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WEEKEND AUGUST 14-16, 2020
During the foreclosure crisis of 2008/9, the Democrats bailed out the banks instead of the people losing their homes. During the eviction crisis of 2020, they’re about to bail out the landlords instead of the people being kicked out on the streets.
Presidential Election Interactive Map
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Weekend Read: Hollow Resistance: Obama, Trump and the Politics of Appeasement. By Paul Street. In CounterPunch’s latest book, radical historian Paul Street recounts the Democrats’ culpability in the rise of Trump and explains how his neofascist horrors took root during the Obama years, and will live on even if Joe Biden is victorious in November.   Purchase from CounterPunch

(Albuquerque) Nine Mile Ride: Why Police Reform Always Results in More Police Violence, Not Less. ... The US Department of Justice sued the City of Albuquerque in 2014 after a lengthy investigation in which it found that the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) engaged in a widespread “pattern and practice of unconstitutional policing.” CounterPunch

The Russian Interference Report, Without Laughing.
Craig Murray
 .PDF version

America’s Death March. ScheerPost

By clasping hands with Netanyahu, ‘top cop’ Kamala Harris whitewashes Israel’s racism. ... A friendly meeting California senator and self-declared “top cop” Kamala Harris held with Israel’s right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows she is more than willing to throw anti-racism -- and Palestinians -- under the bus. Gray Zone.

WEEKEND AUGUST 14-16, 2020

Opinion: William Perry Pendley is unfit to manage my Indigenous homelands. Colorado Sun

A wildlife refuge under siege at the border
New emails detail drained ponds, salvaged fish and a tense relationship with the Department of Homeland Security. HCN

The World on Fire. ... Massive wild fires are consuming portions of the Amazon rainforest. CounterPunch  Related: Climate change: Siberian heatwave 'clear evidence' of warming. BBC

Freakish Arctic Fires Alarmingly Intensify. CounterPunch

With Biden-Harris Ticket Set, Climate Groups Demand 'Transformative Action From Day One' If Elected. ... "Let's do our part to end this era of chaos and defeat Republicans up and down the ballot. Then, let's turn up to make a Biden-Harris administration lay the groundwork for a Green New Deal." CommonDreams

Climate, crude, and COVID devastate Ecuador’s Amazon. TRN

Alarm as pesticides spur rapid decline of US bird species. ... Seed-coating chemicals harm birds’ development, study finds US and Canada have lost 29% of birds since 1970. Guardian

'This land is all we have left': tribes on edge over giant dam proposal near Grand Canyon. Guardian

Trump EPA Plan to Gut Emission Rules for Oil and Gas Industry Denounced as 'Beyond Comprehension'. ... "If Trump is reelected and this rule sticks, it is probably the single most consequential near-term climate decision of his presidency." CommonDreams

Climate Activists Push Biden to Cut Ties With Industry-Friendly Energy Advisers. TruthOut

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Why a Growing Force in Brazil Is Charging That President Jair Bolsonaro Has Committed Crimes Against Humanity. CounterPunch

Why Black progressive women feel torn about Kamala Harris. ... We know we will have to defend Harris’s personal identity, while maneuvering against her political one. Guardian

Trump administration taking unusual steps to put its stamp on Postal Service ahead of November elections. WRAL

Who or What Brought Down Dag Hammarskjöld?. CounterPunch

'This land is all we have left': tribes on edge over giant dam proposal near Grand Canyon. Guardian

Trump’s CFPB Deploys Predatory Lenders as First Responders to Pandemic. .. The agency deregulated small-dollar lending by repealing key consumer protections on payday and auto title loans. Intercept

Florida Sheriff In COVID-19 Hot Spot Decrees No Face Masks For Deputies. ... “Now, I can already hear the whining and just so you know I did not make this decision easily,” Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods told his staff via email. HuffPost

WEEKEND AUGUST 14-16, 2020

(Albuquerque) Nine Mile Ride: Why Police Reform Always Results in More Police Violence, Not Less. CounterPunch

'I refuse to let him be a convicted felon at 8': Mother of special needs boy handcuffed by police files lawsuit. .. 'I couldn’t protect him from being arrested, from going to an adult jail, from being swabbed for DNA and having a mugshot taken' the boys mother said. Independent

'Two cities' collide as Chicago's social time bomb explodes. Guardian

The Junk Science Cops Use to Decide You’re Lying. .. Leaked documents detail law enforcement trainings in lie detection techniques that have been discredited by scientists. Intercept

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AUGUST 13, 2020
“There is a lot of room in there for oil and gas,” said Matt Gallagher, the president of Parsley Energy, a West Texas oil producer, after getting a peak at Biden’s energy plan.

