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WEEKEND JULY 3-5, 2020
(Bush, Clinton, Perot debate) Perot warned about the devastation to follow in NAFTA’s footsteps: “If you are paying $12 per hour, $13 per hour for factory workers, and you can move your factory to south of the border, pay a dollar an hour for labor, have no health care, have no environmental controls, no pollution controls, and no retirement plans and you don’t care about anything but making money, there will be giant sucking sound going south."
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Weekend Read: Propaganda and the Public Mind by Noam Chomsky. In this collection of interviews with David Barsamian, Noam Chomsky interrogates the institutions that shape the public mind in the service of power and profit. Whether discussing U.S. military involvement in Colombia, the attack on Social Security, the rise of HMOs, or growing inequality worldwide, Chomsky shows how ordinary citizens have the power to make meaningful change. Alternative Radio

Important Feb 2013 documentary:
Obey': Film Based on Chris Hedges' 'Death of the Liberal Class' by Temujin Doran. YouTube

The Kafkaesque Imperium: Julian Assange and the Second Superseding Indictment. CounterPunch  Related:  US Government Expands Assange Indictment To Criminalize Assistance Provided To Edward Snowden. ShadowProof

As COVID Burns Through the South and West, Trump Fans the Flames. TruthOut

Chomsky: We Must Not Let Masters of Capital Define the Post-COVID World. TruthOut

WEEKEND JULY 3-5, 2020

The Trump Administration Is Reversing 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.. NY Times

Trump To Nominate Anti-Environment Extremist As Permanent Public Lands Chief. ... William Perry Pendley says his personal views and past actions are “irrelevant” when it comes to leading an agency that manages more than one-third of all federal land. HuffPost

Arctic Heat Overwhelms Green Infighting Issues. ... Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs’ controversial film Planet of the Humans (Rumble Media) serves as an opening salvo, exposing a green movement that has turned a light shade of brown. The film paints a painful picture of a movement that, in certain instances, has gone off the rails. CounterPunch

Siberian Heat Wave Is A ‘Warning Cry’ From The Arctic, Climate Scientists Say “This is what this heat wave is doing: It makes much more fuel available to burn, not just vegetation, but the soil as well.” HuffPost

The secretive government agency planting 'cyanide bombs' across the US. ... Wildlife Services kills thousands of animals at ranchers and farmers’ behest. But it operates with little oversight – and critics describe it as out of control. Guardian

Conservation Groups Sue Trump Administration to Halt Massive Logging in Steelhead Critical Habitat. CounterPunch

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Hundreds Of Former Bush Officials Form New Super PAC To Help Elect Joe Biden. ... Republicans who served in the George W. Bush administration unite to form 43 Alumni for Biden. HuffPost

Saudis Bankroll Taliban, Even as King Officially Supports Afghan Government. NY Times

Biden Compared Indicted War Criminal to “George Washington” CounterPunch

Sanders Files Amendments to Force Pentagon to Pass Clean Audit, Require Mass-Production of Free Masks for All. ... "National security," said Sen. Bernie Sanders, "means doing everything we can to improve the lives of our people, many of whom have been abandoned by our government decade after decade." CommonDreams

Trolling Trump, the Lincoln Project Also Peddles Militarism. ... The Never Trump super PAC makes entertaining ads that get under the president’s skin—but progressives should take a closer look at their agenda. The Nation

When US Backed A Mass Murder Program In Indonesia: Interview With Vincent Bevins On ‘The Jakarta Method’. ShadowProof

Biden Now Up To 106 Billionaire Donors; Trump Has 93. ... Joe Biden extended his lead over Donald Trump in the race for the most billionaire donors in May, according to a review of documents filed with the Federal Election Commission Forbes

Giant Pandas Finally Mate After Being Married In Catholic Ceremony. Onion

Plague Journal #15: What Bats Can Teach Us. ... Solving overwhelming problems begins with repairing the damage done. ScheerPost

Big Pharma Trade Group Blasted as 'Morally Bankrupt' for Suing to Block Minnesota Insulin Affordability Law. ... The law is named for Alec Smith, an uninsured 26-year-old who died in 2017 after rationing his insulin. CommonDreams

