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February 19, 2019
1966 Robert F. Kennedy suggests the United
States offer the Vietcong a role in governing
South Vietnam.







Worshipping the Electronic Image.  

11 year old facing charges after refusing to stand for US pledge of allegiance in Florida.  Independent  

The Most Dangerous Weapon Ever Rolls Off the Nuclear Assembly Line  TruthDig  

Someone Needs to Teach These As$#oles a Lesson.  CounterPunch  

Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt.  FAIR  

Noam Chomsky: Those who failed to recognize Trump as the greater evil made ‘a bad mistake.  AlterNet  

Jesus Christ's Lesson for the 21st Century.  ... The biblical story of the good Samaritan is one that Tom Catena not only knows well, but strives to live by. A devout Catholic and Ivy League-educated doctor, Catena realized early on that he would dedicate his time on earth to helping those in need, though he couldn’t have predicted the heroic path his life would take.

Bred to Suffer. ... Inside the Barbaric U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation  Intercept  

Forget Trump's border distraction – the real threat is inside the house.  ... While the government was shut down over the president’s wall, native-born white men proved, once again, to be America’s biggest terrorist danger. Guardian  

Imagine Pleading Guilty Because You Can’t Afford to Call Your Lawyer.  TruthOut  

February 18, 2019
1962 Robert F. Kennedy says that U.S. troops will stay in Vietnam until Communism is defeated

Watch: Pence Met with Icy Silence in Munich, Praising Trump and Attempting to Bully Leaders on Foreign Policy. ...The vice president arrived at the Munich Security Conference ready to promote President Donald Trump's "America First" agenda -- but his demands over Venezuela and Iran were not well received.
CommonDreams   Related:  Mike Pence chides US allies at Warsaw summit on Iran. ... Vice-president tells event that EU mechanism to facilitate trade with Iran is ‘ill-advised’  Guardian  

The FBI Is Dismantling Its War Crimes Unit  

Jair Bolsonaro Praised the Genocide of Indigenous People. Now He’s Emboldening Attackers of Brazil’s Amazonian Communities.  Intercept  

"It's What Happens in a Totalitarian Regime": Capitol Police Slammed for "Disturbing" Physical Attacks on Reporters. ... "It was insane, people were getting shoved into walls. It was unsustainable. It was violent."  CommonDreams

North Dakota Seeks to Restrict Access to Public Records After Standing Rock Reporting Exposed Law Enforcement Abuses.  Intercept  

El Salvador massacre: forensics teams dig for remains as US envoy faces grilling.  Guardian  

Neoliberalism or Death: The U.S. Economic War Against Venezuela.  Intercept  

Immigrant Activists: Democrats Are Capitulating to Trump by Approving Border, DHS Funding.  DemocracyNow  

Democrats want a 'smart wall'. That's Trump's wall by another name. ... The tech ‘solutions’ Democrats are proposing to secure the US border would enrich tech and military contractors while violating our civil rights.  Guardian  

Pro-Israel donors spent over $22m on lobbying and contributions in 2018. ... The data examined by the Guardian suggests that the pro-Israel lobby is highly active and spends heavily to influence US policy.  Guardian  

Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments.  Intercept  

Pence and the Benjamins: An Eternity of Anti-Semitism.  CounterPunch  

Weekend of February 15-17, 2019
1991 The Persian Gulf War begins. The massive
U.S.-led offensive against Iraq — Operation
Desert Storm — ends on February 28, 1991
when President George H. W. Bush declares
a cease-fire and Iraq pledges to honor future
coalition and U.N. peace terms.

