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July 12, 2018

Mark Weisbrot: Trump’s Threats to Invade Venezuela Are Part of U.S. Strategy of Regime Change. DemocracyNow  

A New Era of IMF Riots: Protests Force Haiti to Rescind Fuel Hikes. DemocracyNow  

Antifa Activists Are Freaking Out About a Proposed 'Unmasking' Law. ... The bill targets antifascist and anarchist protesters who use "black bloc" tactics to challenge the alt-right.  Vice  

The US White Nationalist Movement Is Attempting to Build International Allies.  TruthOut  

Farmers at Gaza’s Edge Try to Make Ends Meet Between Economic Squeeze and Israeli Sniper Fire.  Intercept  

Julia Salazar Is Looking to Land the Next Blow Against the New York Democratic Machine.

Two amputations a week: the cost of working in a US meat plant. ... As unions warn of serious injuries, plans to take speed limits off the lines at pig plants are causing anxiety.  Guardian  


Scott Pruitt Claims Misappropriated EPA Funds Would Have Only Been Wasted On Dumb Shit Like Clean Water.  Go >  

Inconsolable Jeff Sessions Tries To Commit Suicide By Smoking Joint. Go >  

Resistance Win! This Artist Was Going To Draw Trump And Putin Kissing, But Was Worried That Seemed Homophobic, So He Had Them Kiss While Thinking About Pamela Anderson.  
Go >

Don’t Understand Net Neutrality Since That Horse Kicked You In The Head? Hush Now, And Look At The River.  Go >  

July 11, 2018

When Local Newspapers Fold, Taxpayers Take a Hit in the Wallet.  TruthDig     Related:  Financing Dies in Darkness? The Impact of Newspaper Closures on Public Finance.  Papers.ssrn   And - Trump's Ever More Powerful Weapons Against Journalism. TruthDig  

Pruitt Gone, But "No Happy Ending" for Planet as Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler Takes Over EPA. ... "Before everyone gets excited about Pruitt, remember we're going to get all the same horrific policy under Andrew Wheeler, without any of the comic, attention-drawing personal corruption."  CommonDreams

Thoughts Inspired by Julian Assange.  
Craig Murray  

U.S. Army Reportedly Discharging Immigrants Who Enlisted With Promises Of Citizenship
About 10,000 people now serve under a program meant to fast-track U.S. citizenship for military duty.  HuffPost  

Dawn Sturgess. (Novichik, Russia story continued)  Craig Murray  

Here’s why Trump’s new strategy to keep ailing coal and nuclear plants open makes no sense.  
The Conversation  

Goodbye Regulations, Hello Impending Global Financial Crisis. ...  Ten years after the last financial crisis, Republicans - with backing from many Democrats - have made sure that Wall Street can return to its old ways of doing business by repealing the Dodd-Frank Act, which acted up to now as a very mild regulatory regime to rein in the predatory nature of financial capital. TruthOut   

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Gets Schooled on Democratic Socialism by Cornel West. ... Fox News, forever fearful of the left, is learning how to demonize democratic socialism, one interview at a time. AlterNet  

A psychologist explains how to shut down online trolls spreading ridiculous right-wing ‘fake news’.  RawStory  

July 10, 2018

The Con of Diversity.  TruthDig/Hedges  

CIA-Linked Military Contractor Used Arizona “Black Site” to Secretly Jail Dozens of Migrant Children.    DemocracyNow  

Human Rights Lawyer Jennifer Harbury on How Trump Is Punishing Cartels’ Victims ... Not Their Members.  DemocracyNow    Related:   Dirty Secrets: Jennifer, Everardo & the CIA in Guatemala -

Trump Admin. Officials 'Destroyed' Records of Immigrant Kids Separated from Their Parents: Report. ... The administration seems to have no idea how to reunite the families it tore apart.  AlterNet  

From CIA-Backed Wars to Cartel Violence: Inside the Roots of the Refugee Crisis in Central America.  DemocracyNow 

Local N.Y. Media Wrongly Pushes for Gang Databases.  TruthDig  

Trump administration comes out against breastfeeding worldwide to placate baby formula makers — until Russia objects.  RawStory  