NYT Erases US Occupation’s Role in Prolonging Taliban Insurgency. NY Times

WEEKEND JULY 3-5, 2020

The Police Aren’t Very Good At Their Main Job: Solving Crimes. .. What the statistics -- and my personal experiences -- show about how little we should expect when we are crime victims. HuffPost

Congress Urged to Repeal Program That Transfers 'Weapons of War' to Local Police. ... "In response to the national outrage, armored vehicles, assault weapons, and military gear once again filled our streets and communities, turning them into war zones." CommonDreams

De-Militarizing the United States. CounterPunch

What Defunding the Police Can Look Like. ScheerPost

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JULY 2, 2020
To maintain control, the power structure needs to stop people from knowing the truth. The recent RAND Report on the future of warfare cites the following concern: “As smartphones and social media saturate the developing world, militaries will find themselves harder pressed to control both what images the public sees and the narrative surrounding operations.” - Popular Resistance

(2012) Chomsky on Civil Liberties, Obama and the Future of Progressive Politics. CounterPunch

'Deplorable Act in Face of Global Crisis': Trump Condemned as US Buys Up Nearly Entire Supply of Covid-19 Drug. ... "It's a very concerning precedent because if we see the vaccine coming from a U.S. company, we're likely to see the same type of behavior and hoarding by the U.S. and other developed countries." CommonDreams

De-Militarizing the United States. CounterPunch

JULY 2, 2020

Sanders Files Amendments to Force Pentagon to Pass Clean Audit, Require Mass Production of Free Masks for All. ... "National security," said Sen. Bernie Sanders, "means doing everything we can to improve the lives of our people, many of whom have been abandoned by our government decade after decade." CommonDreams

Afghanistan Bounties: Pot, Meet Kettle (and Turn Off the Stove!). CounterPunch

Trump’s Record on Foreign Policy: Lost Wars, New Conflicts, and Broken Promises. ... Donald Trump claims he’s ending the “era of endless wars.” But over the course of his first term, he has come closer to starting new wars than ending the wars he inherited. Jacobin

The War That Time Forgot. ... The most crucial decision of this century was the vote to go to war against Iraq. ... At a minimum, the US is spending about $52 billion a year waging war in Afghanistan. CounterPunch

Biden Bashes Trump For Being Too Soft on Regime Change in Venezuela. ... Joe Biden criticized President Trump’s willingness to meet with Venezuelan president Maduro, attacking him from the right and showing that U.S. imperialism is a bipartisan affair. Left Voice

The Korean War Atrocities No One Wants to Talk About. ... For decades they covered up the U.S. massacre of civilians at No Gun Ri and elsewhere. This is why we never learn our lessons. American Conservative

Bill Clinton’s Serbian War Atrocities Exposed in New Indictment. CounterPunch

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Puerto Rico’s Troubled Utility Is A Goldmine For U.S. Contractors. ... Billions of dollars in contracts have been awarded to politically connected Americans, even as Puerto Ricans suffer electricity outages. HuffPost

In Buried Report, U.S. Government Admits Major Failures in Confronting Domestic Terrorism. Intercept

For Many Young People, Socialism Is as American as Apple Pie. ... Bernie Sanders may never make it to the White House, but, just when we need them most, socialists like “Bigger than Bernie” co-author Megan Day have picked up his torch. ScheerPost   Related: (2015) What It Means to Be a Socialist. TruthDig

Bombing People Is Not Feminist, No Matter How You Spin It. FAIR

Revealed: Covid-19 outbreaks at meat-processing plants are being kept quiet

Testing has found positive cases at North Carolina facilities, but officials refuse to release the information. Guardian

Trump’s Record on Foreign Policy: Lost Wars, New Conflicts, and Broken Promises. ... Donald Trump claims he’s ending the “era of endless wars.” But over the course of his first term, he has come closer to starting new wars than ending the wars he inherited.