Weekend Read:  How to Read a Protest The Art of Organizing and Resistance. by L. A. Kauffman. ... When millions of people took to the streets for the 2017 Women’s Marches, there was an unmistakable air of uprising, a sense that these marches were launching a powerful new movement to resist a dangerous presidency. But the work that protests do often can’t be seen in the moment. It feels empowering to march, and record numbers of Americans have joined anti-Trump demonstrations, but when and why does marching matter? What exactly do protests do, and how do they help movements win? UC Press  

The Suffering of the Iranian People Has “Made in USA” Stamped on It.  TruthOut    Related:  ‘War with Iran’: Israeli prime minister tweets a terrifying message — then quickly deletes it.  AlterNet  

One Year After Parkland, 1,200 More Kids Are Dead by Gunfire—But Students Still Fight for Gun Safety.  DemocracyNow  

“Capitalism is the Number One Threat To Democracy Today”.  Jacobin  

Ilhan Omar Was Dead Right About Lobbyists for Israel.  TruthDig  

AOC is Under Fire Because She is Right.  

'Historic': House Approves War Powers Resolution to End US Complicity in Yemen. ... "Not only does this vote bolster hopes for a quicker end to the war and the resulting humanitarian crisis, it also signals a timely resurgence in congressional oversight on war."  CommonDreams  


Neoliberalism or Death: The U.S. Economic War Against Venezuela.  Intercept  

Ilhan Omar Grills Trump’s Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams on His Role in US-Backed Genocide in 1980s. DemocracyNow  

Roberto Lovato: Elliott Abrams Is Bringing Violence of 1980s U.S. Latin America Policy to Venezuela. DemocracyNow  

Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Secretly Shipping Arms After Weapons Found on Plane with Possible CIA Ties.  DemocracyNow  

Elliott Abrams, Trump’s Pick to Bring “Democracy” to Venezuela, Has Spent His Life Crushing Democracy. Intercept  

Neoliberalism or Death: The U.S. Economic War Against Venezuela.  Intercept  

WSJ Confirms: Trump-Appointed Venezuela Coup Leader Plans Neoliberal Capitalist Shock Therapy: ... Venezuela’s US-appointed coup leader Juan Guaidó plans to privatize state assets and give foreign corporations access to oil, the Wall Street Journal admitted.  Gray Zone  

The Making of Juan Guaidó: US Regime-Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader. ... The Washington favorite has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization.  
Consortium News  

Air charter firm (21 Air), client both deny role in alleged shipment of arms to Venezuela.  McClatchy  Related:  GPS    Related: N881YV (21 Air) movements as of 2/13/19  Flight Radar 24

“This Is Just the Beginning”: Greenwald on Rising State Violence & Homophobia in Bolsonaro’s Brazil.  DemocracyNow  

The Washington Post Wants to Cut Social Security Again.  CounterPunch  

The End of Ice: Dahr Jamail on Climate Disruption from the Melting Himalayas to Insect Extinction.  DemocracyNow  

February 14, 2019
1945 800 Allied aircraft firebomb the German city
of Dresden. Smaller followup bombing raids last
until April with a total death toll of between
35,000 to 130,000 civilians.

Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Secretly Shipping Arms After Weapons Found on Plane with Possible CIA Ties.  DemocracyNow  

One Minute to Midnight.  TruthDig  

There Is a Taboo Against Criticizing AIPAC — and Ilhan Omar Just Destroyed It.  Intercept   

Pro-Israel Lobby Caught on Tape Boasting That Its Money Influences Washington.  Intercept  

Where Is Elizabeth Warren’s Fire in the Realm of Foreign Policy?  TruthOut  

Florida Detention Center Expands, Packing In Migrant Children ‘Like Sardines’ ... The temporary shelter violates child welfare standards, according to advocates who recently toured the facility.  