After Promises Of ‘Transparency,’ Pentagon Under Scrutiny For Troop Number Blackout
For years, the Pentagon provided quarterly reports on troop numbers overseas. But war zone figures are now conspicuously missing.  HuffPost  

“Why Can’t the US Just Simply Invade?” Officials Say Trump Pushed US Military Overthrow in Venezuela.  TruthOut  

July 9, 2018

How Liberal Partisan Politics Strengthen the Right Wing. TruthOut   

Noam Chomsky has a dark warning for smug liberals: November wins won’t be enough to rid ourselves of the fascism that gave rise to Trump.  RawStory  

MSNBC Does Not Merely Permit Fabrications Against Democratic Party Critics. It Encourages and Rewards Them.  Intercept  

The Democratic Party is such a mess — What are we going to do? ... Ten experts analyze the “situation”

(2017) The Democratic Party is a disaster. We have to start over.  LA Times  

Nomi Prins on the Banks That Run the World.  TruthDig  

Haunted by a Legacy of Hatred: Fear of ISIS’s Return in Iraq.  CounterPoint  

Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges Against Trump Inauguration Protesters After 'Epic Failure' to Prove Wrongdoing. ... "The state failed at silencing dissent and today our movement is stronger than it was on #J20."  CommonDreams  

New EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler, Former Coal Lobbyist, Aims to Continue to Dismantle EPA from Inside.  DemocracyNow  

Facebook labels declaration of independence as 'hate speech'. ... The website told a local newspaper they violated its community guidelines by posting the original document.  Guardian  

Mother Teresa’s charity sold babies: Indian police.  RawStory  

Weekend of JULY 6-8, 2018

Weekend Read:
They Rule: The 1% vs. Democracy. By Paul Street - They Rule reflects on key political questions raised by the Occupy movement, showing how similar questions have been raised by previous generations of radical activists: who really owns and rules the US? Does it matter that the nation is divided by stark class disparities and a concentration of wealth in the hands of a few? Amazon  


Trump's Ever More Powerful Weapons Against Journalism.  TruthDig  

 Hobbling a Champion of Global Press Freedom.  Freedom House  

Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers.  Big Law Business  

Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And 'Media Influencers'  Forbes  

Israel Banned me for Documenting the Occupation  Forward  

The Obama Administration and the Press.

Trump Fans Accuse NPR of ‘Taxpayer Funded Partisan Advocacy’ After It Tweets Out the Declaration of Independence — Again
It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Alternet  

The Lack of Civility in US Politics Comes From the Top, Donald Trump.  BuzzFlash  

The Amesbury Mystery.  Craig Murray  

Julia Salazar Is Looking to Land the Next Blow Against the New York Democratic Machine.

Here’s why you don’t have the right to believe whatever you want. RawStory  

Families must pay thousands of dollars to be reunited with children taken from them. ... "The government is creating impossible barriers and penalizing poverty."   ThinkProgress  

Why Trump’s inauguration money is a major part of Mueller’s Russia investigation. .. Russia-tied donations and oligarch connections have drawn Mueller’s interest.  BuzzFlash  

Our Founders Showed Greater Respect for Islam Than Trump and the Supreme Court. ... As we celebrate July 4 and the founding moment, we do well to recall that Islam has always been a part of America.  The Nation  

JULY 5, 2018


Attack on Freedom:  Hate-mongering Hillaryites Just Shooed Stephen Miller Away From The Bird Feeder Where He Was Peacefully Enjoying Breakfast  Go >  

I May Not Agree With Everything Trump Says, But It’s My Duty As An American To Repeat All Of His Talking Points Basically Verbatim.  Go >  

Han Solo Met Chewbacca After Clubbing Chewie’s Parents To Death And Stealing Him As A Cub: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Go >  

A New Film Examines Sexual Violence as a Feature of the Bakken (ND) Oil Boom.  Intercept  

Kushner’s “Ultimate Deal” Would Strip Palestinians of Their Human Dignity. CounterPunch  

DNC Chair Tom Perez on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Upset Win & Obama’s Immigration Policies.  DemocracyNow  

UNRWA Does not Perpetuate the Conflict, the Conflict Perpetuates UNRWA. ... In January, without warning, Donald Trump declined to pay $305 million of his country’s $365 million commitment to UNRWA. UNRWA, the UN agency serving Palestinian refugees, remains $200 million short of the funds it needs to provide humanitarian services for five million people, including 2/3 of the population of the Gaza Strip. . CounterPunch  