Supreme Court Rules State’s Denial Of Funding For Religious Schools Violates Constitution. ... The case, Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, concerned a school choice program that provided taxpayer dollars for private school scholarships. HuffPost


"You become fatalistic, you strive against a monolithic evil knowing that whatever you achieve is Pyrrhic, that the system flourishes despite your efforts. And yet, what binds you, what keeps you going, are these relationships."

Victory! Boston Bans Government Use of Face Surveillance. EFF

After Weeks of Allowing 'Autonomous Zone,' Seattle Police Clear CHOP Amid Violence, Growing Complaints. ... As the city's police chief said, "Enough is enough," one organizer lamented that "it didn't end how it started and that's the tragedy of the situation." CommonDreams

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JULY 1, 2020
To maintain control, the power structure needs to stop people from knowing the truth. The recent RAND Report on the future of warfare cites the following concern: “As smartphones and social media saturate the developing world, militaries will find themselves harder pressed to control both what images the public sees and the narrative surrounding operations.” - Popular Resistance

Bill Clinton’s Serbian War Atrocities Exposed in New Indictment. ... President Bill Clinton’s favorite freedom fighter just got indicted for mass murder, torture, kidnapping, and other crimes against humanity CounterPunch

Bolton and the Pandemic. ... The corporate media is obsessing over John Bolton’s views with regard to Donald Trump, but it is worth examining what they’re not asking. CounterPunch

Apologizing for Solidarity with the Palestinians Has Only Fed the Smears Against the Labour Left. Jacobin

Economic Update: Dark Times, Hard Truths. Video


Absolute Robbery': Gilead Announces $3,120 Price Tag for Covid-19 Drug Developed With $70 Million in Taxpayer Support. ... "Taxpayers provided funding for the development of this drug. Now Gilead is price-gouging off it during a pandemic. Beyond disgusting," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. CommonDreams

The Airline Industry Blocked Disclosure of Trade Data, Helping Conceal the Airlift of N95 Masks From the U.S. to China. Intercept

'Not Even Close to Being Over': WHO Chief Says Despite Some Progress, 'Pandemic Is Actually Speeding Up'. ... The warning from Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus came after global Covid-19 cases topped 10 million and the death toll passed 500,000. CommonDreams

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Trump used looted Venezuelan public money to build border wall with Mexico. ... Around $24 billion of Venezuelan public money has been looted, and the Trump administration has used at least $601 million of it to construct a militarized wall on the US-Mexico border. GrayZone Related: Is the Deep State Attempting a Hybrid War in Mexico? CounterPunch

The Blundering British Political Class has Shown the Same Incompetence in Both Fighting Wars and Coronavirus. CounterPunch/Cockburn

We’ve got to learn how to take care of our own vote. ... If we want to ensure our ballots count in November, we’re going to have to learn how to take care of our own vote. Craig Palast

Even AIPAC: Mainstream U.S. Jewish Groups Struggling to Defend Israeli Annexation. ... Having argued for decades in favor of a two-state solution and no unilateral moves, AIPAC, ADL and AJC are facing a potential Israeli move that could scupper both of those claims. Haaretz

On “White Fragility” ... A few thoughts on America’s smash-hit #1 guide to egghead racialism. Taibbi

JULY 1, 2020

Western police are geared up for war
But who’s the enemy? HCN

Infiltrating Black Lives Matter: Cops, Feds, and White Supremacists. CounterPunch

Aurora Police in full riot gear end up pepper spraying peaceful protestors. ... Police in Colorado were seen walking into a peaceful protest to remember Elijah McClain wearing full riot gear and spraying protesters with pepper spray. Times Famous

Whole Foods Is Quietly Telling Workers Not to Show Black Lives Matter Support. TruthOut

'Outrageous and Chilling': Police Condemned for Charging Peaceful Environmentalists With 'Terrorizing' in Louisiana. ... "This is a clear instance of the law and law enforcement being used to protect corporations, profit, and property over people." CommonDreams   Related:  Louisiana Environmental Activists Charged With “Terrorizing” for Nonviolent Stunt Targeting Plastics Giant. Intercept

