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Co-op trustee opponents out this weekend with petition (Letter -Chieftain)
Chieftain Petition Drive Advertisement  (.gif file)
Comments and Observations on June 26 2013 Meeting  
June 26 Board Meeting Agenda  
June 25 2013 petition drive update  
Resolution #28    (Referenced in 6/26/13 Comments and Observations above)
The Petition to hold a Special Meeting on July 27th to vote on the District 5 Proposals  
June 26 Meeting Agenda

June 26 Meeting minutes  

See meeting videos here for the May annual meeting and continuance in June

June 13 -
Co-op resolutions voted in Saturday (Letter - D Chieftain)
Fight for SEC control absurd    (Letter - D Chieftain)
Co-op member having trust issues with board 
(Letter - Chieftain)

June 9 - Quorum may or may not be valid at co-op meeting continuation

June 9 -
The Petition for Special Meeting to vote on Dist. 5 Proposals
Map of New Districts (goes to a mapping website)
New Districts    (download a map)

June 6 - Any witnesses at annual meeting of a face to face contact between
Charlene West and the co-op general manager, Joseph Herrera, please leave
an e-mail here and your name will be passed on to Ms. West. E-mail address is:


060613-Informed Cynic Subpoena    Subpoena to supply copies of
March 27, 2013 meeting videos.

Wagner supports co-op members (letter- D Chieftain)

Many of you have requested information on how to file a complaint against
Lorna Wiggins of the firm, Wiggins, Williams, Wiggins All of the instructions and forms are on
the linked to this page.
This is the Wiggins law firm web site:

June 5 - Click here for the latest documents on the SEC suing another member.   
The original threatening letter from Atty Wiggins to Charlene West  


May 31 - Scroll through to the story in the Chieftain of how Anne Dorough, District 5 trustee, gives the board and attorney her opinion of their actions in regard to the District 5 passed resolutions. The exchange is also on tape below.  The attorney’s justification for the quorum ruling is not to be missed.

Discussion about Quorum part 1  (5 min)
Discussion about quorum part 2 (9 min)

May 31 - The Petition     The press release and info on the petition  
Exerpt from SEC Bylaws on Special Meetings   

May 30 -
SEC trustee questions chair’s decisions
Membership ownership should count
(D Chieftain)
Wagner censured at co-op meeting
(D Chieftain)
Co-op annual meeting will continue (D Chieftain)

May 23 and 24 comments  

May 23 - Co-op meeting delayed  

May 22 - Meeting Minutes  

Mauldin objects to Wagner motion at annual meeting (2 min)
Trustee Wade agrees (2 min)
Censorship letter (4 min)
Censorship letter discussion (4 min)
May 9 2013 - Letter from Board Chair to Trustee Wagner  
Letter of possible petition  (2 min)
Discussion about Quorum part 1  (5 min)
Discussion about quorum part 2 (9 min)
Anne Dorough comments (2min)
Special Accountant cost (5 min)
Safety Report  (1/2 min)
RUS Report  (7 min)

Cost to return the mail-in ballot: $1.12

May 9 - Update: Judge Mitchell replied to the Motion:
050113 Emergency Motion Letter   (letter written May 1 - but not received by reform atty until may 9th due to clerical error. SEC attorney received a copy the day of issue)
April 17, 2013 Emergency Motion For Order to Show Cause
April 24, 2013 - Judge Mitchell responds to the request  
(See April 17 below for more detail)

2013 Annual Meeting Voter Guide   
2013 Annual Meeting Voter Guide- Short Version

May 2 (update from April 28) -

The trio of board, management, and attorney are making it hard for members to attend the Annual Members' Meeting (May 15th-voting 1-3 p.m.; business meeting at 3 p.m.), illegally refusing to put the properly passed District 5 proposed by-law amendments on the ballot, insulting the members by placing the defeated trustee proposals back on the ballot this year, confusing the items up for vote, and shortening the turn around time for vote-by-mail ballots ( two weeks!). They are fighting hard and dirty which is raising eyebrows and questions. The members must oppose them by being smart.

First, attend the meeting. We need an in house quorum to remain at the meeting. If we get one and pass the members' proposals from the floor at the 2012 Annual Meeting, vote-by-mail will count as part of the quorum and this issue will be laid to rest.