'We Have Entered the Age of Environmental Breakdown': Report Details World on Edge of Runaway Collapse. ... A new report from U.K. researchers is being praised as "absolutely brilliant," "essential reading for policymakers," and "a clarion wake-up call to the world."  CommonDreams

Global Poll Reveals Surging Fear of Climate Crisis and US Power Under Trump. ... Over the past five years, from the U.S. to Poland to Kenya, the number of people worried about the climate crisis has risen by double-digits. CommonDreams  

Climate and economic risks 'threaten 2008-style systemic collapse'. ... Environmental and social problems could interact in global breakdown, report says.  Guardian  

The End of Ice: Dahr Jamail on Climate Disruption from the Melting Himalayas to Insect Extinction.  DemocracyNow  

Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'.  Guardian  

Outcome-Based Grazing: a Cattle Industry Public Lands Power Grab.   CounterPunch

Trump offers socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else. ... To a conservative mind, socialism is getting something for nothing. Yet this is what the president promotes for the wealthy.  Guardian

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APR, Augustin Plains, Socorro Electric, SECanchn SEC APR


February 15, 2019 -
Notes from the STATUS HEARING for the APR, LLC drilling application held on February 13th, 2019

PLEASE NOTE that I am NOT an attorney, and that these comments are as I understood the proceedings. Any errors are mine and should e considered in context...I tried to get it as error-free as possible. - Eileen Dodds

There were approximately 80 people (including the attorneys) in the small courtroom in Reserve for the hearing. Judge Reynolds opened the proceedings... He called on all attorneys to introduce themselves and state whom they represented.

Mr. Wexler for the APR,LLC spoke first, asking for 5-6 months of "discovery", both written and oral. His timeline asked for an August briefing, September responses from protestants, then another status conference by late this year or early next year.

Mr. Lindeen, representing the Office of the State Engineer, was in favor of the discovery request, but also wanted a fully-developed record and all issues (including anti-speculation) argued.

Jamie Park, representing some 80 clients of the NM Environmental Law Center, cited Article 16, Section 5 of a code, which limits the court to decisions based on OSE statutes. She said the facts in the application itself were enough for the court to decide on the Motion for Summary Judgment which the NMELC filed 60 days ago. She requested a hearing on that motion by March 15th.

Mr. Dominici, representing Catron County, opposed the discovery request, saying the court has already reviewed everything, and that the OSE was comfortable with their decision. He supported the decision on summary judgment to be made sooner than later.

Ms. Davidson, representing the Hand Family Trust, asked for a full argument on anti-speculation.

Then Judge Reynolds addressed the proceedings. He did not limit what anyone could file on summary judgment if it was brought up in the OSE's denial and issues in the ORIGINAL application. He said he thought this new application was different enough from the original to allow it. BUT he expressed aggravation about the length of time this has been going on (12 years), and by the LLC's request for discovery at this time. He said they have had 12 years to discover everything, and they should have raised the issue before. (Rule 56 ?) He said he needs to resolve Rule 56 to be able to consider "dismissing with prejudice", as it is a drastic issue, and the APR is entitled to the benefit of doubt. He cautioned care on everyone's responses. He told the LLC that just because the OSE may not have followed their own statutes with other drilling applications, it was no reason to disregard the statutes, and he would be looking at the LETTER of the law. He wants to see the argument on the question of commercial sale of water proving "beneficial use" in New Mexico. He said the LLC does NOT need an evidentiary delay. He cautioned all attorneys against asking for continuances, and he set the calendar for coming proceedings.
o By 3/15/19-Amended Motion for Summary Judgment-NO MORE after this date

1 - By 3/15/19 - Amended Motion for Summary
     Judgment-NO MORE after this date
2 - By 3/29/19 - All Joinders to be filed
3 - By 4/29/19 - All responses to item #1
     (nothing stopping Discovery)
4 - By 5/30/19 - Derrogatories, etc., within 2 weeks
     after #3. Telephonic conferences are ok.
     Then another hearing on the answers within 30 days.
5 - Oral arguments around 6/26/19-and he said not to
     bring up Conservation, Impairment, or Public Welfare.

Download notes here  

February 15, 2019 -
From the NM Environmental Law Center:

        Your Voice is Needed to Defend Clean Water!
                        2 ACTIONS NEEDED!