Trump Shares Video of Couple Pointing Semi-Automatic Weapon at Protesters. TruthOut

Livin’ on Tulsa Time: Infiltrating ‘Trump Country’ to Fly a Different Flag. ScheerPost

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JUNE 30, 2020
To General Pinochet: "In the Unites States, as you know, we are sympathetic with what you are trying to do. We wish your government well"
- Henry Kissinger

Government Attacks Media As People’s Media Reveals The Truth. .. Government attacks on the media are escalating as the battle for the narrative grows in importance. For the last decade, stories produced and amplified by the democratized media have put the power structure at risk. Popular Resistance

To Shift Funds From 'Endless Wars' to 'Human Needs,' Sanders Unveils Amendment to Slash Pentagon Budget by $74 Billion. ... "It is time for us to truly focus on what we value as a society and to fundamentally transform our national priorities." CommonDreams

It's all about cash

We Aren’t Entering Into an Economic Recovery — Another Crash Is Coming. ... Stock markets across the world are rallying as lockdowns lift and central banks pump money into the economy. But the economy isn’t on the mend -- on the contrary, this will likely be a calm before the storm of yet another devastating crash. Jacobin

Mapping Corruption: Donald Trump’s Executive Branch. ... An inquiry into how the Trump administration transformed Washington. American Prospect

SEC Regulators: Private Equity Is on a Crime Spree. ... Securities and Exchange Commission regulators recently issued a scathing report that reads like a last-ditch plea for help in reeling in private equity billionaires, who have all but free rein to fleece whoever they want, whenever they want. Jacobin

How Racism is an Essential Tool for Maintaining the Capitalist Order. ... U.S. capitalism survived because it found a solution to the basic problem of its instability, its business cycles. Since capitalism never could end cyclical downturns and their awful effects, its survival required making those effects somehow socially tolerable. CounterPunch/Wolff

'Big Banks Couldn't Be Happier': Stocks Surge as Trump Regulators Gut Restrictions on Risky Wall St Gambling. ... The rollback, noted the Wall Street Journal, hands "Wall Street one of its biggest wins of the Trump administration." CommonDreams

The Supreme Court Has Given the Green Light to Bosses and Financial Managers to Steal From Workers. Jacobin

We’re Dying From Coronavirus. Corporations Are Getting Rich Off It. ... The 2008 bailout was a giant giveaway to corporate America. 2020 is more of the same. Jacobin

The Supreme Court Is Still Repeatedly Ruling in Favor of the Ultra-Wealthy. ... The Supreme Court has made some surprising recent rulings defending rights for LGBT people and immigrants. Those rulings should be applauded — but they also shouldn't distract us from how the court is continuing to erode democracy and worsen inequality with new rulings that are huge boons for the rich. Jacobin

US Drinking Beer, Producing Cars and Military Tech at the Expense of Mexican lives. ... Fridges in Mexico are empty of beer because production has ceased as the product isn’t considered essential. However, US company Constellation Brands is defying local orders and forcing Mexican workers to continuing producing its Corona and Modelo beers for export to US consumers. CounterPunch

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Glenn Greenwald breaks down new 'bogus' charges against Julian Assange. YouTube

Donald Trump’s re-election playbook: 25 ways he'll lie, cheat and abuse his power. ... From now until November, opponents of the most lawless president in history face a fight for democracy itself. Guardian

Bannon aims to make a comeback in circle of Trump influencers ahead of election. ... Trump fired him in 2017, but recently Bannon praised his former boss on Fox News and Trump is rumored to have spoken positively of him in return. Guardian

'Warning Sign of Major Proportions': Number of Siberian Forest Fires Increase Fivefold in Week Since Record High Temperature. "The Arctic is figuratively and literally on fire." Common Dreams

Controversial Data-Mining Firm Palantir Vanishes From Biden Adviser’s Biography After She Joins Campaign. Intercept

The American Press Is Destroying Itself
A flurry of newsroom revolts has transformed the American press. Taibbi

Meet the far-right oligarchs working to topple Mexico’s progressive President AMLO. ... A Trump-like Mexican oligarch, Gilberto Lozano, is leading a coalition of corporate leaders and far-right fanatics called FRENA to try to overthrow President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The GrayZone