As Kamala Harris Makes History as VP Pick, Her “Top Cop” Record Faces New Scrutiny Amid BLM Protests. DemocracyNow

Kamala Harris? Really? Desperate Times, Desperate Measures. CounterPunch

Joe Biden Has Found His Neoliberal Match in Kamala Harris. Jacobin

AUGUST 13, 2020

Since bill maher is trending here's that time he got utterly destroyed by glenn greenwald on his own show. he was humiliated so badly that he never invited glenn on again. Video

The US Contracts Out Its Regime Change Operation in Nicaragua. CounterPunch

Trump’s War On Arms Control and Disarmament. CounterPunch

'Emergency Was a Sham': Top Democrat Says IG Report on Saudi Arms Deal 'Deeply Damning' for Pompeo. ... "What sort of emergency makes itself known a few months in advance and can be resolved with weapons delivered years later?" CommonDreams

Hiroshima at 75: bitter row persists over US decision to drop the bomb. Guardian

Revealed: How U.S. Gov’t & Hollywood Secretly Worked Together to Justify Atomic Bombings of Japan. DemocracyNow

How AFRICOM Is Working To Destabilize Africa. Popular Resistance

The US Contracts Out Its Regime Change Operation in Nicaragua. CounterPunch

How the Fascists Won World War II CounterPunch

AOC Is Right: Get Military Recruiters Off Twitch and Out of Schools. Jacobin

The American Narrative of Hiroshima is a Statue that Must be Toppled. CounterPunch

Reverse the New Nuclear Arms Race. CounterPunch

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With Warren Sidestepped, Wall Street Execs Cheer Biden's Pick of Harris for VP. ... Biden's selection of the California senator comes after Wall Street executives made clear that they would prefer "almost anyone" but Sen. Elizabeth Warren. CommonDreams

Trump Applauds Racist QAnon Supporter For Georgia GOP Congressional Win. ... Marjorie Taylor Greene won the GOP nomination for the state’s 14th Congressional District on Tuesday. HuffPost

‘It’s a Secret, a (c)(4) Is a Secret’: Dark Money Powers $60 Million Bribery Scheme in Ohio. ... Last week, the FBI arrested Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and four associates in a bribery investigation over a law that sends $1 billion from ratepayers to bail out two nuclear power plants. Sludge

Now Comes the Difficult Work of Pushing the Biden-Harris Ticket Left. ... If Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris is a “weather vane,” then it’s up to progressives to change the weather. ITT

Noam Chomsky: Trump Is Quite Capable of an “October Surprise” TruthOut

Defund Fascism, Blue and Orange. CounterPunch/Street

Bills In Congress Would Grant Federal Whistleblowers Access To Courts. ShadowProof

Teaching Palestinian Children to Love Beethoven, Bizet, and Mozart is a Threat to a Depraved Israeli Society. CounterPunch

FEC Commissioner Warns There’s A ‘Substantial Chance’ Winner Isn’t Called On Election Night
Extra care will need to be taken amid added challenge of COVID-19 to “ensure that everyone’s vote counts,” said FEC head Ellen Weintraub. HuffPost

Trump and Biden, Two Ignoble Minds Here O’erthrown. CounterPunch

Trump’s Social Security Sleight of Hand Is Another Scam. Don’t Fall for It. TruthOut

If Donald Trump Controls The Mail, He Controls Democracy. ... The president is working overtime to turn the federal bureaucracy into a subsidiary of his campaign. HuffPost

