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Where Is My Final Assange Report? Craig Murray

The Terrifying Alliance Between End Times Christian Zionists and Donald Trump. ... This far-right Christian organization wants to use foreign policy to pursue the end times -- and it has an ally in Trump. ITT

The Trump Campaign Is Deploying “Army” of Poll Watchers to Intimidate Voters. TruthOut


Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah – study. ... Climate crisis and logging is leading to shift from canopy rainforest to open grassland. Guardian

The House Just Passed Another “Save Our Seas” Act. Here’s Why It Won’t. ... “There’s a reason the plastics industry likes this. It’s because they don’t really have to do anything.” Intercept

Trump's USDA Sued Over Program Allowing 'Horrific' Mass Slaughter of Native Wildlife. ... "To carry out such a horrific onslaught on native wildlife in the midst of a mass extinction event and a climate crisis, without any real knowledge of the impact, is utterly outrageous." CommonDreams

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The Unprecedented and Illegal Campaign to Eliminate Julian Assange. ... Assange would never receive a fair trial in the U.S., but he’s not receiving one in Britain either. Intercept

Patrick Cockburn and Andy Worthington’s Testimony in Assange Extradition Hearings. ... The judge wouldn’t allow these great journalists to testify in court (or even by video), they could only submit their written statements. But at least we have the pdf files for you. AntiWar Cockburn statement.PDF  Worthington Statements Part 1 Part 2

Fed Bailout Allows Private Equity Pirates to Loot $10 Billion From Companies They Own. CounterPunch

Arundhati Roy: India’s Hindu Right Are Willing to Bury Democracy. ... While India’s rulers downplay the brutal murder of a Dalit teenager by an upper-caste gang and acquit Hindu nationalists guilty of historic crimes, Arundhati Roy argues, they are concocting another show trial of Muslims and progressive activists to intimidate dissenters. Jacobin

Billionaires' wealth rises to $10.2 trillion amid Covid crisis. ... Super-rich increase fortunes by more than a quarter during market turmoil. Guardian

US military seeks to “create new base in Syria” – Syrian journalist. Gray Zone

Revealed: Amy Coney Barrett lived in home of secretive Christian group's co-founder. ... Details of link to Kevin Ranaghan raise fresh questions about supreme court nominee’s involvement with People of Praise. Guardian

Shutting Down AFRICOM, International Solidarity And The US Elections. Popular Resistance

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OCTOBER 8, 2020

The Virus and Voting Will Not Suffice to Fell This Beast. CounterPunch

Coronavirus: World leaders must urgently phase out factory farming to cut future pandemics risk, says report

Paper calls for those in power to shift global diets to plant-based, ending industrial animal agriculture. Independent

'Crimes Against Humanity': Inspector General's Report Reveals Top DOJ Officials Drove Family Separation Policy. ... "If Trump wins a second term expect more heartless, cruel, barbaric behavior towards infants and children." CommonDreams

Homeland Security Wants to Erase Its History of Misconduct. ... U.S. Customs and Border Protection wants to destroy thousands of complaint records it claims have no historical value. Intercept

The Bombshell Memory Hole. ... In the beginning of the Trump era, the press made errors and lied about them. Now it just denies they ever were. Taibbi

Philly Activists Reclaim 50 Vacant Houses, Creating a Model for Organizing as Mass Evictions Loom. DemocracyNow

A Spanish judge’s request to probe a Las Vegas Sands staffer’s apparent role in a criminal spying operation against Julian Assange indicates the investigation is homing in on US intelligence. Tellingly, the Department of Justice is stonewalling the application. Gray Zone

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OCTOBER 7, 2020

The Assange Extradition Case is an Unprecedented Attack on Press Freedom, So Why’s the Media Largely Ignoring It? CounterPunch/Cockburn

Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program. ... Site co-founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson has promoted misinformation and is known for pro-Trump content. Guardian

Axon Ramps Up Sale Of Dart-Fired Tasers To US Prisons And Police Departments Around The World. ShadowProof

Murder, He Said: America’s Maestro’s of Death and Destruction. CounterPunch

Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah – study. ... Climate crisis and logging is leading to shift from canopy rainforest to open grassland. Guardian

Hawkish Dem Sherman is Next in Line to Replace Engel as Foreign Affairs Chairman. ... With the ouster of Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), progressives are calling for the position to be filled by someone not beholden to special interests. Next in line for the position by seniority, however, is Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) who is heavily funded by the defense industry and pro-Israel PACs. Sludge

How the Cattle Council’s Fire Study Distorts Realities. CounterPunch

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OCTOBER 6, 2020

FBI Seized Legally Privileged Materials From Julian Assange. Popular Resistance

Chris Hedges discusses Craig Murray, a former British Ambassador, the hearing underway in London to extradite Julian Assange. YouTube