First You Bomb and Starve a Country. Then You’re Praised for Sending in Aid. ... The perverse diplomatic charade of Saudi Arabia starting a fire then getting credit for providing fire blankets. ITT

How a US and Qatari regime change deception produced ‘Caesar’ sanctions driving Syria towards famine. ... Like the mysterious figure it is named for, the Caesar sanctions bill is the product of an elaborate deception by shadowy US- and Gulf-backed operatives. Instead of protecting Syrian civilians, the unilateral measures are driving them towards hunger and death. Gray Zone


Black Lives Matter Wants to End Police Brutality. History Suggests It Will Go Much Further. Intercept

The War Zone Is America . ... The threat of armed violence shapes the major life decisions of so many people of color today. ScheerPost

What Law Did We Break? ... How the NYPD Weaponized a Curfew Against Protesters and Residents. Intercept

Corporate Media Looks to Purveyors of State Violence Abroad to Condemn State Violence at Home. FAIR

Racism and the Neoliberal Consensus. CounterPunch

Trump Ramps Up Misuse Of The Military For Political Gain. ... “The idea of fighting American citizens on American soil is not what the military does and not what the American people expect the military to do,” one critic said. HuffPost

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APR, Augustin Plains, Socorro Electric, SECanchn SEC APR


June 25, 2020 -
Thank New Mexico's Leaders for Ending the Gila Diversion!
Download Press Release
See also June 16 below

June 24, 2020 -
New Mexico Groups Appeal EPA’s Dirty Water Rule Download Press Release

June 22, 2020 -
Two Electric Projects in New Mexico Being Funded by USDA  NOTE: "The Socorro Electric Cooperative Inc. is receiving a $28 million loan to connect 485 consumers, build and improve 45 miles of distribution line, and build and improve 25 miles of line for the Magdalena Transmission Line Rebuild project."   This is not "funding", customers still have to repay the loan.  Download press release

June 20, 2020 -
Who Owns A River? The Question Is Tearing This Community Apart ... Thanks to a controversial New Mexico rule, rich landowners are staking claim to the state’s public waterways. HuffPost

June 12, 2020 -
Advocating for the Mexican Gray Wolf: An Interview with Amy Harwood. CounterPunch  Related: How to speak up for the wolves in th e 10(j) management rule scoping comment period. ... The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) issued a request for comments on April 15, 2020 - 60 day period. . Lobos of the SW

June 11, 2020 -
‘Their greed is gonna kill us’: Indian Country fights against more fracking. ... expansion of drilling in New Mexico would threaten sacred artefacts and bring public health risks to area still reeling from Covid-19. Guardian

June 10, 2020 -
APR Update: The calendaring on the document below does not mean that we have a hearing date; we only know where the case will be, not when. Notice Assignment To The General Calendar- from the NM State Engineers Office. Download   Related: Additional explanation of what this means.Calendaring Document Explained.

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June 7, 2020 -
‘Forever deadly’: State officials, communities scramble to fight a proposal to house high-level nuclear waste in New Mexico. NM Political Report  Related: Nov. 2019 - Nuclear Colonialism: Indigenous opposition grows against proposal for nation’s largest nuclear storage facility in NM. NM PoOlitical Report

June 7 2020 -
Pandemic and Digital Divide Threaten Accurate Census Count of Native Populations. TruthOut

June 4, 2020 -
Transforming your electric cooperative’s power supply. ...
By Duane Highley Chief Executive Officer Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. Chieftain

June 4, 2020 -
US south-west in grip of historic ‘megadrought’,
research finds. ... Intensified by climate change, the current 20-year arid period is one of the worst on record, with wide-ranging effects Extinction Chronicles

May 28, 2020 -
Letter to Chieftain re:SEC rate increase.