The “Election Interference” Fearmongers Think You’re Stupid. CounterPunch

The Mask Wars Reveal the Feeble State of the Right-Wing Culture War Machine. ... Conservatives have predictably tried to turn face masks into a pseudo-populist culture war issue. But the people aren't buying it: new polling shows a solid majority of Americans support enforcing tough mask mandates — once again exposing the Right’s waning popular appeal. Jacobin


The Rise of Nationalism Has Led to the Increased Repression of Minorities. CounterPunch/Cockburn

On Right-Wing Violence in Texas, Media’s Silence Sends Message. FAIR

The Road to Portland: The Two Decades of ‘Homeland Security’ CounterPunch

Trump Applauds Racist QAnon Supporter For Georgia GOP Congressional Win. ... Marjorie Taylor Greene won the GOP nomination for the state’s 14th Congressional District on Tuesday. HuffPost

Tear Gas Ted Has a Tantrum in Portland. CounterPunch

The Mask Wars Reveal the Feeble State of the Right-Wing Culture War Machine. ... Conservatives have predictably tried to turn face masks into a pseudo-populist culture war issue. But the people aren't buying it: new polling shows a solid majority of Americans support enforcing tough mask mandates — once again exposing the Right’s waning popular appeal. Jacobin

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AUGUST 12, 2020
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy - a major Trump donor - has instituted a number of cost-cutting measures that have slowed down the delivery of mail, and overhauled the leadership of the agency in a move that critics say will give him more power. DeJoy's wife is up for ambassadorship to Canada. Both are heavily invested, to the tune of $100m,
in the likes of UPS, FedEx, etc.

Trump’s Threat to Press Freedom Is Global. ... Conservative filmmaker Michael Pack is a true believer in Trump’s version of a global war of ideas, as was made evident by a recent editorial penned by the Trump loyalist. TruthOut   Related: Trump is Not Conceding: This is Happening Here. CounterPunch/Street

Kansas Should Go F--- Itself. ... Author Thomas Frank predicted the modern culture war, and he was right about Donald Trump, but don’t expect political leaders to pay attention to his new book about populism. Tabbi


How the Pandemic Defeated America. ... A virus has brought the world’s most powerful country to its knees. The Atlantic

How the Pandemic Defeated America: Ed Yong on How COVID-19 Humiliated Planet’s Most Powerful Nation. DemocracyNow   Related: How the Pandemic Defeated America. ... A virus has brought the world’s most powerful country to its knees. The Atlantic

Infectious Disease Expert Predicts When U.S. Coronavirus Cases Will Again Explode. ... Michael Osterholm warned a back-to-school surge in COVID-19 “will far surpass what we saw after Memorial Day.” HuffPost

America's PPE shortage could last years without strategic plan, experts warn. ... Hospital officials prepare for autumn surge in Covid-19 cases. ... ‘There’s going to be lots of shortages we haven’t thought about’ Guardian

School In Thailand Uses Plastic Pens To Separate Students During Pandemic. ... The school in Bangkok reopened in July with various social distancing measures in place. HuffPost

34 Attorneys General Call to Bust Gilead’s Pharma Monopoly on COVID Treatment Remdesivir. CounterPunch

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The Democratic Platform Fight Shows It’s Still Obama’s Party. ... Bernie Sanders supporters have pushed for progressive priorities in the platform, but the Barack Obama wing of the Democratic establishment is still in the driver’s seat. ITT

'Just Insane': As Pandemic Rages and Hunger Soars, Trump USDA Under Fire for Blocking Access to Food Benefits. ... "This is not the time for people who are already vulnerable to lose their benefits." CommonDreams

Marginalized Communities Could Be 'Shortchanged' for Decades to Come by Trump's Abrupt Change to Census Deadline, Critics Say. ... Last week, the Trump administration shortened the Census deadline by a month as the government scrambles to get an accurate count amid the pandemic. CommonDreams

Wall Street Gets Another Bailout as Main Street Struggles to Survive. ... Leave a Comment on Wall Street Gets Another Bailout as Main Street Struggles to Survive. Insolvent Wall Street banks that have been quietly bailed out again under the cover of the Covid-19 pandemic should be public utilities. ScheerPost