OCTOBER 6, 2020

Tens of Millions in PPP Loans Went to Corporate Polluters After Companies Were Fined $52 Million, Analysis Shows. ... "Our federal government should not be essentially giving back portions of the penalties they've paid, but that's exactly what the Trump administration is doing through the PPP." CommonDreams

'Promises Made, Workers Betrayed': Trump Gave $425 Billion in Federal Contracts to Corporations That Offshored 200,000 Jobs. ... "Trump won in 2016 by pledging to voters in key industrial swing states that he would end job offshoring, but 200,000 more American jobs have been offshored during his presidency." CommonDreams

For the Owners of Loblaws, Ripping Off Canadian Workers Is a Family Business. ... The Westons, owners of Canadian retail giant Loblaws, are leading the fight against decent pay in Canada. Having profited during the pandemic while working people faced hunger and eviction, the family is now fighting tooth and nail to deny labor any share of the gains. Jacobin

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Trump Needs Accomplices at Every Level of Government to Pull Off a Coup. TruthOut

100,000 Ballot Requests Were Invalidated in Iowa After Courts Sided With Trump Campaign. .. Democratic wins for the presidency and the Senate could hinge on an absentee-ballot snafu affecting tens of thousands of voters. Intercept

Trump’s Barrett Nomination Another Step Toward Christian Fascism. ... All fascist and totalitarian movements paper over their squalid belief systems with the veneer of morality. ScheerPost

Pro-Choice Clergy Saved Lives Before Roe. They’re Mobilizing to Do It Again. TruthOut

First Debate Cold Open - SNL YouTube

As Covid-Positive GOP Politicians Enjoy Healthcare They 'Would Deny Others,' Coronavirus Pandemic Again Makes Case for Medicare for All. ... "The moral of the story is, he lied to you for months and encouraged you to live recklessly during a pandemic, and when it got to him he received every top tier treatment and medication to ensure his survival while your friends and family died alone." CommonDreams

Tribes defend themselves against a pandemic and South Dakota’s state government. ... Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and Oglala Sioux Tribe’s COVID-19 checkpoints are at stake. NCN

Abstract: This paper addresses the ideological motivations of members of far-right internet subcultures who spread misinformation and disinformation online. These groups recruit like-minded individuals who believe that white, male identities and conservative belief systems are under attack from a range of outside forces. Semantics Scholar

Fascism, American-Style. CounterPunch

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OCTOBER 5, 2020

Revealed: Trump-linked consultant tied to Facebook pages warning election will cause civil war. ... Network run by fake news-publishing father and son spreads word to Trump supporters they should prepare for violence in November. Guardian

The data scientist exposing US white supremacists: 'This is how you fight Nazis' Guardian

OCTOBER 5, 2020

Why You Should Care About the Extradition of Julian Assange. ... The most important press freedom case in a generation is unfolding in London. Intercept

Revealed: Key Assange prosecution witness is part of academic cluster which has received millions of pounds from UK and US militaries. ... One of the US prosecution’s key medical witnesses in the Julian Assange hearing, who claimed that Assange’s risk of suicide is ‘manageable’ if extradited to the US, works for an academic institute that is funded by the UK Ministry of Defence and linked to the US Department of Defense, it can be revealed. Declassified-UK

Assange on Trial: Abuse of Power, Breaching Attorney-Client Privilege and Adjournment. CounterPunch

Assange Trial Highlights How US Government Is Likely Deceiving British Court To Win Extradition. ShadowProof

UC Global Employee Thwarted Plan To Massively Bug Ecuador Embassy To Spy On Assange. ShadowProof

With Focus on Assange, Belmarsh Tribunal Puts 'US War Crimes on Trial'. ..."It is time to take action," Progressive International activists say, "and it is time to demand justice" CommonDreams

Independent Media Roundtable: Julian Assange’s Extradition Trial And The War On Journalism. ShadowProof

Eyewitness to the Agony of Julian Assange. CounterPunch/Pilger

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“The Ruling Elite Has Lost All Legitimacy”. w/Chris Hedges - Treason of the Ruling class. YouTube

Beware Self-Serving Messengers: Logging Will Not Prevent Destructive Wildfires. CommonDreams

Bt Cotton in India is a GMO Template for a ‘Monumental Irreversible Catastrophe’. CounterPunch

The Real Cancel Culture: Pro-Israel Blacklists
When it comes to Israel-Palestine, full-blown authoritarian coercion, like the blacklisting carried out by Canary Mission, is a part of life. Intercept