May 22, 2020 -
Environmental assessment and draft decision notice Finding of No Significant Impact for the Military Training Exercises Project on the Mount Taylor, Magdalena, Mountainair, and Sandia Ranger Districts of the Cibola National Forest and National Grasslands.
Download Letter

May 21, 2020 -
APR Update.An update is difficult when nothing seems to be happening, but in spite of how quiet it is and has been, our fight continues. Download the update

May 21, 2020 -
New Mexico Wild - Protecting New Mexico's Wilderness, Wildlife, and Water. New website

May 15, 2020 -
Starting tomorrow, all New Mexicans will be required to wear a face covering in public. Download Information  

May 12, 2020 -
“M.H. Dutch Salmon Greater Gila Wild and Scenic River Act” - Introduced in NM Legislature by Martin Heinrich and Tom Udal

May 12, 2020 -
The War Against the Wolves of Alaska. CounterPunch

May 5, 2020 -
Navajo Nation Suffers Third-Highest COVID-19 Infection Rate in U.S. with Limited Healthcare & Water DemocracyNow

May 5, 2020 -
Coalition Sues to Stop Clean Water Rollbacks. NM Wild

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April 30, 2020 -
Friends of Bosque del Apache NWR encourages our members, donors, and sponsors to write letters with substantive comments to USFWS at Bosque del Apache concerning their plans to expand hunting at the refuge. Download announcement

April 29, 2020 -
A Big Win for the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness and a Call to Protect Wolves and Wilderness in Idaho. CounterPunch

April 23, 2020 -
Socorro Electric Co-op to comply with PRC ruling Chieftain

April 21, 2020 -
The Carnage of Wolf Trapping in Idaho. ... A new public records request to Idaho Department of Fish and Game reveals that Idaho wolf trappers are capturing nearly as many non-target species as they are capturing wolves. CounterPunch

April 17, 2020 -
Trump’s response to the startling decline in lynx populations across the West? Remove the lynx from the Endangered Species Act, then annihilate its habitat once and for all. Meanwhile - A new survey has found that Oregon’s wolf population has risen to 158, missing from the count, however, was OR-7, the wolf made famous by his 4,000-mile journey to find a mate in 2011. And, 'A dangerous road’: Coastal GasLink pays to kill wolves in endangered caribou habitat in B.C. interior. The imperiled Hart Ranges caribou herd will lose a chunk of critical habitat to the Coastal GasLink pipeline, and the company’s contribution to a recent predator cull is raising ethical questions. The Narwhal

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April 17, 2020 -
NM Governor issues statement regarding ‘Opening Up America Again’ guidelines. KQRE

April 17, 2020 -
Emerging Climate-Fueled Megadrought in Western US Rivals Any Over Past 1,200 Years: Study ... "We now have enough observations of current drought and tree-ring records of past drought to say that we're on the same trajectory as the worst prehistoric droughts." CommonDreams

April 17, 2020 -
Stay Informed & Take Action – Join the Fire Adapted New Mexico Network and work towards community wildfire resilience! Click Here --- Fire Adapted Learning Network. Click here

April 17, 2020 -
Socorro City’s response to SEC. Press Release

(scroll down to April 15, for more info)

April 17, 2020 - New Mexico Unveils App for Behavioral Health Support. ... provides free 24-hour crisis and non-crisis support and access to behavioral health professionals. Click here

April 16, 2020 -
Tribal Response Plan Covid-19 - State of New Mexico. Download plan    Navajo Nation Covid-19 website

April 16, 2020 -
Magdalena Village board approves emergency declaration Chieftain

April 16, 2020 -
Tribes Aren’t Getting COVID-19 Aid Because Federal Agencies Are Flailing. ... “They don’t know how to interact in the appropriate way with tribes and they’re just not getting the job done,” says Sen. Tom Udall. HuffPost

April 16, 2020 -
It’s Time for the Forest Service to Curtail Idaho’s Wolf Slaughter in Wilderness Areas. CounterPunch

April 15, 2020 -
SEC Board fined $185,000.00 by the PRC
. Download Court document   List of court filings as of 4/16/20. Related: (Oct 2019) Clock ticking on SEC appeal. Chieftain