After 300 Years, It’s Time To End Capitalism, Not Reform It. ... The United States is facing multiple crises with no signs of improvement on the horizon – a deep recession, high unemployment, millions of people soon to be displaced from their homes, a failed healthcare system in the midst of a pandemic, the climate crisis and more. Popular Resistance

How Indigenous Peoples are Using Ancestral Organizing Practices to Fight Mining Corporations and Covid-19. CounterPunch

Twitter spreads paid US gov’t propaganda while falsely claiming it bans state media ads. ... Twitter says it bans ads from state-affiliated media outlets. However, US government propaganda organs like Voice of America’s VOA Persian pay the social media corporation huge sums of money to spread disinformation against Iran and other foreign adversaries. GrayZone

How AFRICOM Is Working To Destabilize Africa. Popular Resistance

AUGUST 12, 2020

Chris Hedges: America’s Death March. ... Regardless of the outcome, the election will not stop the rise of hypernationalism, crisis cults and other signs of an empire's terminal decline. ScheerPost

Lynching Is Not a Relic of a Jim Crow Past. It’s a Modern Form of Racial Terror. TruthOut

When Things Feel Dire, Remember Real Change Begins at the Grassroots Level. TruthOut

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APR, Augustin Plains, Socorro Electric, SECanchn SEC APR


WEEKEND AUGUST 14-16, 2020

Save the Postal Service. ... Be a part of the campaign. US Mail Not for Sale

Post offices around the country are slashing their hours—including during the busiest times of day—with little notice as yet another abrupt cost-saving measure, according to interviews with union officials conducted by Motherboard and various local news reports. The USPS had also planned to close some offices entirely with just three weeks’ notice, likely in violation of federal law, but appears to be backtracking. Vice

Lawmakers Warn 'Onerous' New USPS Loan Terms Imposed by Mnuchin 'Could Accelerate Demise of Postal Service'. ... "Mnuchin and the leadership of the U.S. Postal Service appear to be exploiting this public health pandemic to hold the Postal Service to unreasonable loan terms without even consulting Congress." CommonDreams

The USPS is shutting down mail-sorting machines crucial for processing absentee ballots as the 2020 election looms. Business Insider

Want to Get Into Some 'Good Trouble'? Join the Fight to Save Our Post Office. ... And that means fighting for our right to vote. CommonDreams/Hightower

Lawmakers Warn 'Onerous' New USPS Loan Terms Imposed by Mnuchin 'Could Accelerate Demise of Postal Service'. ... "Mnuchin and the leadership of the U.S. Postal Service appear to be exploiting this public health pandemic to hold the Postal Service to unreasonable loan terms without even consulting Congress." CommonDreams

USPS Says Notices About Post Office Closures Just Big Misunderstanding. ... Slashing hours at post offices around the country was not, though. Vice

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August 12, 2020 - [NEW]
While Socorro petitions for new rates, Co-op waits for Supreme Court. Chieftain

August 13, 2020 - [NEW]
To’Hajiilee, county call for action on water pipeline.
Navajo Times

August 13, 2020 - [NEW]
Living in the dark: Native reservations struggle with power shortages in pandemic. ...
The pandemic has exacerbated severe energy and economic inequalities on Native lands in America – so people are turning to renewable energy. Guardian

August 12, 2020 - [NEW]
August Greenfire report .pdf

August 11, 2020 - August 7, 2020 - [NEW]
Navajo Nation’s Shortage of Clean Water Is Impeding Efforts to Control COVID TruthOut

August 6, 2020 -
When the Rio Grande goes dry. Ink Stain

August 4, 2020 -
Framing Wolves in New Mexico? CounterPunch or PDF

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July 24, 2020 -
New Mexico secretary of state worries Trump's federal troops will disrupt the elections. DailyKos

July 22, 2020 -
Save the Staffel Wolf Pack. CounterPunch

July 17, 2020 -
Of Toddlers, Wolves, and Public Lands Ranchers. CounterPunch

July 10, 2020 -
'Heat dome' weather system to bake America with temperatures beyond 90F for weeks. ... Summer 2020 marked by heatwaves, Tropical Storms, fire threats, and a La Nina watch. Independent

