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Trump's pick of the litter  (NYT list)

Trumps full financial disclosure
"The only difference between Trump and God is that God doesn't think he's Donald Trump"

December 7, 2016 -
From Climate Change to Nuclear War, Noam Chomsky Warns of Literal Threats to Our Survival.
Democracy Now video 

Here is how the US empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse - according to science.

Trump is an Eerily Perfect Match With a Famous 14-point Guide to ID Fascist Leaders - AlterNet

The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Doctrine of Native Genocide  Truth-Out  

James Mattis Is a War Criminal: I Experienced His Attack on Fallujah Firsthand  Truth-Out  

December 6. 2016 -
Israel’s parliament has voted to retroactively legalise thousands of illegitimate settler homes in outposts built on private Palestinian land, in a highly controversial move described by critics as a “land grab”.   Guardian  

Tar Heel Heist: How the Charter School Industry is Hijacking Public Education. ... NC offers a harrowing preview of what American classrooms might look like under President Trump. AlterNet  

December 5, 2016 -
Petraeus Mistress Got Black Books Full of Code Words, Spy Names, and Obama Briefings. The one-time CIA director didn’t just disclose sec rets to his mistress. He shared with her some of the most sensitive information the Pentagon has.
DailyBeast      Note: Beyond fact that Petraeus leaked more sensitive docs,than Snowden and Manning, with a huge difference in motives (informing public vs enabling mistress to write hagiography).

Systems of governance that are seized by a tiny cabal become mafia states. The early years - Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton in the United States - are marked by promises that the pillage will benefit everyone. The later years - George W. Bush and Barack Obama - are marked by declarations that things are getting better even though they are getting worse. The final years - Donald Trump - see the lunatic trolls, hedge fund parasites, con artists, conspiracy theorists and criminals drop all pretense and carry out an orgy of looting and corruption.
Once, the national-security wing of the Republican party formed the core of the #NeverTrump coalition, issuing open letters that denounced the businessman’s geopolitical recklessness or ignorance. Now ... that wing is coming to terms with it. At the Reagan library, it appeared most comfortable reframing Trump within familiar Republican approaches to foreign affairs, no matter how much rhetorical finesse the task required.

Pence and Priebus defend Trump's false claim that millions voted illegally ..... Vice-president-elect says president-elect will ‘say what he believes to be true’, describing Trump’s ‘refreshing’ habit of speaking his mind. Guardian  

Google, democracy and the truth about internet search .... Tech-savvy rightwingers have been able to ‘game’ the algorithms of internet giants and create a new reality where Hitler is a good guy, Jews are evil and… Donald Trump becomes president   Guardain  

Standing Rock: US denies key permit for Dakota Access pipeline, in win for tribe .... Army Corps of Engineers will not grant the permit for the pipeline to drill under the Missouri river, handing a major win to environmental activists. Guardian  

December 4, 2016 -
Narcissist-in-chief.. Psychopathology explains Trumps Deparavity. AlterNet  

It's Trump's America now. Time to get over our attachment to facts  Guardian  

December 3, 2016 -
Idiocracy now: Donald Trump and the Dunning-Kruger effect - when stupid people don’t know they are stupid .... Trump is not merely ignorant. He is also supremely confident and feels superior — the most dangerous kind of idiot   Salon
(Dunning-Kruger on Wiki)

The backstory on Standing Rock, the federal government, and tribal sovereignty. Grist  

Justice department to deploy mediators to Standing Rock to 'maintain the peace' - JD is also offering assistance to law enforcement from division that led reform efforts following massive protests and unrest in 2014, Loretta Lynch said.  Guardian

Standing Rock live blog  

Professor Watchlist website elicits both fear and ridicule in US universities - Website recently established by conservative thinktank targets professors who they say spread ‘leftwing propaganda’ at US universities. Guardian

The Iron Heel at Home: Force Matters - I’ve long been taken aback by the readiness of some leading left intellectuals to downplay the role of state violence in the enforcement of social hierarchy and class rule inside the US. Counter Punch

December 2, 2016 -
The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda
New Yorker  

I’ve long been taken aback by the readiness of some leading left intellectuals to downplay the role of state violence in the enforcement of social hierarchy and class rule inside the United States. Perhaps you know the argument:.... Counter Punch

... ideologues associated within the Trump circle suggest that after the new administration takes office there might be a move by Congressional conservatives to resurrect a 21st century version of the long-dead House Un-American Activities Committee... Counter Punch  

Donald Trump has tapped conservative billionaire Betsy DeVos to serve as Education Secretary. DeVos is the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and a longtime backer of charter schools and vouchers for private and religious schools. Democract Now  

Cornel West on Donald Trump: This is What Neo-Fascism Looks Like.   Democracy Now  

December 1, 2016 -
2,000 Veterans To Form ‘Human Shields’ To Protect Standing Rock Protesters ... Their support comes after state officials issued a deadline for protesters to vacate.  Huffington  

November 30, 2016 -
The specter of a growing far-right nationalism anywhere, but particularly in Central Europe, immediately – and for good and obvious reasons – raises fears of an anti-semitism revival. But at least thus far, the leaders of most of these nationalistic parties – increasingly inspired and fueled by one another’s success – have showcased dangerous animosity toward Muslims, accompanied by strong policy support for Israel and a rhetorical repudiation of anti-semitism. Intercept 

Frightened by Donald Trump? You don’t know the half of it - Many of his staffers are from an opaque corporate misinformation network. We must understand this if we are to have any hope of fighting back against them.   Guardian Many of his staffers are from an opaque corporate misinformation network. We must understand this if we are to have any hope of fighting back against them

Think Trump's scary now? Obama is leaving him with broad war powers - The president-elect keeps news cycles churning with his unhinged tweets, but it’s the current administration’s expanding military license that should scare us.   Guardian  

The CIA and the Press: When the Washington Post Ran the CIA’s Propaganda Network -

November 29, 2016 -

Chris Hedges Strategy for Radical Change at Green Party of New Jersey Convention - (50min video.)  