April 15, 2020 -
COVID-19 & Indian Country: Pandemic Exposes Navajo Nation’s Water Access Crisis & Health Disparities. DemocracyNow

April 11, 2020 -
Comment by April 16 to protect river segments in the Gila! Click here   Related: Wild and Scenic bill opponents out in force at meeting. Silver City Daily

April 11, 2020 - A Compendium of Questions & Answers Relating to Wild & Scenic Rivers (May 1997)
Click here

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March 7, 2020 -
Wild and Scenic bill opponents out in force at meeting. Silver City Daily

April 9, 2020 -
Good news! Copper Flat Mine faces new obstacle: no water, no go. NMELC Announcement

April 2, 2020 -
Socorro County Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Download   Magdalena specific info. Download

April 1, 2020 -
What’s the Hang Up on Releasing Adult Lobos? CounterPunch

March 31, 2020 -
From New Mexico Wild March 31, 2010
Comment by April 16 to protect Wilderness in the Gila! The Gila National Forest is currently revising its forest management plan for the first time since 1986. The final version of this plan will determine how Wilderness, wildlife, water, and other natural resources are managed within the Forest for the next 20-30 years.
Download announcement

March 30, 2019 - Could COVID-19 Spell the End of the Fracking Industry as We Know It? ... NM is just one state whose fracking boom appears poised to fall off an economic cliff amid the pandemic. TruthOut  

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March 18, 2020 -
The Socorro Electric Coop has postponed the annual meeting that was set for April 18th.  Not rescheduled as yet.  

March 13, 2020 -
Greenfire report from NM Environmental Law Center

March 5, 2020 -
SEC trustees run unopposed - Chieftain

March 3, 2020 -
Uranium cleanup report falls on few ears. Navajo Times

February 26, 2017 -
San Augustin Water Coalition annual meeting for Saturday, April 25th, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. at the Datil school gym. We will hold a candidates' forum. ... all parties who will appear on ballots in Catron and Socorro Counties.SASWC  

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February 25, 2020 -
APR Update. As you know, Judge Reynolds granted summary judgment last year in favor of the Community Protestants (us) “with prejudice” (meaning that the APR cannot come back with the same or a similar application to mine water in the Plains). ...
Subsequently, the APR appealed this decision to the New Mexico Appellate Court. We are now waiting for that court to take up our case, which, according to Doug Meiklejohn at the New Mexico Environmental Law Center (NMELC), could take up to three years. While we wait we prepare for what could happen.
For more information:   Download  

February 20, 2020 -
Reforming Expectations to Save Western Rivers. ... Recently, former Interior Secretary Babbitt proposed an alternative to the highly controversial yet difficult-to-kill Gila River diversion project, which would dam and divert water from the last free-flowing river in New Mexico
 CounterPunch    Related:   Damming the Gila a vampire proposal  Santa Fe New Mexican  

February 20, 2020 -
How the Military is Raiding Public Lands and Civilian Spaces Across the Western Front. CounterPunch  

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February 18, 2020 -
(In the view the APR might try to bottle the water) Washington state takes bold step to restrict companies from bottling local water. .... State senate passes bill to ban new permits for water bottling operations, calling process ‘detrimental to public welfare’.  Guardian  

February 13, 2020 -
NM Environmental Law Center February newsletter
Lawsuit filed over fuel spill at Kirkland Download  

February 12, 2020 -
SEC amends its declaratory judgment filing Chieftain

February 11, 2020 -
The War on Wolves is Part of the Culture War. CounterPunch  

February 5, 2020 -
New Mexico deserves wild, scenic Gila River - Howie Morales, NM Lieutenant Governor.  Chieftain Letter  

February 5, 2020 -
Co-op to vet trustee candidates; intervenes in Tri-State case .  Chieftain   

February 1, 2020 -
New Mexico Wild February newsletter. Download

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January 29, 2020 -
City: No (SEC) permanent agreement is in place.