July 9, 2020 -
Mexican wolves found dead - Wildlife managers are investigating the deaths of two Mexican gray wolves found in May. Chieftain

July 8, 2020 -
New Mexico Monsoon Awareness website

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June 25, 2020 -
Thank New Mexico's Leaders for Ending the Gila Diversion!
Download Press Release
See also June 16 below

June 24, 2020 -
New Mexico Groups Appeal EPA’s Dirty Water Rule Download Press Release

June 22, 2020 -
Two Electric Projects in New Mexico Being Funded by USDA  NOTE: "The Socorro Electric Cooperative Inc. is receiving a $28 million loan to connect 485 consumers, build and improve 45 miles of distribution line, and build and improve 25 miles of line for the Magdalena Transmission Line Rebuild project."   This is not "funding", customers still have to repay the loan.  Download press release

June 20, 2020 -
Who Owns A River? The Question Is Tearing This Community Apart ... Thanks to a controversial New Mexico rule, rich landowners are staking claim to the state’s public waterways. HuffPost

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June 12, 2020 -
Advocating for the Mexican Gray Wolf: An Interview with Amy Harwood. CounterPunch  Related: How to speak up for the wolves in th e 10(j) management rule scoping comment period. ... The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) issued a request for comments on April 15, 2020 - 60 day period. . Lobos of the SW

June 11, 2020 -
‘Their greed is gonna kill us’: Indian Country fights against more fracking. ... expansion of drilling in New Mexico would threaten sacred artefacts and bring public health risks to area still reeling from Covid-19. Guardian

June 10, 2020 -
APR Update: The calendaring on the document below does not mean that we have a hearing date; we only know where the case will be, not when. Notice Assignment To The General Calendar- from the NM State Engineers Office. Download   Related: Additional explanation of what this means.Calendaring Document Explained.

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June 7, 2020 -
‘Forever deadly’: State officials, communities scramble to fight a proposal to house high-level nuclear waste in New Mexico. NM Political Report  Related: Nov. 2019 - Nuclear Colonialism: Indigenous opposition grows against proposal for nation’s largest nuclear storage facility in NM. NM Political Report

June 7 2020 -
Pandemic and Digital Divide Threaten Accurate Census Count of Native Populations. TruthOut

June 4, 2020 -
Transforming your electric cooperative’s power supply. ...
By Duane Highley Chief Executive Officer Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. Chieftain

June 4, 2020 -
US south-west in grip of historic ‘megadrought’,
research finds. ... Intensified by climate change, the current 20-year arid period is one of the worst on record, with wide-ranging effects Extinction Chronicles

May 28, 2020 -
Letter to Chieftain re:SEC rate increase.

May 22, 2020 -
Environmental assessment and draft decision notice Finding of No Significant Impact for the Military Training Exercises Project on the Mount Taylor, Magdalena, Mountainair, and Sandia Ranger Districts of the Cibola National Forest and National Grasslands.
Download Letter

May 21, 2020 -
APR Update.An update is difficult when nothing seems to be happening, but in spite of how quiet it is and has been, our fight continues. Download the update

May 21, 2020 -
New Mexico Wild - Protecting New Mexico's Wilderness, Wildlife, and Water. New website

May 15, 2020 -
Starting tomorrow, all New Mexicans will be required to wear a face covering in public. Download Information  

May 12, 2020 -
“M.H. Dutch Salmon Greater Gila Wild and Scenic River Act” - Introduced in NM Legislature by Martin Heinrich and Tom Udal

May 12, 2020 -
The War Against the Wolves of Alaska. CounterPunch

May 5, 2020 -
Navajo Nation Suffers Third-Highest COVID-19 Infection Rate in U.S. with Limited Healthcare & Water DemocracyNow

May 5, 2020 -
Coalition Sues to Stop Clean Water Rollbacks. NM Wild

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April 30, 2020 -
Friends of Bosque del Apache NWR encourages our members, donors, and sponsors to write letters with substantive comments to USFWS at Bosque del Apache concerning their plans to expand hunting at the refuge. Download announcement