After Long Career Bailing Out Big Banks, Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Now Runs Predatory Firm That Exploits the Poor for Profit. ... "Your economy, rigged to redistribute wealth to the top." ... Geithner helps manage a lucrative predatory lending outfit called Mariner Finance, which mass-mails loan checks to low-income Americans, hides exorbitant interest rates in the fine print, and quickly sues those who fail to repay the loan and interest in time.   CommonDreams  

Fundamentalism is coming for us – and women, as ever, will be first. ... Some women have never had it so good. But across the world the misogynistic dystopia of The Handmaid’s Tale is all too real.   Guardian  

Tourists go home, refugees welcome': why Barcelona chose migrants over visitors.  Guardian  

We just got a clear sign the trillion-dollar coastal property bubble could burst any time. ... Climate change hits U.S. property values, new analysis finds. ThinkProgress  

JULY 4, 2018

The Anatomy of Trumpocracy: An Interview With Noam Chomsky. ... With its spate of right-wing rulings this week, the Supreme Court has paved the way for Donald Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress to intensify their attacks on human rights, workers and the country’s democratic institutions, dragging the US deeper into the abyss.  TruthOut/Chomsky  

“It’s a Humanitarian Crisis”: Texas Lawyer Describes Chaos, Terror of Family Separation at Border.  DemocracyNow  

As the North Korean Deal Crumbles, Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Looks Worse Than Ever.  TruthOut  As the North Korean Deal Crumbles, Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Looks Worse Than Ever.  TruthOut  

No Need For Nato. ... NATO is a demonstrably useless institution. It’s largest ever active military deployment, for 12 years in Afghanistan, resulted in military defeat throughout 80% of the country, the installation of a pocket regime whose scrip does not run further than you can throw the scrip, and a vast outflow of heroin to finance the criminal underworld throughout NATO countries.  Craig Murray  

Chuck Schumer Is Already Bucking Demands to Fight for a Progressive Supreme Court. ... Under his leadership, Democrats have quickly ceded their no-holds-barred demand.  AlterNet  

Federal judge rules Detroit children have no ‘fundamental right’ to literacy. ...  (Judge) Murphy argued that impact of illiteracy does “not necessarily make access to literacy a fundamental right.” RawStory  

The College That Wants to Take Over Washington. ... Hillsdale College might be cozying up to Trump, but its acolytes are playing the long game.

Blinded by Darkness: Here's Why Evangelicals Are Choosing Trump Over Jesus. ... Author John identifies and lucidly explores three fundamental flaws in evangelical thinking that have led them to embrace a leader who is wholly unfit by their own once-cherished moral standards, in pursuit of ends they cannot possibly achieve — restoring 1950s America via government action.  AlterNet  

A social capitalism.  ... Our current financial system is failing. It’s time to overturn corporate capitalism and let community systems flourish in its place.  RSA  

TV news coverage linked to diminished support for Supreme Court. Journalist's Resource  

JULY 3, 2018

America the Failed State. ... Our “corporate coup d’état in slow motion,” as the writer John Ralston Saul calls it, has opened a Pandora’s box of evils that is transforming America into a failed state. The “unholy trinity of corruption, impunity and violence,” he said, can no longer be checked.  

Is Trump really winning? The truth about the president's popularity. ... US voters remain deeply skeptical of political polling, but Trump’s approval rating so far has been ‘incredibly stable’.  

Mexico's 'Bernie Sanders' Wins in a Huge Historic Landslide With Mandate to Reshape the Nation. ... AMLO is definitely the Bernie Sanders of Mexico.  CommonDreams  

Tucson Skirts International Law in Refusing to Reinstate Mexican American Studies.  