First-Ever Analysis Reveals How America's Top 100 Law Firms Are 'Accelerating the Climate Crisis'. ... "Law firms write the contracts for fossil fuel projects, lobby to weaken environmental regulations, and help fossil fuel companies evade accountability in court." CommonDreams

OCTOBER 5, 2020

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Chris Hedges & Gerald Horne + David Sirota on Amy Coney Barrett + Arun Gupta Live in Portland. YouTube

Naomi Klein: I Fear Trump Will Exploit His COVID Infection to Further Destabilize the Election. DemocracyNow

Election Season Upended: Trump’s COVID Diagnosis Could Reshape Race, Debates & SCOTUS Fight. DemocracyNow

PA. Power Grag: GOP Readies Election "Integrity" Committee. HuffPost

After Trump and RNC Fail to Cite 'Single Instance' of Fraud, Federal Judge Rejects Effort to Block Mail-In Voting in Montana. CommonDreams

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Carter turned 96 yrs old this week. With the four other presidents putting as big a distance as possible between themselves and Carter in case being a decent human being is contagious.

Weekend Read: WikiLeaks, the Global Fourth Estate: History Is Happening - by Nozomi Hayase.   The Global Fourth Estate recounts the rise of the whistleblowing site since its public prominence in 2010 and its subsequent years of publishing. Contained is a chronological series of articles penned by the author as WikiLeaks shed light on government and corporate corruption. From the clash with the US State Department and the persecution of Julian Assange to controversies surrounding the publication of the John Podesta emails, this book traces the challenges that WikiLeaks has faced in its mission to bring the First Amendment to the world.  Amazon

UPDATE SEP 30 - OCT 1, 2020

10/1/20 - UC Global Employee Thwarted Plan To Spy On Assange. Popular Resistance

10/1/20 - Exclusive: Spanish judge seeks Sheldon Adelson security chief in Assange spying case. ... A Spanish judge’s request to probe a Las Vegas Sands staffer’s apparent role in a criminal spying operation against Julian Assange indicates the investigation is homing in on US intelligence. Tellingly, the Department of Justice is stonewalling the application. Gray Zone

10/1/20 - Julian Assange’s Prosecution for Publishing Leaked Government Documents Is an Extremely Dangerous Precedent. ... The US government is trying to extradite and prosecute Julian Assange for publishing leaked US government documents. That should be extremely concerning to anyone who cares about holding governments and the powerful accountable. Jacobin

9/30/20 - US intelligence sources discussed poisoning Julian Assange, court told. ...Extradition hearing told spying operation at Ecuador embassy included plot to take baby’s nappy. Guardian

9/30/20 - Crumbling Case Against Assange Shows Weakness of “Hacking” Charges Related to Whistleblowing. ... The entire computer crime case against Assange is based on a brief discussion, between a publisher and source, about cracking a password -- but the cracking never actually happened. Intercept

9/30/20 - Life in Supermax for the Crime of 'Merely Doing Journalism'? UK Court Told Assange Likely to Be Sent to Notorious US Prison. ... A former warden at ADX Florence has described doing time in the Colorado prison as "a fate worse than death." CommonDreams

9/30/20 - Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 20. ... Tuesday has been another day on which the testimony focused on the extreme inhumane conditions in which Julian Assange would be kept imprisoned in the USA if extradited. The prosecution’s continued tactic of extraordinary aggression towards witnesses who are patently well informed played less well, and there were distinct signs that Judge Baraitser was becoming irritated by this approach. Craig Murray

9/30/20 - Assange on Trial: Special Administrative Measures, Unreliable Assurances and Espionage. CounterPunch

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Earth at the “Crossroads:” Finding our way in a time of extirpation. CounterPunch

New Global Report Warns Nearly 40% of Plants at Risk of Extinction. ..."At a time of rapid biodiversity loss, we are failing to access the treasure chest of incredible diversity on offer and missing a huge opportunity for our generation." CommonDreams

‘Everything's for sale’: the shocking film on the privatization of American public lands. ... Public Trust highlights the 640m acres owned by the country’s citizenry, lands that some in the Republican party want to sell off  Guardian

New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster. ... Breakthrough that builds on plastic-eating bugs first discovered by Japan in 2016 promises to enable full recycling. Guardian

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The Rise of Christian Nationalism in America. CounterPunch

Hunger in America, Especially for Children, Has “Skyrocketed” During Covid-19, Data Shows
The number of children who do not have enough to eat has soared in the pandemic, according to the Census Bureau and Agriculture Department. . Intercept

Trump Plan for Pre-Election ICE Raids Condemned as Xenophobic and Cruel 'Publicity Stunt' ... "President Donald Trump, in need of another dose of fear to keep his sputtering reelection bid afloat, is now, officially, throwing the kitchen sink of chauvinism at American voters." CommonDreams