April 29, 2020 -
A Big Win for the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness and a Call to Protect Wolves and Wilderness in Idaho. CounterPunch

April 23, 2020 -
Socorro Electric Co-op to comply with PRC ruling Chieftain

April 21, 2020 -
The Carnage of Wolf Trapping in Idaho. ... A new public records request to Idaho Department of Fish and Game reveals that Idaho wolf trappers are capturing nearly as many non-target species as they are capturing wolves. CounterPunch

April 17, 2020 -
Trump’s response to the startling decline in lynx populations across the West? Remove the lynx from the Endangered Species Act, then annihilate its habitat once and for all. Meanwhile - A new survey has found that Oregon’s wolf population has risen to 158, missing from the count, however, was OR-7, the wolf made famous by his 4,000-mile journey to find a mate in 2011. And, 'A dangerous road’: Coastal GasLink pays to kill wolves in endangered caribou habitat in B.C. interior. The imperiled Hart Ranges caribou herd will lose a chunk of critical habitat to the Coastal GasLink pipeline, and the company’s contribution to a recent predator cull is raising ethical questions. The Narwhal

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April 17, 2020 -
NM Governor issues statement regarding ‘Opening Up America Again’ guidelines. KQRE

April 17, 2020 -
Emerging Climate-Fueled Megadrought in Western US Rivals Any Over Past 1,200 Years: Study ... "We now have enough observations of current drought and tree-ring records of past drought to say that we're on the same trajectory as the worst prehistoric droughts." CommonDreams

April 17, 2020 -
Stay Informed & Take Action – Join the Fire Adapted New Mexico Network and work towards community wildfire resilience! Click Here --- Fire Adapted Learning Network. Click here

April 17, 2020 -
Socorro City’s response to SEC. Press Release

(scroll down to April 15, for more info)

April 17, 2020 - New Mexico Unveils App for Behavioral Health Support. ... provides free 24-hour crisis and non-crisis support and access to behavioral health professionals. Click here

April 16, 2020 -
Tribal Response Plan Covid-19 - State of New Mexico. Download plan    Navajo Nation Covid-19 website

April 16, 2020 -
Magdalena Village board approves emergency declaration Chieftain

April 16, 2020 -
Tribes Aren’t Getting COVID-19 Aid Because Federal Agencies Are Flailing. ... “They don’t know how to interact in the appropriate way with tribes and they’re just not getting the job done,” says Sen. Tom Udall. HuffPost

April 16, 2020 -
It’s Time for the Forest Service to Curtail Idaho’s Wolf Slaughter in Wilderness Areas. CounterPunch

April 15, 2020 -
SEC Board fined $185,000.00 by the PRC
. Download Court document   List of court filings as of 4/16/20. Related: (Oct 2019) Clock ticking on SEC appeal. Chieftain

April 15, 2020 -
COVID-19 & Indian Country: Pandemic Exposes Navajo Nation’s Water Access Crisis & Health Disparities. DemocracyNow

April 11, 2020 -
Comment by April 16 to protect river segments in the Gila! Click here   Related: Wild and Scenic bill opponents out in force at meeting. Silver City Daily

April 11, 2020 - A Compendium of Questions & Answers Relating to Wild & Scenic Rivers (May 1997)
Click here

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March 7, 2020 -
Wild and Scenic bill opponents out in force at meeting. Silver City Daily

April 9, 2020 -
Good news! Copper Flat Mine faces new obstacle: no water, no go. NMELC Announcement

April 2, 2020 -
Socorro County Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Download   Magdalena specific info. Download

April 1, 2020 -
What’s the Hang Up on Releasing Adult Lobos? CounterPunch

March 31, 2020 -
From New Mexico Wild March 31, 2010
Comment by April 16 to protect Wilderness in the Gila! The Gila National Forest is currently revising its forest management plan for the first time since 1986. The final version of this plan will determine how Wilderness, wildlife, water, and other natural resources are managed within the Forest for the next 20-30 years.
Download announcement

March 30, 2019 - Could COVID-19 Spell the End of the Fracking Industry as We Know It? ... NM is just one state whose fracking boom appears poised to fall off an economic cliff amid the pandemic. TruthOut  

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March 18, 2020 -
The Socorro Electric Coop has postponed the annual meeting that was set for April 18th.  Not rescheduled as yet.  