November 28, 2016 -
US veterans are gathering and plan to join the struggle at Standing Rock. This could develop into something big. Finally, US soldiers have a chance to fight for the American people. CounterPunch

We await the crisis. It could be economic.. a terrorist attack ... widespread devastation by global warming.,,, nationwide unrest as the death spiral of the American empire intensifies. The crisis is coming. And when it arrives it will be seized upon by the corporate state, nominally led by a clueless real estate developer, to impose martial law and formalize the end of American democracy.
TruthDig (Hedges)

With Rule 41, Little-Known Committee Proposes to Grant New Hacking Powers to the Government ... The government hacking into phones and seizing computers remotely? It’s not the plot of a dystopian blockbuster summer movie. It’s a proposal from an obscure committee that proposes changes to court procedures—and if we do nothing, it will go into effect in December. EFF
Related:  Senators Not Impressed By DOJ's Answers On Rule 41 Changes TechDirt  
Related: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure -
Rule 41. Dismissal of Actions.  Cornell  

Relativism and Castro - Murray

November 27, 2016 -
Arrests of Journalists at Standing Rock Test the Boundaries of the First Amendment - "... Denver-based journalist, was shot in the abdomen last Sunday by a rubber bullet as he reported from North Dakota on a clash between demonstrators and police that would end with 26 protesters sent to hospitals and 300 requiring other medical treatment.

MSM (Main Stream Media) will hit on "fake news", but rarely, because they promote it. The real issue is much deeper ...

The Biggest Political Lie of 2016 -
We are in very dangerous times, of mobs and meaninglessness. People aren’t swayed by facts anymore; they’re indifferent to reality and openly scornful of experts. Slate  

Yes, I’d Lie To You - "...It is thus tempting to dismiss the idea of “post-truth” political discourse ... as a modish myth invented by de-haut-en-bas liberals and sore losers ignorant of how dirty a business politics has always been. But that would be complacent. There is a strong case that, in America and elsewhere, there is a shift towards a politics in which feelings trump facts more freely and with less resistance ... (now) a deluge of facts and a public much less given to trust than once it was, some politicians are getting away with a new depth and pervasiveness of falsehood.... Economist 

Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group.  Intercept  

What Is The Alt-Right And Who Is In It? The Frightening Rise And Rise Of The White Nationalist Movement.  Huffington

November 26, 2016 -
Dakota Pipeline issue gets almost zero coverage in the main stream media (MSM). It does get considerable coverage outside the US. To see full coverage go to Democracy Now

Wounded Knee III in the Making?

Feds Plan To Shut Down Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Camp .... Hundreds of protesters have until Dec. 5 to get out or face prosecution.

Sheriffs Refuse to Send Troops to Standing Rock as Costs and Public Outrage Mount  TruthDig

Indian Country News
Not My Tribe
Sacred Stone Camp

The most interesting question about 2016 is not why the Brexit result and Trump happened, but whether historians will regard both as incidental; whether this will go down as the year democracy revealed itself unworkable in the age of the internet – in which reality, already engaged in a life-or-death struggle with inverted commas, finally gave way to “alt-reality”. Guardian  

November 25, 2016 -
Over the weekend, there were a flurry of stories about how Donald Trump and his family are already using the presidency to leverage his overseas businesses as well as his new DC hotel. Well, now there's more. This time in Argentina  TPM

"Perhaps 2016 will be the year we stop telling ourselves that we live in a democracy." -
The system is rigged for the Presidential election ,,, The system is rigged at the local government level too ...CELDF  

If You Think the Electoral College is the Only Problem – Well, that’s Part of the Problem ... The Counter Revolutionary “Founding Fathers” and the Electoral College ... The answer isn’t pretty. It exposes the “founding fathers” who wrote the current US Constitution for the undemocratic, racist, misogynist counter-revolutionaries that they were. In 1789 when the US Constitution was ratified, it included provisions that protected the property rights of slave owners against any claim that their human chattel had legal and civil rights. CELDF

November 24, 2016 -
Funny... YouTube  

You can tell a lot about potential Cabinet nominees by the terrorist group they shill for. - Giulaini took money from a Group that Killed Americans. Does Trump care?   Politico

Making White Supremacy Respectable Again.
LA Times

Donald Trump Taps Billionaire School Voucher Advocate To Run America’s Schools
The president-elect rewarded GOP megadonor Betsy DeVos with the position of education secretary. Huffington  

President-elect Donald Trump’s authoritarian style and personality, which attracted an overwhelmingly authoritarian following, is manifesting itself in the selection of his national security team.

November 23, 2016 -
Jack London's vision of workers' future looks a lot like our present ... "
The Iron Heel is a dystopian story of the US crushed under the boots of super-rich oligarchs, and often feels like a contemporary documentary" Guardian

The dramatic protests against an oil pipeline in North Dakota ....... has grown into something much larger, and more contentious. And that could bode either ill or well for a nation.... LA Times

Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’ -
Nasa’s Earth science division is set to be stripped of funding as the president-elect seeks to shift focus away from home in favor of deep space exploration  Guardian

Chris Hedges: Trump Will Crush Dissent With Even Greater Violence and Savagery
(YouTube video)  View   (8 minutes)

Dumocrats finally grew a pair? .... top Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee sent a letter to Inspectors General at federal financial services agencies, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Justice, calling on them to root out any potential conflicts of interests in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.  Read  
Update - HC calls for recount Read

Hedge fund managers expect a re turn on their investment in Trump - “The hedge fund guys didn’t build this country,” Donald Trump told “Face the Nation” in August 2015. “These are guys that shift paper around and they get lucky.” Read

November 22, 2016 -
Note: 2 weeks on and we still don't have a final tally of the votes cast. Reminder: Hillary won the popular vote.