Religious group scrubs all references to Amy Coney Barrett from its website. ... People of Praise, a tiny charismatic Catholic organization, admits removing mentions and photos of Trump’s supreme court pick. Guardian

The Bombshell Memory Hole. ... In the beginning of the Trump era, the press made errors and lied about them. Now it just denies they ever were. Taibbi

Hearing Reveals US Govt’s Invisible Hand in Protests Around the World. ... Trump admin cut funding to OTF, a non-profit that supports protesters in places like Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Iran. AntiWar


A Message from the Future II: The Years of Repair. ... Can we imagine a better future? If we stop talking about what winning actually looks like, isn’t that the same as giving up? Video

As Proud Boys Celebrate Trump Shout-Out, Warnings Grow That President 'Inciting Violence' to Retain Power. ... "Trump has repeatedly made it clear that he considers violent white supremacists to be a valued part of his base, even after people are murdered." CommonDreams

Human Rights Watch Details NYPD Attack on Peaceful Protesters
A Human Rights Watch investigation found that police deliberately trapped and assaulted medics, legal observers, and peaceful protesters. Intercept

'It haunts your life': California's legacy of police violence against Native American women. ... Amid a reckoning over police brutality against Black Americans, Native women are speaking out about their experiences. Guardian

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OCTOBER 1 2020

History, the Assange Happening: An Interview with Nozomi Hayase. CounterPunch

Assange Faces ‘Torturous’ Months In Tiny Cell If Extradited. Popular Resistance

Assange on Trial: Special Administrative Measures, Unreliable Assurances and Espionage. CounterPunch

OCTOBER 1, 2020

Pompeo Calls For Overthrow Of Venezuelan Government. Popular Resistance

Where Does the Democratic Party Stand on War, Peace, and International Relations?. CounterPunch

Patriotic History is Fake History. ... Feel-good stories and the series of platitudes studied in elementary and secondary textbooks is no way to teach the young. ScheerPost

US & allies ignore Colombia political assassinations. GrayZone

Discredited Russian Bounty Story Exposes Media’s Role in Status Quo. ...
The military says they can't find evidence to support it, yet the New York Times and others have not repudiated the reports or issued corrections. ScheerPost

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Trump sold voters on the folly that he's a successful businessman. That's a con. ... Trump’s gymnastic finances were problems of his own making and the headache of his staff, workers and bankers. Guardian

Presidential debate: Did Joe Biden prove he is ready to be president? ... As Hillary Clinton found four years ago, writes Andrew Buncombe, the best of plans count for little when Donald Trump is involved . Independent

The Rise of Christian Nationalism in America. CounterPunch

Where Does the Democratic Party Stand on War, Peace, and International Relations? CounterPunch

Joe Biden, The Republican. CounterPunch

Project remake America: could a Biden win usher in major democratic reforms? . ... Democrats face pressure to enact dramatic changes – although that is contingent on Biden beating Trump in November. Guardian

US: Religious data platform 'targets mentally ill, vulnerable people'. ... A new film reveals how Cambridge Analytica, collaborating with a software company, has created a platform for US churches that targets the poor, the addicted and the disabled — to radicalize them for far-right politics. DW

Trump’s campaign strategists linked to a company hoovering up data on religious people. Quartz

OCTOBER 1, 2020

“He Wants Violence in the Streets”: Trump’s “White Supremacist Project” on Full Display at Debate. DemocracyNow

Albuquerque Police Surveillance Linked to Companies Who Work with Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, CIA, Documents Show. CounterPunch

A Manifesto for Our Times: the Challenge to Abolish Systemic Racism. CounterPunch

“Vigilantism at the Polls”: Trump Attacks Election Integrity, Ballots & Backs Illegal Poll Watching. DemocracyNow

Arundhati Roy: Our Task is to Disable the Engine. ... Storied author and PI Council member Arundhati Roy on Covid-19 and the "super-surveillance" state. Progressive Int'l

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OCTOBER 20, 2020

Critics Say Deregulatory Rush Shows Even If Defeated the Trump White House Willing to 'Scorch the Earth Before They Go'. ... From bomb trains to biometrics to workers' rights, the administration is pushing for last-minute rollbacks that could prove hard for its successor to overturn. CommonDreams

After The Donald, The Deluge? CounterPunch

Public Schools Are Starting to Charge “Fees” for “Childcare”. ... In an alarming trend, financially strapped school districts across the country are introducing “fees” for looking after students. We need to stop the COVID-19–era privatization of public schools. Jacobin

Jeremy Scahill: “Trump Is Not the Root of the Problem, He Is a Product of American Imperial History”. DemocracyNow

More Traces of Cancer-Causing PFAS in Arctic Raise Alarm Over Global Spread. TruthOut