RESOLUTION # 3 - Article III. Section 3. District meetings. - calls for annual district meetings instead of the current every four year district meetings

RESOLUTION #5 Article III. Section 6. Quorum at all Meetings. - 'Mail-in ballots will count as part of the quorum."

RESOLUTION # 6 Article III. Section 7. Voting at all Meetings. Which calls for each district trustee to appoint an election official to validate the mail-in process and ballots.

All other RESOLUTIONS get a NO.

t isn't clear if the proposed amendments will be listed on the ballot with the same numbers as in the "Enchantments' That will be clarified as soon as we receive a ballot.

Some members received their "Request for Mail-In Ballot" the first week of April (City of Socorro), bill payers by electronic transfer the 15th, Tierra Grande, Magdalena, Datil, Quemado between the 22th and 26th. District 4 had some in San Antonio receive on about the 22th, outlying areas had not received by yesterday.

As requested ballots will be distributed starting May 1st, members must be ready to make non-receipt an issue. The phone number to call to request a ballot is 1-800-834-8683 Extension 6534 (Ernie Marquez); e-mail:

These contact phone and e-mail should also handle no show ballots. Call the SEC office to report no shows and record date and time of report to both Ernie Marquez and SEC.

Keep checking here for updates and mark your calendars for May 15, 2013.

May 2 Comments on annual meeting  
042813-Commentary     (updated May 2nd)

Complete Board Proposals for the meeting as written in the Enchantment Magazine  


2013 Annual Meeting Voter Guide   
2013 Annual Meeting Voter Guide- Short Version

Complete Board Proposals for the meeting as written in the Enchantment Magazine  

April 28 - 042813-Commentary    

April 26 - 2013 Annual Meeting Program and Order of Business
Or a plain text version here.

April 25 - Emergency Motion Update:

The board, management and attorney are pushing hard to deny member's rights. This Emergency Motion (see below) will ask Judge Mitchell (who ruled for the members when they were sued by the board) to look at the action of refusing the District 5's proposed amendments to the bylaws. The courts are our only recourse at the moment. Let us hope for a good outcome.

Today Judge Mitchell denied the request for a hearing on the matter, but will issue a letter on the matter next week.
The documents are in date order of their filing-
April 17, 2013 Emergency Motion For Order to Show Cause  
April 17, 2013 - Request for emergency hearing date
April 22, 2013 - SEC Board Atty responds to the request  
April 24, 2013 - Judge Mitchell responds to the request  

The District 5 proposals the board is, at this moment, deleting from the annual meeting agenda:
The Proposals at the District 5 meeting last October should be on the annual meeting agenda for vote this year, not next year.

April 25 - Regular Board Meeting

April 24 Board Meeting Minutes  
April 25, 2103 Board Meeting Comments  
SEC warning on member address release  
Comments on the SEC warning on member address release
Columbus Electric scam news paper article  

April 23 - (Seee also April 17th below)
SEC's Attorney responds to reformers request:
Response to Emergency Motion for Order to Show Cause
Reformer's filing:
Emergency Motion For Order to Show Cause

April 22 -
Most of you have received the "Mail-In-Ballot" (click here) which tells you how to request ballot and the time periods. It omits a lot so we will try to fill in the blanks. ..... the rest of the article:

(Here are the SEC suggested by-law changes in 2012  )

We do know that the legally passed proposed amendments to the By-laws passed in October 2012 at the District 5 meeting is being blocked from the ballot by the terrible trio of management, lawyer and board. An EMERGENCY MOTION FOR TO SHOW CAUSE in this matter has been filed with Mitchell the Judge by designation as this action is in violation of SEC bylaws and that Judge's prior ruling. (Click here for motion)

We also know that the trustee amendments that failed by more than a five to one margin at the 2012 Annual Members' Meeting are back on this ballot along with 3 proposed amendments from the floor at the 2012 meeting.

How do we tell what is what or which is which? Watch for the Enchantment and match up the ballot with the notice. We will be working on this problem and get the correct information out as soon as possible as we did last year.

SEC suggested by-law changes  

April 18 - SEC warning on member address release  

April 11 - SEC needs to notify members of mapping
                (Letter - D Chieftain)

April 4 - Todays was the final hearing an ruling on the Mandamus issue. The Judges Order  

The Judge ruled, again, the members have a right to access records and documents, except those forbidden by law. The law already protects private records such as personnel files and the like.  It remains to be seen, however, if the SEC management will comply.