There’s an Easy Answer to Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won: Socialism. Intercept  

The Right Abandoned Civility a Long Time Ago
So why is it always the left that’s being told to pipe down?  The Nation  

The US and NATO Are Establishing Terrorist Bases in Europe. ... NATO and the United States, which, together, claim to be fighting some sort of amorphous “global war on terrorism,” have enabled a terrorist group to establish bases in two NATO member states.  Mint Press  

The Washington Post Really Really Hates Markets When It Means Higher Pay for Ordinary Workers.  CounterPunch  

After Warning Congresswoman 'Be Careful,' Trump Has Yet to Denounce Lynching Threats Made Against Maxine Waters. ... Highlighting attacks on Waters by the president and right-wing media, one commentator said of the death threats: "This is exactly what they wanted."  CommonDreams  

Blair and Brown Governments Gory with Torture.  Craig Miller 

JULY 2, 2018

Realize that every pressing social issue is solved through civil discourse if you ignore virtually all of human history.

Our Beef Addiction Has Contributed To Shocking New Deforestation Figures. ... Efforts to deal with the crisis are like “trying to put out a house fire with a.  HuffPost  

Deepwater Horizon disaster altered building blocks of ocean life. ...Oil spill disaster reduced biodiversity in sites closest to spill, report finds, as White House rolls back conservation measures.  Guardian  

How the Saudi-Qatari Rivalry Has Fueled the War in Syria. Intercept  

In 'Stunning Indictment', ICE Officers Call for Own Agency to Be Dissolved Amid Growing Outrage Over Immigration Policy. ... "It was never about crime. Never about MS-13. Always just about hurting less privileged people of color. All at the expense of actually protecting America."  CommonDreams

The Supreme Court, the Muslim Ban and Trump's Ugly Abyss of Racism.  TruthDig  

The Trump Administration Is Reshaping the Country Under the Guise of National Security. The Energy Sector Is Next.  Intercept.  

Azhar Ahmed – charged with treason over Facebook comments? ... Comments about the army on a Yorkshire teenager's Facebook page seem to be too much for the new 'total policing' state.

White supremacist propaganda on college campuses is soaring. ... There have been nearly 300 incidents in the last academic year alone.  ThinkProgress    Related:  Far-right voices are frothing about a looming civil war. ...They apparently don't remember how well it went for them last time.  

Was there a link between Justice Kennedy’s retirement and a $1 billion bank loan to Trump?  RawStory  

Senate Democrats urge Pence to discuss Assange with Ecuador.  NewsOK  

New House Bill Would Empower Donald Trump to Punish U.S. Companies that Boycott Israel.  Intercept  .

Rising seas: 'Florida is about to be wiped off the map'. ... Sea level rises are not some distant threat; for many Americans they are very real. In an extract from her chilling new book, Rising, Elizabeth Rush details how the US coastline will be radically transformed in the coming years.  Guardian  






Weekend of July 13-15, 2018

Weekend Read:  It's Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America - by David Cay Johnston. No journalist knows Donald Trump better than David Cay Johnston, who has been following him since 1988. It's Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America goes inside the administration to show how the federal agencies that touch the lives of all Americans are being undermined. Here is just some of what you will learn:  Amazon  

Andrew Cuomo’s Biggest Donors Rake in Millions From ICE.  Intercept  

Former Obama Officials Are Riding Out The Trump Years By Cashing In. ... The revolving door takes a spin. HuffPost  

Concentration Camps in the U.S.: Andrea Pitzer Decries Tent Cities for Detaining Kids Without Trial.  DemocracyNow  

“The Old Order Is Disappearing”: How Progressive Grassroots Movements Are Sweeping the U.K. & U.S.  DemocracyNow  

Candidate For Keith Ellison’s Congress Seat Called Israel ‘Apartheid Regime’  Fast Forward  

U.S. Military Surveys Found Local Distrust in Niger. Then the Air Force Built a $100 Million Drone Base.  Intercept  

When Resistance Becomes Capitulation: A Response to an Open Letter in The Nation.  TruthDig  

Trump's Ever More Powerful Weapons Against Journalism TruthDig  

Media Coverage and Public Approval of the U.S. Supreme Court. T&F  

Blackwater founder Erik Prince wants to ‘rationalize and restructure’ America’s wars — and has a company to do it.  RawStory  

Prankster in chief: why I threw swastika golfballs at Donald Trump. ... He stage-invaded Kanye, gave Blatter a cash shower, and got cuffed for riling Trump. As Simon Brodkin gets his own TV show, he reveals why Scottish police are the best – and Swiss officers the worst.  Guardian