HB 255 will strengthen NM Mining Act financial assurance requirements and eliminate a loophole that puts the State and Taxpayers in environmental and financial risk for cleanup at mines!

To find your Representative and their contact information CLICK HERE  




HB 220 will amend the Water Quality Act to clarify where compliance with water quality standards is determined. It would reverse the negative impacts of the Copper Mine Rule.

HB 220 Will Be Heard in this Committee Next Week

See the full alert with House Judiciary members contact information  

February 12, 2019 -
From NM Wilderness Alliance
Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich helped push a public lands package through the Senate today that would create thirteen new wilderness areas in New Mexico! Ten of the proposed wilderness areas fall within the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, two fall within the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, and one is located near the Four Corners region. The legislation also includes an expansion of the existing Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area near the Four Corners region. Overall, the thirteen new designations would account for roughly 270,000 acres of new wilderness in New Mexico - the most wilderness designated in the state in a single year since 1980!
Download press release here

Thank Udall and Heinrich here

February 11, 2019 - TAKE ACTION TODAY!
Defend Our Water Quality & Speak Up for HB255 & HB220 - Contact Legislators Today!
HB255 will be heard in House Judiciary TODAY at 1:30pm

Download full press release here  

Tell our legislators that you support HB220 and HB255 that will protect our community, our water supplies and environment from the impacts of copper mining!   See the full press release for list of representatives.

HB255 would phase out corporate guarantees from an affiliated corporation in Mining Act permits, closing a loophole in the law that lets mining companies shift up to 75% of the financial burden and environmental risk for cleanup and reclamation onto the taxpayer and local communities. Download HB 255  

HB220 would nullify those provisions of the Copper Mine Rule that allow copper mines to pollute groundwater above NM water quality standards.  Donwload HB 220

February 11, 2019 -
NM Rural Libraries Initiative update

Bill SB 264 passed our first committee hearing on a 5-1 vote. Thanks especially to everyone who stayed at the committee meeting until the end last night at 7 pm after a really long day. Thanks to everyone who came and lobbied at the legislature for library legislature day. Senator Ortiz y Pino again stressed to me last night how important it is for you, your boards and patrons to continue to contact your legislators in support of the bills, SB 264 and SJR 11 and to ask for full funding at $50 million.

The hearing was live-streamed. If you want to see it it is HERE  Scroll down to 6:18 pm

APR hearing in the Reserve courthouse Wed. 13TH AT 11:30

Below is a copy of the order issued by Judge Reynolds on January 9th in which he granted the motion filed by the Augustin Plains Ranch asking that briefing on our motion for summary judgment be postponed until the hearing on February 13th. As you can see, he indicated that one of the subjects to be addressed at that hearing will be the schedule for that briefing. 010919-Postpone Sumary Judgement.pdf

February 9, 2019 -
Water Battle - Summary judgment sought. Chieftain  

February 1, 2019 -
2019 Legislative updat e from New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. Download

February 1, 2019 -
Library Legislation day press release: -
Friday February 8 is Library Legislative day. We will meet at 8:30 am in room 326.
Our representative: Gabriel Ramos D, 28, Rm 416A, Cap: 986-4863 Off: (575) 388-1969 H:(575) 534-9535 Libraries: Bayard, Gila, Glenwood, Magdalena, Reserve, Rio Abajo. Download press release and agenda here

January 31, 2019 -
From the NM Enviromental Law Center:
Albuquerque District Court Judge Shannon Bacon denied the ground water pumping application of Aquifer Science, a Nevada-based water speculator, to appropriate 350 acre feet of ground water in the East Mountain area of Albuquerque. .
Full Press release here  Court Document 

February 1, 2019 -
Amending the requirements to protest a proposed Generation and Transmission rate change
- NM Senate Bill 357 seeks to amend the current statute concerning regulation of Generation and Transmission (G&T) Cooperatives in NM.