Trump’s financial disclosures obscure his foreign business interests - ... most recent financial disclosure statement by Trump shows that of the 564 companies on which he reported holding an executive position, at least 120 of them were tied to his business dealings abroad. Read
Update on meeting: Read

Donald Trump Met Privately With Network Executives And Anchors - The president-elect reportedly scolded the media for its coverage and discussed access concerns. Read
(Nnte: this event has not been reported on the majority of main-stream-media (MSM) sites, including CNN. However, CNN does report on NYT's canceled, then reinstated meeting here  )

Will Republicans rein in a corrupt Trump presidency? Don’t bet on it. ... Trump vowed to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington. But experts on governmental ethics are increasingly worried that Trump’s presidency, and his refusal to place his global business empire in a blind trust...

Trump in the White House: An Interview With Noam Chomsky ... has warned that the political climate in the U.S. is ripe for the rise of an authoritarian figure.

November 21, 2016 -
The ruthlessly effective rebranding of Europe’s new far right - Across the continent, rightwing populist parties have seized control of the political conversation. How have they done it? By stealing the language, causes and voters of the traditional left  Read  

(May 2016) Fascism: Can It Happen Here?
“When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross,” goes a saying that is widely attributed to the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, Sinclair Lewis.

Something will crack:... Americans trying to unpick the phenomenon of Donald Trump have turned to a late left-leaning academic, who predicted that old industrialized democracies were heading into a Weimar-like period in which populist movements could overturn constitutional governments.

(July 2016) In 2004, the eminent political scientist offered key insights into the nationalist-cosmopolitan divide at the heart of our society. Read

(April 2010) Noam Chomsky Has ‘Never Seen Anything Like This’ Read  

Surveillance Self-Defense Against the Trump Administration - (Trump) ... ego-maniac - and with it control over a vast and all-too-unaccountable intelligence apparatus; and in a speech .. three weeks ago, .. promised to sue all of the women who have come forward with sexual assault accusations against him.  Read  

It's Offical, Truth is dead. Facts are Passed. - The Oxford dictionary defines “post-truth” as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

November 20, 2016 -
Trump on Israel - May 22 - Trump Wins Over AIPAC Audience With Strong pro-Israel Stance -
'President Obama is the worst thing to happen to Israel,' Trump says to massive applause at AIPAC gathering, vowing to pressure Palestinians to accept Israel as Jewish state and Jerusalem as its capital.

But then: Trump’s top Pentagon pick said settlements were creating ‘apartheid’ - Retired Marine Corps general James Mattis, seen as front-runner for defense secretary post, also insisted the US pays a price in Middle East for its support of Israel.   Read  

American activists must move from detached indignation to revolutionary engagement by using the techniques of social movement creation to dominate elections. Read  

November 19, 2016 -
Donald Trump's election has put establishment.
Politicians in Europe in a state of panic. In Berlin, nobody knows what the US president-elect intends to do. In Brussels, fears are growing he will put wind into the sails of the growing anti-EU populist movement. Trump Spells End of Normality for Europe   Read  

The Election was Stolen – Here’s How…
Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states. Read  
The GOP’s secret scheme begins purge of a million minority voters from voter rolls Read  

Related: March 5, 2015 - From White Sheets to Spreadsheets.  Read  

The Art of Speaking Like Donald Trump, in 10 Easy Steps   Read  

The "new normal". Pence booed - Read

November 17, 2016 -
Americans who think the 2016 presidential election was far too reminiscent of the 2000 edition might be on to something. What’s more, like a busted clock, President-elect Donald Trump could actually be right twice: that the “swamp” of Washington, D.C., needs draining, and that U.S. elections can be stolen.
Read .

The neoliberal era in the United States ended with a neofascist bang. The political triumph of Donald Trump shattered the establishments in the Democratic and Republican parties – both wedded to the rule of Big Money and to the reign of meretricious politicians.  Read

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems..... Imagine if the people of the Soviet Union had never heard of communism. The ideology that dominates our lives has, for most of us, no name. Mention it in conversation and you’ll be rewarded with a shrug. Even if your listeners have heard the term before, they will struggle to define it. Neoliberalism: do you know what it is? Read

November 16, 21016-
Republicans are one state legislature away from acquiring the legal authority to call a new constitutional convention under Article V of the Constitution, reports Charles Pierce at Esquire.

Titanponte: NSA Spy Hub in NY Hidden in Plain Sight  Read  

Right-wing leaders in the Israeli government have seized on the election of Donald Trump to push forward assertive new legislation that would legalize Jewish settlements in the West Bank built on privately owned Palestinian land. Read

"Netanyahu was among the first to congratulate Trump by phone. The US president-elect reciprocated by inviting him for talks “at the first opportunity”. And yet Netanyahu is reported to be anxious about a Trump White House. Why?

November 15, 2016 -
""In short, in neither the US nor the UK is a viable radical alternative going to be put before the electorate in the near future. Those who believe either Brexit or Trump presage a break from neo-liberalism will be sore disappointed. They represent the continuance of neo-liberalism, but with popular discontent diverted into added racism."

November 14, 2016: -
On November 8, the most powerful country in world history, which will set its stamp on what comes next, had an election. The outcome placed total control of the government -- executive, Congress, the Supreme Court -- in the hands of the Republican Party, which has become the most dangerous organization in world history.