Aprl 2 - 040213-Comments on board trying to limit member access to the annual meeting, etc  

April 1 - At the March 28 meeting of the Socorro Electric Cooperative, the annual meeting date was changed and the board determined which bylaws would be brought to the members/owners at that meeting... full story here

Due to extensive comments related to the March meeting and upcoming annual meeting, a special web page will open by clicking Here and you can read the comments in ful. You can also download them there, or below.

March 31 - 033113-comments on investigation  

BOLNICK REPORT - only "Part 1" of the report has been released to the public. Part 2 is "confidential". All trustees are allowed to see the report except the subject of the report, Trustee Wagner.

Bolnick Report part 1 of 4 - page 1-20
Bolnick Report part 2 of 4 - page 21-40
Bolnick Report part 3 of 4 - page 41-60
Bolnick Report part 4 of 4 - page 60-82

March 30 - 033013-Comments on the 3/28 meeting  
Message to District V members from Trustee Anne Dorough

March 28 Meeting Agenda - Final Version
March 28 Regular Meeting Minutes  
March 28 Re-org meeting - revised minutes
March 18 - special meeting   (all executive session)

March 28 Meeting Agenda - Final Version
March 28, regular meeting agenda    
March 28 - Transgressions by co-op raise ethics questions  
March 23, 2013 commentary   - Re: upcoming 3/28 meeting
March 19 - 031913 - Court proceedings update   See also:
Ref: June 24, 2011 - Judge Mitchell order on partial merits
Ref: Nov. 13, 2012 - Judge Parsons partial judgement   
March 18 -Special meeting agenda - litigation update to the board
March 13 - Re-organization and regular meeting announcement.jpg
                 January 23, 2013 - regular meeting agenda with re-org
March 3 - Commentary on No-quorum meeting
Co-op meeting doesn't happen (D Chieftain)

Regular board meeting:

February 26 - 022613- meeting agenda
Feb 26 - 022613-board minutes  
February 26 - Board Meeting comments #1 (no quorum)
Showing who was present (Aguilar, Wagner, Dorough)
and who was absent (Wade, Cordova, Mauldin, Wolberg)
Also absent was the attorney Lorna Wiggins.
March 3 - Commentary (#2) on No-quorum meeting
Co-op meeting doesn't happen (D Chieftain)

February 22 - Easy Money - Cost of special accountant/consultant
Video discussing the costs.wma
February 11 - February 11, 2013 - Commentary - What Didn't Make
the News
"Trustee attempts to bring District 4 election irregularities under review.".wmv
Reconsidering the Board proposals for the annual meeting.wmv"
Survey Webpage
Feb. 2, - cost of special accountant/consultant
Video: Costs of outside accounting services discussed.wmv
January 23, 2012 - Annual Meeting Date video.wmv
January 23, 2012 - Commentary
Election of NMRECA and Tri-State Reps.wmv
January 23, 2013- Regular Meeting Aganda


Jan. 23 - Meeting Aganda

January 1, 2013 - -Resolution_on_reasonable_notice
Dec. 4, 2012 - Letter from Chieftain to SEC Re: copy fees

January 30 - New trustees mean new age for cooperative  (Letter - D Chieftain)
January 27 - Comments on Jan 23rd meeting  
January 26 - Co-op argues over annual meeting time (D Chieftain)
New videos from the Jan 23rd meeting:
012313 - Request for atty costs denied.wma

Related: June 15, 2012 Letter from FOG re: release of documents

January 23 - Board Report on satisfaction Survey Results.wma
January 16 - January 16, 2013 - commentary  
January 9 - 010913 - Comments on the Bylaw committee Board
Proposals for 2013 annual meeting
Related: 2013 Annual meeting Proposals by District 5  

January 9, 2013 - Co-op meeting redux (D Chieftain)
January 2, 2013 - Co-op board reorganized (D Chieftain)
January 2 - Re-organization meeting (no minutes or agenda)



121813-final board meeting comments

December 2013 Billing Insert  

010414-Charlene West Comments on December 19 2013 meeting  

The Great SEC Ambush of December 19  
Here is the original complaint filed by the co-op
Here is the last filing history update. Note the names listed
Court documents related to this issue are here.