Currently, as you know, G&T cooperatives such as Tri-Sate have no oversight from the NMPRC unless 3 of their member distribution cooperatives protest a proposed rate increase. In addition, transmission-only customers of G&T's have no standing at the NMPRC or other venue to protest the transmission rates charged by G&T Cooperatives. As an example, Tri-States transmission rates have increased 23.4% since just 2016 or 7.8% per year and there has been little to no Tri-State transmission investment in New Mexico.

This legislation seeks 3 changes:
1) Reduce the required number of customer protests to one customer or member in order to require the Commission to review the rates and make a determination regarding whether the filed/proposed rates are Just and Reasonable. (Reduce customer protests from 3 to 1)

2) Adds the definition of a "Transmission Customer"

3) Includes "Transmission Customers" as an eligible party (member or customer) who can file a protest of proposed rates by a G&T.

As a Tri-State Transmission Customer, SEC members should be interested in this legislation and willing to call/email/write your senators and representatives to express your support for these changes. There are other municipal and cooperative utilities in New Mexico who are particularly interested in this moving forward. Support and votes needed to get it done. This is particularly important to rural and small town New Mexico communities. Download 2019-NM-Legislation-SB357  
Download this notice 2019NM-SB357 Notice  

January 22, 2018 -
Document dated January 17, 2018:
Notice of filing of administrative record ... COMES NOW, Irma E. Corral, Hearing Unit Administrator for the Office of the State Engineer ("State Engineer"), and hereby gives notice to all parties herein that, pursuant to NMSA l97B SectionT2-7-2, the record of the adrninistrative proceeding of the above captioned matter has been filed with the clerk of the Seventh Judicial District Court. Download 011719-Notice-Filing-Admid Record (18 pages) - 

January 16, 2019 -
APR hearing in Reserve update -

Below is a copy of the order issued by Judge Reynolds on January 9th in which he granted the motion filed by the Augustin Plains Ranch asking that briefing on our motion for summary judgment be postponed until the hearing on February 13th. As you can see, he indicated that one of the subjects to be addressed at that hearing will be the schedule for that briefing. 010919-Postpone Sumary Judgement.pdf

January 15, 2019 -
As Corporate Power Threatens Americans' Right to Water, Groups Offer UN Body List of Issues to Raise With US. ... "Civil and political rights must encompass the human right to water, which is increasingly under threat by corporations that seek to use and abuse our water supplies for profit."  CommonDreams  

January 14, 2019 -
Greenfire Report from the NM Eniromental Law Center.
January 2019   

January 7, 2019 - APR, LLC Update: ab)

APR LLC filed an appeal to the State Engineer’s decision to deny their application to mine water in the Plains of San Augustin. That appeal was made to the 7th Judicial District Court. Judge Reynolds is the water Judge.

Their action required a reaction and that has indeed occurred. Doug Meiklejohn of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center has filed a Motion for Summary Judgment. That kind of Motion requests the Judge to throw out the appeal and deny the application as did the State Engineer. Download the motion below.

Judge Reynolds has responded by setting a date for a hearing. The hearing announcement is also attached. PLEASE NOTE THE DATE: February 13, time 11:30, place Courthouse in Reserve. Your attendance is urgently requested, so please put this date on your calendar. The Judge needs to know we care as a community about this dreadful proposal to take 54000 acre feet of water every year from our aquifer.

Related documents:
Motion for Summary Judgement.pdf (5 pages)
- District Court Status Hearing Notice.pdf (1 page)
- The Community Protestants’ Memo. supporting of the motion.pdf (287 pages)

January 4, 2019 -
Co-op District II Trustee named.  Chieftain  

December 6, 2018 -
Southwest Climate Change Report
Executive Summary
PowerPoint Report  

December 3, 2018-
We need to explore clean renewable energy. Ward McCartney letter to the Chieftain

PRC complaints website  

December 3, 2018 -
Why water will be the next battleground in the fight against climate change.  ... In the third part of our series looking at the climate report Trump tried to bury over Thanksgiving, we look at its alarming projections for our water supplies.  Guardian  