March 13, 2020 -
Greenfire report from NM Environmental Law Center

March 5, 2020 -
SEC trustees run unopposed - Chieftain

March 3, 2020 -
Uranium cleanup report falls on few ears. Navajo Times

February 26, 2017 -
San Augustin Water Coalition annual meeting for Saturday, April 25th, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. at the Datil school gym. We will hold a candidates' forum. ... all parties who will appear on ballots in Catron and Socorro Counties.SASWC  

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February 25, 2020 -
APR Update. As you know, Judge Reynolds granted summary judgment last year in favor of the Community Protestants (us) “with prejudice” (meaning that the APR cannot come back with the same or a similar application to mine water in the Plains). ...
Subsequently, the APR appealed this decision to the New Mexico Appellate Court. We are now waiting for that court to take up our case, which, according to Doug Meiklejohn at the New Mexico Environmental Law Center (NMELC), could take up to three years. While we wait we prepare for what could happen.
For more information:   Download  

February 20, 2020 -
Reforming Expectations to Save Western Rivers. ... Recently, former Interior Secretary Babbitt proposed an alternative to the highly controversial yet difficult-to-kill Gila River diversion project, which would dam and divert water from the last free-flowing river in New Mexico
 CounterPunch    Related:   Damming the Gila a vampire proposal  Santa Fe New Mexican  

February 20, 2020 -
How the Military is Raiding Public Lands and Civilian Spaces Across the Western Front. CounterPunch  

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February 18, 2020 -
(In the view the APR might try to bottle the water) Washington state takes bold step to restrict companies from bottling local water. .... State senate passes bill to ban new permits for water bottling operations, calling process ‘detrimental to public welfare’.  Guardian  

February 13, 2020 -
NM Environmental Law Center February newsletter
Lawsuit filed over fuel spill at Kirkland Download  

February 12, 2020 -
SEC amends its declaratory judgment filing Chieftain

February 11, 2020 -
The War on Wolves is Part of the Culture War. CounterPunch  

February 5, 2020 -
New Mexico deserves wild, scenic Gila River - Howie Morales, NM Lieutenant Governor.  Chieftain Letter  

February 5, 2020 -
Co-op to vet trustee candidates; intervenes in Tri-State case .  Chieftain   

February 1, 2020 -
New Mexico Wild February newsletter. Download

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January 29, 2020 -
City: No (SEC) permanent agreement is in place.

January 29, 2020 -
Transparency, independence are fundamentals electrical co-ops need to reinstate. Letter to Chieftain

January 29, 2020 -
Wolves Play a Beneficial Role in Wildlife Management.   CounterPunch  

January 26, 2020 -
Global Groundwater Is Threatened by Unsustainable Practices Amid Climate Crisis . ... As the planet’s thermometer continues to inch upwards, one sought-after resource is only going to increase in value: groundwater.  TruthOut  

January 25, 2020 -
A rewilding triumph: wolves help to reverse Yellowstone degradation  Guardian  

January 24, 2020 -
Trump Rule Threatens New Mexico Waters. NM Environmental Law Center Green Fire Report     Related: EPA water rule change called disastrous for New Mexico  New Mexican   Related:  EPA, Army finalizes U.S. waters definition; promises water protection, economic growth  WV News  

January 23, 2020 -
Tri-State embraces renewables  Chieftain  

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January 22, 2020 -
Bosque Winter 2020 news letter  

January 16, 2019 -
APR's docketing Statement dated 12/13/19.