Published Jan 1 2014 - Attorney blames Wagner for fees   (Chieftain)

My View: Trustee Wagner comments on SEC suit
against member
s    (Also in Jan 1 edition of the Chieftain)

12/14 - 1214/13-Member Comment on Ulibarri letter
(See: SEC issues: Do your own research )

Dec 26 - Ulibarri misses the mark

December 19 - Capitol Credits subject of latest co-op franchise hearing

December 12 - City keeps up dialog about co-op franchise (Chieftain)
Milton Ulibarri guest editorial - SEC issues: Do your own research

121813-final board meeting comments

December Billing Insert  

12/14 - 1214/13-Member Comment on Ulibarri letter
(See: SEC issues: Do your own research )


November 23 -
House bill 42 - Vote by Mail legislation  

11/23 - Comments on vote by mail   November 21 - Board meeting
Nov 21st meeting agenda House bill 42 - Vote by Mail legislation  

November 21 - Tonight’s agenda (revised) has added another Executive Session to prior Agenda. This one concerns: LITIGATION – DISTRICT ELECTIONS Section 10-15-1 H 7 NMOMA.
This Executive Session (from which the board and attorney will attempt to bar Trustee Wagner) will be immediately followed by:   
Sounds like last ditch desperation. Official election results
Elections results for District 2 November 9, 2013
Election results for District 3 November 16, 2013 November 19 - 111913-comments  
November 17 - District 3 meeting comments
Related to District 3 meeting:WHERE TO LODGE A COMPLAINTReport the conduct of an attorney at the Disciplinary Board
of the NM Supreme Court Website- The form Consumer complaints with the NM Attorney General - Utilities problems
Website - Form & instructions

NM Attorney General Open Meeting Act  NM PRC (Public Regulation Commission) - Your rep is probably Ben L Hall.
Website  - Online Complaint Page
Please read instructions and FAQs
download a copy Letter to the editor Chieftain  
Letter to the editor Abq Journal  

Post Meeting Conference: Left to right - Trustee Dave Wade -
Joseph Herrera (GM) - Lorna Wiggins - Leo Anaya - and
Darin Foster, an attorney scheduled to speak to the members
on the matter of SEC v Members
Election results for District 3 November 16, 2013

Meeting comments #2 -
Melissa Amaro won with w
ell over half the total vote. The lawyer, management and some current and ex-trustees are trying to steal the election by claiming that it is invalid. (see videos)

The members might wish to let the Board of Trustees, attorney and management hear their comments and opinions at the board meeting this Thursday,
November 21, 2013 at 5:30p.m. 310 Abeyta.

Happy note. Wolberg only received 6 votes.

November 14 - Chieftain articles
Wagner wins SEC District II election held in Alamo
Co-op franchise hearings continue
Related: Oct 10 - City looks at electric concerns  (Chieftain)

November 12 - District 2- good turnout of 74, ....
111213-District 2 meeting comments  

110913-Dist 2 Resolutions Passed   

November 9 - District 2 meeting results:
110913-Dist 2 Resolutions Passed   

Elections results for District 2 November 9, 2013

November 1 -
To Quorum or Not to Quorum - what the rules say:
More information here:
or read it here:
110113-Quorum rules   


October 30, 2013 Agenda     October 30 meeting minutes

October 25 - 102513-Commentary on Wolberg Chieftain article   
Related Chieftain article by Trustee Wolberg

October 17 - District 1 meeting report
101713-District 1 meeting report  

October 17 -
Request co-op ballots early   (Letter D Chieftain)

Participate in co-op elections   (Letter D Chieftain)

Know who you are voting for   (Letter D Chieftain)

October 12 -
101213-comments on district 2 and other elections 

October 7 -
Torres stiuplation to dismiss case against SEC with prejudice  
Pineda stipulation to dismiss case against SEC with prejudice
Related: Aug 2013 Whistleblower letter  

October 7 - The Socorro/SEC franchise agreement. :
100713 - Socorro city counsel meeting re: SEC franchise.  
Trustee Wagner letter to the Socorro City Council.  
110013 - Socorro SEC Franchise Agreement Explained

October 5 -
100513-Comments on the District 5 meeting and by-law committee

See this video for Prescilla Mauldin’s presentation at the District 5 meeting and the
reaction from the members in attendance. It’s a must see.