The events that led to Donald Trump’s election started in England in 1975. At a meeting a few months after Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative party, one of her colleagues, or so the story goes, was explaining what he saw as the core beliefs of conservatism.  Read  

November 13, 2016 -
Chomsky on Trump: 'Almost a death knell for the human species' May 2016 interview  

Recommended reading: Right turn : the decline of the democrats... 1987 by Thomas Ferguson and Joel Rogers. (Amazon link here)

Then read this: The Collapse of Bill Clinton’s Third Way (2006)
Margaret Weir - Univ.of California, Berkeley

The United States has been plunged into a state of purgatory following the election of Donald Trump. In all political quarters, people are engaged in their own post-mortem analysis of how this happened and what it means, not only for the future of this country, but for the world. Read   
Or listen to it here  

November 11, 2016 -
It's Worse Than You Think:
Widespread social unrest will ignite when Donald Trump’s base realizes it has been betrayed. I do not know when this will happen. But that it will happen is certain. Investments in the stocks of the war industry, internal security and the prison-industrial complex have skyrocketed since Trump won the presidency. There is a lot of money to be made from a militarized police state. Read

Even before Donald Trump's election victory it was becoming clear that we are living in an age of disintegration. Nation states are returning to relationships based on rivalry and friction when the trend was meant to be in the opposite direction

Americans have now entered into one of the most sickening and dangerous periods of the 21st century. Trump is not only a twisted caricature of every register of economic, political, educational, and social fundamentalism, he is the apogee of a warrior culture committed to rolling back civil rights, women’s reproductive rights, and all vestiges of economic justice and democracy. Read  


June 16, 2016 - Plans reveal sobering water future - Laura Paskus - New Mexico In Depth - May 26, 2016

April 21, 2016 - comments on Tom Blane talk  

Speaker is Tom Blaine - NM State Engineer

Part 1: Basic history of water rights (6 min.) 
Part 2: Augustin Plains water (12 min)
Part 3: Audience questions (18 min)

San Augustin Water Report Website
San Augustin Water Coalition
San Augustin Water Coalition (Facebook)

San Augustin LLC website

Water Grabbing Information (Wiki)  

New Mexico Environmental Law Center  
OR e-mail
1405 Luisa Street, Suite #5
Santa Fe NM 87505

Protect New Mexico
Follows NM Environment Legislation




NM Legislature document search on APR.
Click here

2012- Groundwater, Economic, and Legal
Analysis of a Proposed Diversion from
the San Agustin Basin of NM
Click here  

November 30 2015 -
Speech by APR CEO Michel Jichlinksi in 2013 to the Drought Sub-committee in Las Cruces -
- Jichlinski Report to the Drought Committee 
- Jichlinski APR project - "private-public partnership".pdf
- SWAC report to the Sub-Committee

2003 - Ground water law source book in western states  


May 2013 - Scientific American - Aquifers May Be Latest Casualty of Drought

U.S. water aquifer levels have been dropping at an accelerating rate for decades

2015 - Groundwater Challenges of the Lower Rio Grande: A Case Study of Legal Issues in Texas and New Mexico. Click here  

Feb. 7, 2016 - New geological report on the APR water. Click here

The Global Water Grab: A Primer  

Groundwater, Economic, and Legal Analysis of a Proposed Diversion from the San Augustin Basin of New Mexico. By - David J. Reese 2011  

NM Conference report in 2010 at Corbett Center: Water needs for the next decade - 2010

Ground water challenges of the lower Rio Grande: A case study of legal issues in TX and NM - Elizabeth Wheat Oct 2014

Interbasin transfer projects: Impacts on communities and ecosystems - Bruce Thomson- UNM 2010

1972 - HYDROGEOLOGY OF THE SAN AUGUSTIN PLAINS, NEW MEXICO An Independent Study Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Geology (approx May 1973  Click here  


2006 case studies: Right of way uses other than original intent.  

1990 - Mellon v Southern Pacific and MCI-right of way


Water fight continues; Neutral hydrogeologist weighs in..."The study, based on an analysis of existing data, groundwater models and data from three of EP's seven test wells, con-cluded that if the EP project continued pumping more than 1.8 billion gallons of water annually from the Middle Trinity Aquifer, local Well owners would see a negative impact on their residential wells."

Scorching Hot Southwest Is Climate
Change In Action
GeoMAC - Real time fire maps
(click NM and scroll in)
NM Weather alerts Socorro click here

New Mexico Fire Alerts
Fire restrictions and closures
Magdalena Smoke Monitoring
(Select date to view data)




December 7, 2017 - [NEW]
Two books that may be of interest re: APR issue …
Land Grants & Lawsuits in Northern New Mexico by Malcolm Ebright, 2008 edition
(Southwest books - Center for land grant studies

Land, Water & Culture: New Perspectives on Hispanic Land Grants, - Briggs, 1987 (Amazon link)

Below are several pertinent articles reference in the Ebright work, from the Journal of the Southwest, Autumn, 1990. They go with this excerpt....

Generally, ancient Hispanic practices as to the location and boundaries of land grants, water rights, do not conform and have not conformed to Anglo-American standards for legal a result...
Absolute title with the right to sell water is an Anglo concept imposed on New Mexico water users fairly recently, and like the imposition of a partition suit, it will inevitably lead to the loss of water rights, just as the partition suit resulted in the loss of common lands. Communal control of irrigation water by acequia associations has helped the communities that use those resources to survive, but with privatization both water rights and the communities themselves are in jeopardy...." - Frances Levine in "Dividing the Water,"

Attached are the full text of articles from the Autumn issue of Journal of the Southwest that may be of use giving some legal and common law background behind some of these water fights....
Dividing the water.pdf
Dancing for Water.pdf
Acequia Rights Law and Tradition.pdf

The entire Autumn, 1990 issue of Journal of the Southwest was devoted to Water Rights in New Mexico. (Three examples below) Of course, there are many other studies, some more recent, but the back-grounding in the issues were adjudicated in the courts of the last 60-70 years....