Scott Morrison’s “Gas-Fired Recovery” Is Doubling Down on Fossil Fuels in Australia. ... The Liberal Party’s plan for a “gas-fired recovery” is not just the product of climate change denialism. It’s a class-conscious scheme to guarantee the profitability and continued hegemony of mining and fossil fuel capital long into Australia’s future. Jacobin

Sheldon Whitehouse Made the Case That Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination Is a Bag Job. ... It was planned and executed by a vast and single-minded network of which no parallel exists on the other side. CommonDreams

The Real Hunter Biden Bombshell Is That the Tech Monopolies Now Officially Decide Which News Stories You Get to See. ... The most important part of the New York Post's dubious Ukrainegate story has nothing to do with Ukraine: It's Facebook and Twitter's partisan rush to censor the story, a reminder of the tech monopolies' growing threat to a free press. Jacobin

Goodbye civil rights: Amy Coney Barrett's America is a terrifying place. ... With her confirmation all but inevitable, how bad will Barrett be? It’s hard to say for sure – but it doesn’t look good. Guardian

Bolivians Return Evo Morales’s Party to Power One Year After a U.S.-Applauded Coup

Right-wing forces cheered by the U.S. tried to destroy one of Latin America’s most vibrant democracies. Voters just restored it. Intercept

COVID Has Led People to Save More. Now Economists Are Upset.. TruthOut

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OCTOBER 19, 2020

The US Should Indict American War Criminals, Not Julian Assange. The US is attempting to imprison one of its critics, Julian Assange, by claiming a global right to prosecute any journalist in the world. If that prosecution succeeds, it would be a severe blow not just to press freedom, but to our very right to oppose imperialism and empire. Jacobin

Part One: Manufacturing the Carnage
Donald Trump is an autocratic nightmare wrapped in incompetence, made in the USA.  Intercept   Part Two: Administration of Xenophobia. ... Trump has governed with hate and cruelty on immigration and he built on the foundations of his predecessors.. Intercept Parte Three: The Neo-Confederate in Chief
Trump has espoused racist beliefs for decades. As president, he weaponized them as U.S. polic. Intercept

How the Christian Right Won the Culture Wars. CounterPunch

Moyers on Democracy: Lisa Graves -Will Amy Coney Barrett Stand by Her Man? He’s Betting a Second Term On It. True North Research

The “Great Barrington” Plan for Reopening Is Championed as Good for the Poor. It’s Not. Mother Jones

The Great Barrington Declaration: COVID-19 deniers follow the path laid down by creationists, HIV/AIDS denialists, and climate science deniers. Apparently signed by thousands of scientists, the Great Barrington Declaration argues that lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic do more harm than good and that society should use “Focused Protection” for the elderly and those at high risk for severe disease and death from COVID-19 while letting the young go about their business normally. A closer look reveals that COVID-19 deniers are taking a page from a very old denialist propaganda playbook. Science Based Medicine

Amy Coney Barrett May Claim Neutrality, But Her Record Is “Extremely Conservative” DemocracyNow

Two Massive New Leaks Show Dirty Underbelly of Empire. CounterPunch

There is no ‘scientific divide’ over herd immunity. ... There’s a lot of talk of scientists divided over Covid-19, but when you look at the evidence any so-called divide starts to evaporate. Wired

Proposal to hasten herd immunity grabs White House attention, appalls top scientists Seattle Times

Liberalism and Fascism: Partners in Crime. CounterPunch

The Art of the Weapons Deal in the Age of Trump. ... The president has tried to capitalize on arms sales to the Middle East to consolidate his political position at home throughout his tenure. ScheerPost

Trump’s Weaponization of the National Security State. CounterPunch

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Weekend Read: Obama, Trump and the Politics of Appeasement - by Paul Street. The horror is all around us. It proliferates our daily news. It dominates social media. The economy is in shambles. The COVID pandemic is spreading like wildfire while we face the strangest US election in modern history. If you want to make sense of it all, Hollow Resistance is required reading. In CounterPunch’s latest book, radical historian Paul Street recounts the Democrats’ culpability in the rise of Trump and explains how his neofascist horrors took root during the Obama years, and will live on even if Joe Biden is victorious in November.