Members by-law committee report part 1 of 2  
Members by-law committee report part 2 of 2  

October 5 - No quorum at the District 5 Meeting so no business conducted. There
was considerable comversation and excellent input from members. It lasted over an hour.
57 were needed, 23 showed. About 3 dozen in the meeting room.
District 5 meeting videos:
By-law discussion 1 of 6 - Trustee Mauldin Explains (9.5min)
By-law discussion 2 of 6 (9.5min)
By-law discussion 3 of 6 (4.5min)
By-law discussion 4 of 6 (2min)
By-law discussion 5 of 6 (6.5min)
By-law discussion 6 of 6 and close of meeting (5min)
Meeting start and rate discussion part 1 of 3  (9min)
Rate discussion part 2 of 3 (5min)
Rate discussion part 3 of 3 (2min)

October 4 -
100413-Comments on meeting by group of members and upcoming elections
The following resolutions are taken from the resolutions passed by the members of District 5
during that districts' meeting in October, 2012.
9 most important resolutions blocked by the board

October 2 -
Anne Dorough (Dist 5) comments on Quorums  

October 1 -
100113-comments on the Torres/Pineda settlement and Member by-law committee  

October 2013 article by SEC concerning quorums  

Board proposed by-law changes  


Sept 25 - Board meeting agenda  
Note item O and P during the executive session. These two approval of agreements
would be the agreement to the mediation of the lawsuits filed by Pineda and Torres.

092513-Meeting Minutes  

Sept 26 - Pineda atty dismisses case against Wagner and Bustamante  

Sept 26 - Torres atty dismisses case against Wagner and Bustamante  

Selection of BSG&M for the auditing firm (3.6min)
By-law committee report (1.5min)   The board proposals  
Tri-State report  (4min)
Subjects by trustee report  (1.5min)
Member Comments (1min)
NMRECA Rate Report Presentation 1 of 4 (19min)
NMRECA Rate Report Presentation 2 of 4 (16min)
NMRECA Rate Report Presentation 3 of 4 (16min)
NMRECA Rate Report Presentation 4 of 4 (11min)

Sept 11 - most recent court filings in SEC vs Members
Order granting dispositive motions  
Order denying amended motion for leave to file first amended cross-claim  

Proposed by-law changes by the board. Presented to the board at the 9/25/13
meeting to be considered at the October board meeting.

Copy of the September 2013 Enchantment article here  

Sept 7 - 090713-Commentary-Re Enchantment article  

Sept 9 - 090813-Commentary Re Enchantment article form District 3

Sept 23 - Board meeting agenda   - Note item O and P during the executive session.
These two approval of agreements would be the agreement to the mediation of the
lawsuits filed by Pineda and Torres.

Board proposed by-law changes  


August 11 -
081113- Petition update comments  
073113 - Herrera letter re: petition review results  
080413 - Request for list of rejects   

Aug 28 2013 board minutes  

August 11 - comments on district meetings   and article in the Chieftain  

Letter from the Board Chairman that was included in the August Billing:
Refuting the Petition   


July 25 - Board meeting

Related documents:
Quorum rules  
July 24, 2013 - Agenda (revised 7/22)
July 24 Board Minutes  

Petition for Special Meeting discussion  (2.5 min)
(The SEC office is confirming signatures. A meeting will be required by
Sept 1st. Location to be determined.)

Discussion on Attorney Fees (4 min)
(So far this year, the SEC Cash Cow had been milked for $45,134.34 by the
Wiggins law firm. The issue, is what for?)

Fraud at a District election?  (4 min)
Watch this issue. All efforts will be made to avoid having to look into the problem.
Meanwhile, the attorney will milk that cash cow.

District 2 meeting (13 min)
All other districts decided on a time and place without much issue.  
District 2, however, all efforts made to sabotage the meeting.

Confusion over how much detail is given on what will be
discussed prior to an executive session.
 (4 min)
The Attorney seems confused and consults his #2, (not seen here) and the General
Manager. Even though in the recent past, details were given conforming to regulations.
Why the sudden secrecy?

Executive Session,   (2 min)  And now we see details given for the executive session
after coaching from the attorney

Related documents:
Quorum rules  
July 24, 2013 - Agenda (revised 7/22)

 071413-Petition Success     Results of petition drive for special meeting

July 9 - Subpoena to Informed Cynic from J Edward Hollington,
atty for Kathy Torres 070913-subpoena    related docs  



Don Wolberg, Donald Wolberg, Miton Uliberri, Paul Bustamante,