Land, Water, and Pueblo-Hispanic Relations in Northern New Mexico - Autumn 1990 -Quantana  

Applied Research on Land and Water in New Mexico: A Critique - Autumn 1900 - Rodriguez   

"A Never-ending source of Water: Agriculture, Society, and Aquifer Deletion on the Coast of Hermosillo, Snorooa - Winter 2012 - Moreno   

In researching the subject documents it's important to make a distinction between water law, water rights, surface water and groundwater.

The term acquifer[s] is not useful because most of the hydrological studies that refer to acquifers do so in terms of groundwater vs. surface water. There is an additional problem because while everyone knows that surface waters are related to rivers and groundwater basins, the knowledge of groundwater.

Sources are often highly technical in its exact relationship. Claims about recharging groundwater resources periodically, or about depleting such resources … torture the definitions of water rights on the surface and their relationship to groundwater basins and the connection of those groundwater resources to flowing rivers. The geologic fact of the course of the Rio Grande through New Mexico has also made arguments about urban growth and water resource management highly political....and stretched the concepts around common lands and resources....
2 articles below are representative about the issues and case law
Of course the APR issue is "privatization" of something underground that can be attached or sold off like a separate mineral resource and detached from or attached to the concept of private property. That may mean that they can put the resource into a deed of conveyance, but the issue of adjudicating the true ownership of the same resource in a court of law is often technical and highly flawed when it comes to politicians, judges, and state agencies such as the New Mexico State Engineer....having been captured by corporate interests....

The issues about whether the community, smaller or larger, has rights to manage the use of groundwater resources have not recently been accorded priority when stood up against private property concepts.

From the Chicago-Kent College of Law Scholarly Commons @ IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law ...
Water Supply and Urban Growth in NM - Same old same old, or a new era - March 1, 2003

Transboundary Aquifers: Conceptual Models for Development of International Law - Ground Water 43 No.5 – Eckstein

The commentary above can be downloaded here  

Journal of the Southwest
Journal of the Southwest website  

Focusing on P3 in the context of the Plains water project is like complaining that the mugger who slugged me and stole my wallet had dirty fingernails. It is not the subject of primary concern. .

Reviewing SB0077 (1) … (the legislation) includes both surface and underground water.
I see that it adds a few requirements to those already required to be addressed by the OSE. However, I don't see that it presents special hurdles to the APR, and it also lacks detail in some areas:

(9) whether the entity in the receiving basin has prepared and implemented a drought contingency plan and an approved water conservation plan;

Approved by whom?

(3) benefits presently and prospectively derived from the return flow of water used within the basin of
origin that will be eliminated by the proposed out-of-basin use;

What is return flow? Return from where?

(11) whether the source of supply can reliably sustain the diversion's anticipated firm yield considering the
predicted effects of climate change on precipitation patterns and temperature in the basin of origin.

The APR, despite its greenwashing about capturing surface water for recharging the aquifer, admits that there is negligible natural recharge and has presented no evidence that it can achieve artificial recharge. It claims that irrespective of such activity (and thus of climate-associated changes to precipitation patterns) the water reservoir underlying the Plains contains 300 years' worth of pumping at the stated rate. So all it has to do to meet condition 11) is abandon the flimsy pretense that it will do any recharging.
Finally, if I were the APR, I'd guarantee Plains residents an ample supply of water at a nominal rate. My money's being made from the Valley communities, especially once they're dependent on "my" water to sustain the overdevelopment that its consumption permits. I see no problem doling out a few hundred acre-feet to keep the locals happy.

So what are you prepared to do when the APR makes this guarantee: never mind about your wells; we'll meet your water needs!

First, do you object to this situation? If not, where's the problem?

Second: if you do object to it, what in any existing or proposed water law gives you any legal ground to prevent it? I really think you ought to answer both of these questions. If you can't, this legislation business just invites pettifoggery on both sides by evading the real issue.

Happily, I don't see how the APR can expect to overcome the objection that wrecked their previous proposal: they have no end user and are merely speculating.
(1) Links to SB 77 - NM SB 77 link to
Inter Basin Water Transfer Senate bill 2014  

Jim Nelson - Magdalena

Download the above commentary  

November 27, 2016 -
ALEC, is deeply imbeded in NM politics .... "Corporations and the Richest Americans Viscerally Oppose Common Good. The Masters of Mankind want us to become the "stupid nation," in the interests of their short-term gain -- damn the consequences."   Alternet Part 1    Part 2  

November 22, 2016 - P3 in Canada - Guardian

November 20, 2016 -
As you know, the Augustin Plains Ranch LLC (APR LLC) has published its amended application to mine water in the Plains of San Augustin basin. Despite the fact that we already beat this proposal, State Engineer Blaine has apparently given the Ranch's illegal proposal another shot. Unfortunately, this proceeding probably won't be like the last one - the Ranch has asked for a technical hearing .

You may remember that when we began this fight, we were told that we might have to hire a hydrologist. That day has come.

Here is why it is so important that our side has its own scientific expert: APR has commissioned a study that shows that pumping 54000 acre-feet/year will not affect our wells. You and I know that this is patent nonsense. However, as you may guess, the State Engineer and the courts will place little value on our gut reactions. Instead, they will be swayed by the testimony of hydrologists … which means that we need a hydrologist. And while we do not agree that this is right or fair, it is the reality we must deal with.
More detail click here:

November 4, 2016 -
Officials listen to water concerns.
More than 80 ranchers and concerned citizens ... (attended) a meeting by the Interim Legislative Committee for Water and Natural Resources to discuss the Augustin Plains Ranch LLC (APR) plan...

More in The Chieftain  

Song about Augustine Plains  

Videos from the October 26 meeting of WNRC:

- Video 1 of 12 - Chris Lindeen, Deputy General Counsel, Office of the State Engineer (OSE) and Brett Bruton - local rancher  

- Video 2 of 12 - Henry Edwards - local rancher  

- Video 3 of 12 - Anita Hand, Catron County Commissioner

WNRC Comments and questions

- Video 4 of 12
- Video 5 of 12
- Video 6 of 12
- Video 7 of 12
- Video 8 of 12
- Video 9 of 12
- Video 10 of 12
- Video 11 of 12

- Video 12 of 12  

Watch the 2nd district debate between Steve Pearce and Merrie Lee Soules here:

October 27, 2016 -
People need to oppose water grab - Chieftain

WNRC Meeting:
October 27, 2016 - Video of the meeting will be available by Monday 30th.