Fact Sheet: Unlawful Militias in New Mexico. PDF

Trump officials reportedly warned Hoover board members of COVID-19 risk in February. Stanford Daily

Private White House briefings led investors to short market and stock up on toilet paper, report says. Morning Star

Roaming Charges: Conventional Weapons at the DNC. CounterPunch

Dianne Feinstein Heaps Praise On Lindsey Graham After Amy Coney Barrett Hearing. ... The two senators even shared a hug afterward. Now a progressive group is calling for her removal from the Senate Judiciary Committee. HuffPost

Nancy Pelosi: “One of my prayers is that the Republicans will take back their party. The country needs a strong Republican Party.” (wonder who she is working for anyway)

Chris Hedges: The Death of Journalism. YouTube

Packing the Courts: How Republicans Spent Decades Installing Judges to Cement Minority Rule. DemocracyNow

The Grayzone obtained audio of a call in which Roger Waters confronted Amnesty leadership over efforts by Syria regime-change operatives – including its own staff – to sabotage an Amazon Watch webinar on Chevron’s pollution of Ecuador. GrayZone

Hey Obama, is it the Apocalypse Yet?. CounterPunch

Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah – study. ... Climate crisis and logging is leading to shift from canopy rainforest to open grassland. Guardian

The House Just Passed Another “Save Our Seas” Act. Here’s Why It Won’t. ... “There’s a reason the plastics industry likes this. It’s because they don’t really have to do anything.” Intercept

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OCTOBER 15, 2020

Chris Hedges: 'This Is The Unraveling Of The US Empire'. YouTube

Noam Chomsky: Trump Is Willing to Dismantle Democracy to Hold On to Power. TruthOut

'Look for Power in the Shadows': Watch Sheldon Whitehouse Shine Light on 'Dark Money Operation' Behind GOP Supreme Court Takeover

"Something is not right around the court. And dark money has a lot to do with it. Special interests have a lot to do with it." CommonDreams

After the QAnon Ban, Who's Next? ... QAnon is crazy, but so is our increasingly arbitrary system of speech controls. Taibbi

Naomi Klein on How to Rebuild From the Disaster of Neoliberalism. Jacobin

National Security “Experts,” Exploiting Pandemic Fears, Show Their Irrelevance. ... More than 210,000 Americans are dead in a pandemic that traditional national security experts did little or nothing to warn us about. Intercept

The US's cold war with China won't disappear if Joe Biden becomes president. ... A change of president would be a relief to progressives, but don’t expect the thaw in relations with Beijing that the world needs. Guardian

Nitrous oxide emissions pose an increasing climate threat, study finds. Science Daily

Plant and fungi loss threatens access to painkillers and anticancer drugs. ... Rooted in the rich world of plants and fungi are many of the world's most sought-after medications. As this biodiversity rapidly disappears, so, too, do the resources and ecosystems central to human health. DW

The Times’ ‘Caliphate’ Scandal Illustrates the Paper’s Steep Decline. ... A gutsy look at the flawed reporting behind the New York Times podcast sheds light on the marketing hysteria of establishment journalism. ScheerPost

O’odham Land Defenders Lead Indigenous Resistance to Trump’s Border Wall Amid Militarized Crackdow. DemocracyNow

Fascism: Now You See It, Now You Don’t!. CounterPunch

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OCTOBER 14, 2020

OUCH! Sheldon Whitehouse Wipes The Floor With John Cornyn Over Dark Money. ... The Rhode Island senator blasts the GOP's "hypocritical, tire-squealing 180" on the need to wait until after an election to fill a SCOTUS seat, but he really goes to town on Texas Senator (and failing candidate for re-election) John Cornyn for his devotion to Koch Brothers dark money. Crooks and Liars

Conservative ‘dark money’ network rebranded to push voting restrictions before 2020 election. OpenSecrets

The rank hypocrisy of the Judicial Crisis Network. MediaMatters

The GOP’s Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Just Begun. .. And it will not end with a Clinton presidency. NY Magazine

One-Third of Americans Can’t Pay Their Bills as Stimulus Talks Stall. TruthOut

Sen. Mike Lee’s tweets against “democracy,” explained. ... A prominent Republican senator set off a controversy by tweeting that “we’re not a democracy.” Here’s what he actually meant — and why the seemingly minor controversy actually matters. Vox

Snapshot of Secret Funding of Amicus Briefs Tied to Leonard Leo–Federalist Society Leader, Promoter of Amy Barrett. True North Research  Related: A conservative activist’s behind-the-scenes campaign to remake the nation’s courts. ... Leonard Leo helped conservative nonprofits raise $250 million from mostly undisclosed donors in recent years to promote conservative judges and causes WaPo

Charles Koch’s Radical Free Market Ideology Is Not a Symptom of America’s Disastrous Response to COVID-19. It’s a Cause. True North Research

The Top 1 Percent Owns Nearly Everything in the US. We Need to Seize Their Wealth. Jacobin

Covid-19 Pandemic Could Push Up to 150 Million Into 'Extreme Poverty' by 2021, World Bank Warns. ... "Early evidence also suggests that the crisis is poised to increase inequality in much of the world," says the new report. CommonDreams

