tripped over the cord (which is taped to the floor) shut down the camera is bogus. The Cynic camera is identical of the SEC, and we don't even use a wall plug. If external power is lost, the camera continues on battery for at least 2-3hrs. Therefore, we can only conclude things were said or done that at a minimum again discredit the board majority, or even getting their sorry asses sued... just say'n.



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