A short rundown on the meeting of the Legislative Committee on Water and Natural Resources yesterday (October 26). By Carol Pittman
Nine years and counting. The project to mine water in the Plains of San Augustin just won’t go away.

The proposal was front and center at the October 26 meeting of the Legislative Committee on Water and Natural Resources.

Ballroom B of the Fidel Center on the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorro was filled to capacity for the meeting that prominently featured the Augustin Plains.

In the morning, Stacy Timmons, Aquifer Mapping Program Manager, discussed New Mexico Tech’s groundwater mapping in the state. Dr. Timmons explained that the mapping will show where the groundwater is, how much there is, and that their work will help to determine how long the groundwater supply will last. She pointed out that there are some areas, like the Augustin Plains, where there is not enough information, no high quality data.

Representative Tomás Salazar, District 70 San Miguel, asked if the data was relative to making decisions about the basin, and Stacy replied, “Yes.”

Representative Salazar then suggested that resources should be directed to places where there is a need for help in making decisions.

The afternoon meeting continued discussion of the Augustin Plains. Anita Hand, Catron County Commissioner and representing the San Augustin Water Coalition; Brett Bruton and Henry Edwards, both local ranchers, spoke of the hardships the water mining project would inflict on ranching in the Plains. They spoke eloquently on behalf of the people living in Catron County and the widespread damage the project would inflict.

Chris Lindeen, Deputy General Counsel, Office of the State Engineer (OSE), was also a member of the panel, and he reviewed the process the project would need to go through (again). Mr. Lindeen told the legislators that all protestants of the original application, as well as 150 new protestants, would be included in the process. He stated that it would probably be a year before the first hearing would be held, stating “The more protests, the longer it takes.

Senator Pat Woods, Curry, Quay and Union, District 7, then asked Lindeen, “Do you know how much water is there?” To which Lindeen responded “The previous application was dismissed based on hydrology.” When pressed for details, Lindeen noted that the application’s end users named were “vague”. (Note: applicants for water rights must be specific as to beneficial use for an application to meet the requirements of the law)Senator Peter Wirth noted that inter-basin transfers might not be welcome in New Mexico, that, “We really need to look at this.

Representative Candy Ezzell, Chairman of the Committee, pointed out that “if we allow movement of water like this, every rural area is threatened.”

Jeff Steinborn, representative from Doña Ana District 35, noted that “Everyone has a shared interest In water. It isn’t just might makes right.” He further noted that “People are brought together from all persuasions to defend water.

Don Tripp, our representative on the committee, urged the room full of people to “stay involved”.

A personal note to everyone receiving this note: You have stayed involved for a long time, and that’s the reason we can hope to win this water battle. Thank you all.

For those of you who might like to take some action, a note to Senator Wirth would be helpful. In your note, you might thank him for his support and ask that he re-introduce SB 77 regarding water transfers. Here is a link to the bill for you:

Senator Wirth can be reached by email at The more notes the better!

Related: SB0077 - Inter Basin Water Transfer Senate bill 2014  

Download the report here  

Web sites of interest:
The 2001 Legislature enacted the Water Project Finance Act which created the Water Project Fund in the NMFA and charged the NMFA with the administration of the Fund and the Water Trust Board. Click here

USGS Water Resources in NM click here
USGS water-resource projects in NM click here  

Current Water P3 Market and US EPA Activities - Seattle, April 21-22, 2016 - Report  

Aquifer Compaction, Recovery in Albuquerque Basin - 1 page report

Ground water level data for Albuquerque and surrounding areas.  - 1 page report  

There's a Global Crisis Looming: By 2030, Four Out of 10 People Won’t Have Access to Water.   

October 13, 2016 - Augustin Plains Ranch Q and A (Chieftain story)

Protesting Ranche Water Application - letter to the editor by Emily Johnson  

October 12, 2016 - The Water and Natural Resources Meeting on Wed. Oct. 26th

The APR Presentation will be at 2:30

The San Augustin Plains presentation is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday in Socorro.

So it’s still undecided whether public comment will be received at the meeting. We should know on Friday when the final agenda is posted on the committee website.

A message from Eileen Dodds stated:
SAWC is on the agenda for W&NR in Socorro.

October 7, 2016 - KNME on APR project. New Mexico in Focus program:
YouTube website   
Or download the video MP4 format

UPDATE: Related information referred in the video -
Wild Earth Guardians  

Sept 30, 2016 - Environmental group ask state to deny firm’s request for water permit (SF New Mexican)  

August 17, 2016 - New Mexico official clears way for hearing on water proposal (SF New Mexican)  

Former politicians in the video::
Dan Foley in the panel discussion      
Joe Stell Named in the discussion 

October 6, 2016 - Looming megadroughts in western US would make current drought look minor:
Warming temperatures and uncertain rainfall mean if more isn’t done to slow climate change, droughts lasting 35 years could blight western states, study says... Full article here or download here  
Related: Above article based on this full report:
Relative impacts of mitigation, temperature, and
precipitation on 21st-century megadrought risk in
the American Southwest.pdf

Octobber 6, 2016 -
The meeting of the Interim Legislative Committee on Water and Natural Resources will be held in Socorro on October 26 at New Mexico Tech. I don’t have a time yet, but probably it will be afternoon. I’ll let you know about that as soon as I know. The Augustin Plains will be on the agenda and we will be allowed to speak at the meeting, so think about what you might like to tell the committee.