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OCTOBER 13, 2020

Julian Assange faces the ‘trial of the century’: 10 reasons why it threatens freedom of speech. Gray Zone

Assange Faces Extradition for Exposing US War Crimes. ... Three weeks of testimony in Julian Assange’s extradition hearing in London underscored WikiLeaks’s extraordinary revelation of U.S. war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay. But the Trump administration is seeking to extradite Assange to the United States to stand trial for charges under the Espionage Act that could cause him to spend 175 years in prison. TruthOut

White House preparing $1.8tn stimulus bill, days after Trump told his team to delay it until after election. ... Washington seems to be experiencing whiplash as the president throws wrenches into negotiations on Capitol Hill over coronavirus relief measures. Independent

Covid ravages Navajo Nation as Trump makes election play for area Guardian

Bipartisan Bill Would Give Israel Veto Powers Over US Arms Sales. ... Bill would require the president to consult with Israel over Middle East weapons sales AntiWar

Steven Borne: Far worse than partisan divide. Union Leader

PTSD expert Seth Norrholm: Americans "are being psychologically abused by Donald Trump". ... Leading neuroscientist says America will face a health crisis from "post-Trump syndrome" for years to come. Salon

Trump’s obstruction of the 2020 census, explained. Public Integrity

Socialism’s Increasing Popularity Doesn’t Bring Media Out of McCarthy Era. FAIR

The New York Times Guild Once Again Demands Censorship of Colleagues. ... The union demanded “sensitivity readers” for their colleagues. Now they’re angry that a columnist wrote about a major controversy. Intercept

Fifth of countries at risk of ecosystem collapse, analysis finds. ... Trillions of dollars of GDP depend on biodiversity, according to Swiss Re report. Guardian

The True Story of MK-Ultra and the CIA Mad Scientist. Jacobin

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OCTOBER 12, 2020

Lord Advocate Launches War on Twitter. ... In what we think is a world first, the Lord Advocate of Scotland is claiming in the contempt of court case against me that I am legally responsible for the content of replies to my tweets. Craig Murray

The Assange Case Explained: Joe Lauria video. AnrtiWar

Military Bases on the Moon: U.S. Plans to Weaponize the Earth’s Satellite. CounterPunch

'Mail voting doesn't work for Navajo Nation': Native Americans face steep election hurdles.... The pandemic has led to a surge in postal ballots but mail posted on the reservation has to travel as much as 244 miles further than mail posted off-reservation. Guardian

Kiss the Amazon Rainforest Goodbye. CounterPunch

Pence’s Handling of COVID Is Straight Out of the Christian Right Playbook. TruthOut

The Third World War, Illustrated. CounterPunch

The Pentagon Took PPE Money and Bought Weapons. CounterPunch

New Documents Reveal How the Animal Agriculture Industry Surveils and Punishes Critics. ... A respected Bay Area veterinarian endures widespread attacks following an industry “alert” about her criticisms of factory farms. Intercept

(Oct 2, 2020) With Pendley Toppled, the Alt-Right’s Public Land Agenda Starts to Crumble. CounterPunch    Update 10/9/10 - Trump's public lands chief refuses to leave his post despite judge's order. ... William Perry Pendley says ‘I have the support of the president’ despite court ruling he is serving illegally as head of the Bureau of Land Management. Guardian

Targeted Livestock Grazing Won’t Preclude Large Wildfires. CounterPunch

Firm With Deep Ties to Facebook’s Election Integrity Partners Busted for Meddling in Latin America Elections. ... Employees scrubbed from the D.C. firm's website after it was caught running social media disinformation networks in Latin America have deep and long-standing ties to groups employed by Facebook to defend global election integrity. Sludge





Weekend Read: Dismantling Democracy: The forty-year attack on government, ....and the long game for the common good. by Donald Cohen. Since the 1970s a constellation of aligned conservative institutions, grassroots issue groups, academics, intellectuals, industry leaders, and politicians has been enormously successful at shifting fundamental attitudes toward government and its basic role in American society. These groups have focused on winning the hearts and minds of the people not with detailed policy prescriptions but with a set of beliefs and conventional wisdom, a vaguely defined national philosophy that protects the privileges of the wealthy and powerful.  Amazon or Thrift Books

Fascist Culture, Critical Pedagogy, and Resistance in Dark Times. CounterPunch

“We’re Not a Democracy”. ... Four years ago, the nation tumbled down the Trump rabbit hole. We’ve been lost in the dark so long it‘s hard to know which way is up. Intercept

How To ‘Weaponize’ Misleading Narratives About Voting: Lessons from Trump-Linked PILF Playbook. ... Using internal emails, sworn testimony, and other documents, Snopes was able to break down exactly how the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) worked to "generate, create, organize and weaponize" misleading narratives. Snoops