January 15, 2020 -
New Mexico Environmental Law Center Changes in leadership.  Download announcement  

January 9, 2020 -
Where’s the juice? 500 MW line open for business ... With the first annual payment of a $1.9 million “transmission charge,” the Navajo Nation is securing the rights to use or sell access to 500 megawatts of electrical transmission capacity for 35 years starting Dec. 23.  Navajo Times

January 10, 2020 - APR Update -
Below is a brief summary of where we, the community, stand with regard to the Augustin Plains Ranch LLC’s application to mine water in the Plains aquifer.

It’s been quiet, but we know that the APR LLC has appealed Judge Reynolds’ decision denying their application, and we are preparing to meet them in the Appeals court whenever a hearing is scheduled

To that end, we have started spending the money raised to hire a hydrologist. As you may remember, Tom Myers has been here and looked at the situation on the ground. We have now asked him to put together a model of the hydrology of the Plains aquifer so that we can be prepared if the Appellate Court decides there should be a hearing on the substance of the application. I don’t know anyone attempting to say what the Court will do, so we must be prepared for every possibility.

Of course, the best possibility is that this court will agree with Judge Reynolds decision, but we dare not become complacent. This note is to recognize the contributions everyone has made: it is only our determination as a community to keep our water that has carried us this far.
Thanks! Carol Pittman - Datil.
Download the message

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December 19, 2019 -
Socorro only has month-to-month franchise (SEC) agreement  Chieftain  

December 12, 2019 -
SEC files lawsuit against Socorro  Chieftain  

November 14, 2019 -
Trustees assert membership elected them to make rate decisions Chieftain

November 8, 2019 -
San Carlos Apache Leader: Proposed Oak Flat Mine Is an Environmental Injustice. Phoenix New Times

November 7, 2019 -
PRC says "no" to SEC's request. Chieftain

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October 4, 2019 -
More Water or More Wild: The Decades-Long Struggle over the Gila River’s Fate.  NM In Depth

October 31, 2019 -
Village moves forward on water improvements.

October 29, 2019 -
The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles. ... Creek beds are bone dry and once-gushing springs are reduced to trickles as fights play out around the nation over control of nation’s freshwater supply. Guardian  

October 24, 2019 -
Spotted Owls and the National Christmas Tree ... the Forest Service has unilaterally restricted (firewood collection, etc) in an attempt to engender hostility between people who otherwise support environmental protection. It’s a cynical effort to divide people instead of being accountable to the law. CounterPunch  

October 18, 2019 -  
Leadership Lacking for Wolf Protection  

October 17, 2019 -
Clock ticking on SEC appeal.  Chieftain  

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October 10, 2019 -
County commission’s opposition to Western Spirit power lines.  Chieftain    Related:  Our low-income population will bear the burdens of this project. ... Martha Salas, Chair Socorro County Commission. Chieftain

October 4, 2019 -
SEC Co-op defies PRC ruling. Chieftain  

October 4, 2019 -
... the final Environmental Assessment for Military training in the Cibola National Forest has been published. Objections are accepted until October 14.
Download the Plan here  

In the Draft Decision Notice the Forest Service has determined that there will be no significant impact from the training, despite the fact that:
· 3 additional helicopter landing zones will be established (just as in the previous proposal)
· The number of helicopter sorties in the Magdalena Ranger District will quadruple (keep in mind that currently there are 2,964 allowed sorties per day at one Helicopter Landing Zone, which include 8,892 day landings and 8,892 night landings).
· Helicopter flight paths go directly over residences
· Training areas have not been moved – and in fact still encompass private property
· Environmental impacts have not been adequately addressed.

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October 10, 2019 -
Socorro City Reply to Socorro Electric Co-op August 2019 newsletter related to "The City of Socorro is proposing to create a municipal electric utility and to begin "siphoning off " Members of SEC."  
Download SEC newsletter  
Download Socorro City reply to SEC newsletter  

September 5, 2019 -
City: SEC wants a 'second bite at the apple' Chieftain

September 5, 2019 -
Socorro County needs economic development, lower electric rates. Letter to the editor Chieftain  

August 28, 2019 -
SEC says rate increase is just, reasonable.Chieftain
Download      Related: August 22, 2019 - SEC response to PRC Download  

August 28, 2019 -
Plains of San Agustin aquifer safe .. for now. 

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