This is very good news. If you want to call and thank Don Tripp, that would be very nice (or email him):
phone 575-835-2461 or 1-800-256-1569

Energy-Water Nexus -

Water and energy are inextricably linked and mutually dependent, with each affecting the other’s availability. Water is needed for energy development and generation, and energy is required to supply, use, and treat drinking water and wastewater. Water and energy are also essential to our health, quality of life, and economic growth, and demand for both these resources continues to rise. GAO Report  

The FULL APR application is available below which contains all the exhibits, etc.., It is extremely important to review it. Basically they are going to take our water, destroy the ecosystem and leave us with sinking land and a desert. Meanwhile, sell the water, what is left, back to us.   April 28, 2016 APR Full 168 page application   

September 30, 2016 -
Below find the visuals used in the presentation by Dennis Inman in Magdalena September 28th in 3 different formats:
Power Point.ppt
Power Point Show.ppsx  (This should open a window. Use space bar or arrow keys to move through the show and ESC key to exit.)

Forced capping of private and community wells - a Nevada issue that may appear in New Mexico

September 28, 2019 -

-  APR presentation dated October 2013  

-  Magdalena Village resolution re: APR  

APR Application dated April 28, 2016 and published in the newpapers September 2016. OR Click here for the FULL application sent to the State Engineeer Office .

-  APR Court actions updated to Sept 22, 2016  

-  Water Articles Written for Members of th NM
State Legislature and the Public 2015

September 27, 2016 - Committee on Water and Natural Resources canceled the Friday Sept 30 meeting and will use the same agenda October 26th - more details later.

Sept 23, 2016 - If APR doesn't get the water, beware the likes of Nestle  

September 20, 2016 - (9/26/16 - Friday meeting canceled) - The Legislative Interim Committee on Water and Natural Resources will meet in Socorro Sept 29-30 and the Augustin Plains Ranch project is on the agenda. The agenda is attached. If you can attend it will let the committee know that we are serious about our opposition. We should let the committee know that!

The location of the meeting appears at the top of the agenda. Below is a map showing the way to the Fidel Center where the meeting will be. If you'd like to car pool please call me at 575-772-5866.
I suggest that we go on the second day, Sept 30.
Click here for agenda .

Below is the 2012 press release from the State Engineer office rejection of the application back then. It has the reasons for rejection and who protested it.
April 2, 2012 - State Engineer press release on rejection of Application  

From Carol Pittman, leading the fight:

The Augustin Plains Ranch LLC has published the
legal notice of its “new” application to mine water in the Plains of San Augustin. The notice is below, hopefully in a form readable by most humans. Note that the RG filing number is the same, indicating that this is the same application as before, with a few tweaks.

To protest the “new application” by the APR to mine water in our Augustin Plains basin: if you have a well that will be impaired, be sure to stress that circumstance. ALSO – include in your protest that this application is contrary to conservation of water and public welfare, but be sure that you include any impairment to your own well if that is the case. Anybody who lives or owns property in the vicinity of the Augustin Plains basin will be impaired, if not immediately, then within the foreseeable future, and it is important to note that.

Note: Send three copies of your letter (as required in the legal notice).

If you have previously protested, when you send your letter please add at the bottom:

The reason for that last line is that the Office of the State Engineer has told me that they will eliminate duplicate protests, and we are protesting this application partly on the basis of public welfare in order to qualify every protestant as someone who is directly impacted by the project. The OSE has a tendency to throw out letters of protest if that office decides that your water supply is not directly impacted. We want to change that for obvious reasons.

For updates on the progress of this application, please see the website San Augustin Water Report.

To all of you a BIG THANK YOU for all the years you have stuck with this effort. We can’t quit now!!!

APR Application.pdf
Sample short letter .txt or .doc
Sample long letter  .txt  or  .doc
The press release form Carol Pittman.pdf

Also, Democracy Now! had an interview with the attorney representing 15 farmers in Iowa protesting "Eminent Domain" use by a private company to force farmers to submit to the pipeline thorough their land. It is possible eminent domain might be used by APR to force the taking of our water.
Read the interview here.pdf

August 26: Chieftain articles
Water War  
County may protest Augustin Plains application

August 23 update:
Associated Press release
It appeared in the Santa Fe New Mexican and other papers around the country:

NM Environmental Law Center comment on the press release:

Doug Meiklejohn, an attorney with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, said the latest application by the developers does not include any specifics about who the actual water users would be and only mentions that cities such as Albuquerque and Rio Rancho are in the market for more water rights.

"It appears that the application suffers from the same lack of end user that was the basis for us getting it dismissed the first time," he said. "You can't speculate in water in New Mexico. It's illegal." Santa Fe New Mexican.
Download comment here  

August 16, 2016 updates:
Propaganda "news releases" have gone out prior to what will be a new application to move the water from the APR.

Here is one release    
Related to this is another release - A Proposal for Rainwater Harvesting Gains Momentum in NM  

The PR firm is The Waite Company   Watch your local papers. Waite also works for the NM Rural Water Association  

090214 - Cornell report: US SW May face mega drought this century  

Drought Monitor   Drought Monitor for NM  

Click here for APR web page

June 16, 2016 - Plans reveal sobering water future - Laura Paskus - New Mexico In Depth - May 26, 2016

May 26, 2016 -
A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.
Website here
or PDF version here

2016 study: Public Information and Regulatory Processes: What the Public Knows and Regulators Decide - A study published in Review of Policy Research looks at rulemaking in five states, including the role of citizen input.
Abstract here
Full report here

April 30 - 15 new documents related to the P3 issue are on the P3 web page. click here

April 21, 2016 -
Chieftain article on the annual meeting  

How Much Groundwater Does the West have?, Simplified (video)