Last Ditch Standing: A tale of water inequality in the West.  River of Lost Souls  

November 16, 2018 -
The Once Hated Wolf Could Now Save A Struggling Community. ... Wolf tourism is bringing more benefits than hunting.  HuffPost    Related:  Bill That Would Drop Protections For Gray Wolves Passes House. ... Around 5,000 wolves currently live in the lower 48 states.  HuffPost  

October 8, 2010 -
The Race to Buy Up the World's Water  Newsweek  

November 1, 2018 -
An Aquifer From the Ice Age Becomes a Battleground in New Mexico. EcoWatch 

November 1, 2018 -
Bosque Watch Newsletter  

October 23, 2018 -
Challenge to Policy on Prosecuting Endangered-Species Hunters Tossed.  Courthouse News  

October 22, 2018 - PROTEST COPPER FLAY MINE -
The New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division (MMD) is holding a public hearing October 23 -24 on the Permit Application Package and Draft Environmental Evaluation in consideration of issuing a new mine operation permit for the Copper Flat Mine, 5 miles northeast of Hillsboro and 30 miles southwest of Truth or Consequences. More information: Action Network
Download flyer

October 18, 2018 -
SEC rate increases may begin in January.

      Rate table  

            Public meetings on rate increases:

Oct. 19: Socorro Annex Building, 198 Neal Ave, 6 pm
Oct. 22: Magdalena Senior Citizens Center, 6:30 pm
Oct. 23: Alamo Wellness Center, 2 p.m.
Oct. 25: Datil Elementary School Gym, 3 pm

October 17, 2018 -
Proposed SEC rate increase for 2019. Rate Table  

October 16, 2018 -
No peep from councilors on proposed takeover. Chieftain letter 

October 12, 2018 -
Case Updates from NM Enviromental Law Center

Santolina - This is a very complex set of cases and filings. For the Level A Master Plan (which covers the entire proposed development), we appealed the County Commission approval of the Plan to the Court of Appeals and the paperwork on that by all the parties may be complete. Also in the Court of Appeals is an appeal by Bernalillo County of the 2nd Judicial District Court's decision voiding the Zone Map change for the Santolina development. The developer, Western Albuquerque Land Holdings (WALH), also filed an appeal of that decision and our Answer brief to their appeal is due October 30th. For the Level B Master Plan approval (Level B is for a sub-section of the whole Level A Master Plan), we have filed in District Court our Statement of Appellate Reasons and are waiting for the

Agustin Plains Water Grab -
Augustin (sic) Plains Ranch (APR) has filed a Notice of Appeal of the State Engineer's decision to deny - for the third time - APR's application to mine more than 17 billion gallons of aquifer water annually. We will soon file our Notice of Entry and a Motion for Summary Judgement (a request that the court issue a decision based on the merits of our case without having to go to trial).

New Mexico Legal Notices website  

September 4, 2018 -
Senator Heinrich: Gila not appropriate for flyovers.
 NM Wild  

August 1, 2018 -  
Average Retail Price of Electricity to Residential Sector, August 2018 (cents/kWh)  

June 26, 2018 -
Attend a rally in opposition to the Gila River diversion and then join us to make public comment at the NEPA scoping meetings scheduled for 4pm to 7 pm.
More info

New Analysis Demonstrates Importance of Gila National Forest-Northern Arizona Wildlife Corridor for Mexican Wolf Recovery. NM Wild Or PDF file  

June 4, 2018-
mportance of Gila National Forest For Mexican Wolf Recovery. Wildlands Network  

Standoff Over Mexican Gray Wolf Continues in Southwestern U.S. NatureNow  

New Analysis Demonstrates Importance of Gila National Forest-Northern Arizona Wildlife Corridor for Mexican Wolf Recovery. New Mexico Wild  

Water Grab Archive: 2017 - 2016



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