“Herd Immunity” Was Originally About Vaccination. Now It Is Neoliberal Violence. TruthOut

Surprise “Air Ambulance” Bills Are the Latest Nightmare in Private Health Insurance. ... On top of skyrocketing medical costs, many Americans face staggering surprise bills for “air ambulances.” What’s no surprise is that the private equity industry is deeply implicated in this nightmare — and spending heavily to make sure no one puts a stop to it. Jacobin

Part Six: The Looting of the Nation
Trump has served as the Pied Piper for the most radical GOP agenda on the economy, workers, and the poor. Intercept

Part Seven: Climate Carnage
Trump has stacked his anti-science administration with corporate polluters, gutted environmental regulations, and opened protected land for extraction. Intercept

Parents of 545 children still not found three years after Trump separation policy. ... Lawyers struggling to find parents deported to Central America, says ACLU, after US government removed 1,030 children in 2018. Guardian

Brennan’s Nuremberg Defense: One More Whitewash of the CIA’s Torture Program, CounterPunch

US Wasted Billions of Taxpayer Dollars in Afghanistan From 2018 to 2019. ... US government oversight authority released its latest report. AntiWar

Trump State Department Plan to Declare Human Rights Groups 'Anti-Semitic' Slammed as 'Desperate,' 'Obscene'. ... The designation would target humanitarian organizations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Oxfam, sources said. CommonDreams

Biodiversity is an Asset Worth Bending Over Backwards to Protect. CounterPunch

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OCTOBER 22, 2020

Large-Scale Permafrost Thawing. CounterPunch

Chomsky: OPCW cover-up of Syria probe is ‘shocking’. ... Noam Chomsky says that the OPCW’s cover-up, under US pressure, of a Syria chemical weapons probe raises “very severe suspicions.” Gray Zone

Part Five: Courting Corporate Theocracy
With Trump in power, the GOP is transforming the federal judiciary into a right-wing cult that will wield

'Vote These Monsters Out': Trump Officials Weigh Deep Funding Cuts to Covid-19 Relief, Newborn Screenings in Democrat-Led Cities

"Besides shameless graft, Trump's central agenda is tormenting the people who didn't vote for him." CommonDreams

influence over the lives of millions. Intercept

The Coup Already Underway. CounterPunch

Chomsky: from nuclear weapons to Iran, Trump’s worst threats are dangerously ignored. Gray Zone

The US Is Missing a Chance to Tackle Climate Crisis and Pandemic Relief Together. TruthOut

Journalists Should Stop Relying on Cops’ Lies. ... American police departments are addicted to lying, and journalists are entrusted with reporting what’s happening in the world. Those journalists can’t take police at their word and act as cops’ stenographers. Jacobin

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OCTOBER 21, 2020

Chris Hedges: The Politics of Cultural Despair. ... It is despair that is killing us, eating into the social fabric, rupturing social bonds, and manifesting in self-destructive pathologies. ScheerPost

When Does Incompetence Become a Crime? CounterPunch

75 ways Trump made America dirtier and the planet warmer. ... In the past four years, Trump has shredded environmental protections for American lands, animals and people. Guardian

Only Class War Can Stop Climate Change. ... A new report shows that the world’s top 1 percent is responsible for double the emissions of the entire bottom half of the planet. The message is clear: to fight climate change, we have to fight the ruling class. Jacobin

Bolivians Return Evo Morales’s Party to Power One Year After a U.S.-Applauded Coup. ... Right-wing forces cheered by the U.S. tried to destroy one of Latin America’s most vibrant democracies. Voters just restored it. Intercept

How Trump Got Played By The Military-Industrial Complex. ... The president promoted defense jobs in swing states, pushed through arms sales and gave industry figures top jobs. He didn’t get the political boost he wanted. HuffPost

The Details of Worker Abuse at One of the World’s Largest Logistics Companies Are Appalling. ... A report compiled by an international network of unions exposes ruthless worker exploitation at XPO Logistics, the global transportation giant headquartered in Connecticut. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s mistreatment and repression have only gotten worse. Jacobin

Dark Money & Barrett Nomination: The Link Between Big Polluters & the War on ACA, Roe & LGBT Rights. DemocracyNow

The Squad Is Growing: A New Crew of Left Challengers Is Bringing Movement Politics to Congress. ... It’s not just AOC, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib. This crop of organizers-turned-politicians -- alongside the Squad—plans to usher in a progressive revival in the House of Representatives. ITT

Black Civil Rights Leaders Fear Barrett “Invites a Return to a Racist Past”. Intercept

The TMX Pipeline Threatens First Nations People. It Must Be Stopped. TruthOut

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