A notice from NM Environmental Law Center: The APR will be re-applying for drilling permits any day now and please keep an eye on legal notices in your papers. If you see a notice, notify us with name of paper and date and CC: the NMELC to make sure it reaches the right people.
The Cynic:

APR may have a partner in Aquifer Science, LLC. If anybody has information on the relationship with this company, please let us know.
NM business registration here.
Nevada registration here

Other Aquifer information:
- State turns down water bid for East Mountain development
- April 2011 - Aquifer Science, a partnership between Campbell Ranch and Vidler Water
Company, is applying to the Office of the State Engineer (OSE) for a permit to pump 1500 acre feet of water from the Sandia Basin each year.
Click here 

Tied into this is Vidler New Mexico, LLC
Registration information click here

Feb. 7, 2016 - New geological report on the APR water. Click here

June 2013 - NM Farmers Selling Water to Oil and Gas Industry  

Jan 20, 2016 - Are NM Legislators Quietly Pushing the San Augustin Plains Ranch (APR) Water Deal? Who is the APR lobbyist - Click here    The story references this article from News Week here    or here 

2014 SB007 - RELATING TO WATER; Requiring additional procedures in the application process for the diversion and use of water from the basin of origin for use outside that basin: providing for exceptions.  
Click Here

Related: Inter-basin Water Transfers
Related website: UNM "Water Matters"  

January 13 - From the Green Fire Times: 
“Return of New Mexico’s most highly contested water grab. The Office of the State Engineer is considering a third application from Italian billionaire Bruno Modena to speculatively appropriate more than 17 billion gallons of water every year – more than half of what Albuquerque used in 2013. The billionaire has already pulled his first two applications, but we’ll have to see if the third time’s the charm under State Engineer Tom Blaine. The NMELC   will continue to represent nearly 100 residents of west-central New Mexico in their bid to keep water in the public trust in this hugely important water case.”

If you feel inclined to do so, please let NMELC know how much we appreciate their efforts to stop the water grab, efforts that so far have been successful.

November 12 - we "won" the court case. The original 2008 application rejected by the state engineer stands. Albuquerque Channel 7, KOAT, was there with video and interviews.
Click here for article and video

The issue from the NM Environmental Law Center: :
The New York-based company seeks to pump 54,000 acre-feet of water annually through thirty-seven 20” wells. The Law Center represents approx. 80 individuals and organizations in this case; our clients are concerned about the impacts of pumping on their water, on wildlife, springs, and on the Rio Grande and Gila Rivers, which are hydrologically connected to the San Augustin Plains—and which is the last undammed river in the Southwest.

Rest of the legal story here

Judge stands by ruling on water use

More Water Grab News Here






The Gila River - the last free flowing river in New Mexico (Video)

September 13, 2016 -
Five ways you are subdizing meat production.
With traps, snares, poisons, gas, and aerial gunning, the USDA’s Wildlife Services has killed more than 34 million animals in the last decade to protect the livestock operations of private meat producers, according to official records. The take in 2015 alone included 68,905 coyotes, 731 bobcats, 480 bears, 385 wolves, and 284 mountain lions. More >  

September 13, 2016 -
Scientific Study Warns of "Catastrophic Declines" in Earth's Wilderness

Sept 8, 2016 - Slaughtering the Profanity Pack: Losing Wolves and Academic Freedom   

Aug 26, 2016 -
For More Wonder, Rewild The world

August 24, 2016 - News on the City of Socorro feasibility study for municipally-owned electric utility. Meanwhile:

RFI for Wholesale Electric Power Supply

RFP for City of Socorro Municipal Electric Facilities Design.

Sept 8, 2016 -
In 20 Short Years, We’ve Wiped Out 10 Percent Of Earth’s Wilderness

August 7, 2016 - Official: Wolf issues resolved (Chieftain)

August 28, 2016 -
For More Wonder, Rewild The world (video)

2014-2017 - NM Wildlife plan  
Summary version

July 18, 2016 - Cibola forest plan was released today - Click "Cibola" above for documents that related to Magdalena area.

Mark your calendars and try and attend one of these meetings!When: July 26, 5:30 - 8 pm
Magdalena High School, 201 Duggins Dr, Magdalena

Cibola Forest press release  
The 1985 forest plan to be revised  

The Republican platform committee met this week to draft the document that defines the party’s official principles and policies. .... (there is) an amendment calling for the indiscriminate and immediate disposal of national public lands. Rest or the story here

July 11, 2016 - Federal Investigation: Wolf Program Mishandled (Abq. Journal)
" Less than a quarter of one percent, 0.23%, of the American cattle inventory was lost to native carnivores and dogs in 2010, according to a Department of Agriculture report".  
 Synopsis of the report  

June 16, 2016 - Judge temporarily stops wolf

June 16, 2016 - Keep politics out of wolf release

May 14, 2016 - (ABQ Journal)
State seeking to stop release of wolves

May 5, 2016 - Sheriff may try to stop wolves’ release in Socorro County - Chieftain

Important Survey:
The NM Department of Information Technology is soliciting your assistance in identifying those areas within NM having inadequate broadband service. As you all know Internet service in our area is poor.   Please take the speed test which will be logged by the Department as part of a survey. Conduct the test frequently at different times and days, at this website:

April 21, 2016 -
Chieftain article on the annual meeting  

More Electric Co-op news here


September 13, 2016 -
Scientific Study Warns of "Catastrophic Declines" in Earth's Wilderness

2014-2017 - NM Wildlife plan  
Summary version

February 6, 2016 -
The Battle to Save NM's Last Wild River  

January 12, 2026 - Department of the Interior and NM Central AZ Project Entity Sign Agreement to Further Evaluate a Gila River Water Project

2013 - Assessment of Climate Change
in the Southwest United States Click here

1968 - Public Law 90-537 - 90th Congress, S. 1004 - September 30, 1968:
Colorado River Basin Project: Objectives  

More Gila information here
More Cibola information here


More >