January 29, 2020 -
Transparency, independence are fundamentals electrical co-ops need to reinstate. Letter to Chieftain

January 29, 2020 -
Wolves Play a Beneficial Role in Wildlife Management.   CounterPunch  

January 26, 2020 -
Global Groundwater Is Threatened by Unsustainable Practices Amid Climate Crisis . ... As the planet’s thermometer continues to inch upwards, one sought-after resource is only going to increase in value: groundwater.  TruthOut  

January 25, 2020 -
A rewilding triumph: wolves help to reverse Yellowstone degradation  Guardian  

January 24, 2020 -
Trump Rule Threatens New Mexico Waters. NM Environmental Law Center Green Fire Report     Related: EPA water rule change called disastrous for New Mexico  New Mexican   Related:  EPA, Army finalizes U.S. waters definition; promises water protection, economic growth  WV News  

January 23, 2020 -
Tri-State embraces renewables  Chieftain  

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January 22, 2020 -
Bosque Winter 2020 news letter  

January 16, 2019 -
APR's docketing Statement dated 12/13/19.

January 15, 2020 -
New Mexico Environmental Law Center Changes in leadership.  Download announcement  

January 9, 2020 -
Where’s the juice? 500 MW line open for business ... With the first annual payment of a $1.9 million “transmission charge,” the Navajo Nation is securing the rights to use or sell access to 500 megawatts of electrical transmission capacity for 35 years starting Dec. 23.  Navajo Times

January 10, 2020 - APR Update -
Below is a brief summary of where we, the community, stand with regard to the Augustin Plains Ranch LLC’s application to mine water in the Plains aquifer.

It’s been quiet, but we know that the APR LLC has appealed Judge Reynolds’ decision denying their application, and we are preparing to meet them in the Appeals court whenever a hearing is scheduled

To that end, we have started spending the money raised to hire a hydrologist. As you may remember, Tom Myers has been here and looked at the situation on the ground. We have now asked him to put together a model of the hydrology of the Plains aquifer so that we can be prepared if the Appellate Court decides there should be a hearing on the substance of the application. I don’t know anyone attempting to say what the Court will do, so we must be prepared for every possibility.

Of course, the best possibility is that this court will agree with Judge Reynolds decision, but we dare not become complacent. This note is to recognize the contributions everyone has made: it is only our determination as a community to keep our water that has carried us this far.
Thanks! Carol Pittman - Datil.
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December 19, 2019 -
Socorro only has month-to-month franchise (SEC) agreement  Chieftain  

December 12, 2019 -
SEC files lawsuit against Socorro  Chieftain  

November 14, 2019 -
Trustees assert membership elected them to make rate decisions Chieftain

November 8, 2019 -
San Carlos Apache Leader: Proposed Oak Flat Mine Is an Environmental Injustice. Phoenix New Times

November 7, 2019 -
PRC says "no" to SEC's request. Chieftain

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October 4, 2019 -
More Water or More Wild: The Decades-Long Struggle over the Gila River’s Fate.  NM In Depth

October 31, 2019 -
Village moves forward on water improvements.

October 29, 2019 -
The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles. ... Creek beds are bone dry and once-gushing springs are reduced to trickles as fights play out around the nation over control of nation’s freshwater supply. Guardian  

October 24, 2019 -
Spotted Owls and the National Christmas Tree ... the Forest Service has unilaterally restricted (firewood collection, etc) in an attempt to engender hostility between people who otherwise support environmental protection. It’s a cynical effort to divide people instead of being accountable to the law. CounterPunch  

October 18, 2019 -  
Leadership Lacking for Wolf Protection  

October 17, 2019 -
Clock ticking on SEC appeal.  Chieftain  

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October 10, 2019 -
County commission’s opposition to Western Spirit power lines.  Chieftain    Related:  Our low-income population will bear the burdens of this project. ... Martha Salas, Chair Socorro County Commission. Chieftain

October 4, 2019 -
SEC Co-op defies PRC ruling. Chieftain  

October 4, 2019 -
... the final Environmental Assessment for Military training in the Cibola National Forest has been published. Objections are accepted until October 14.
Download the Plan here  

In the Draft Decision Notice the Forest Service has determined that there will be no significant impact from the training, despite the fact that:
· 3 additional helicopter landing zones will be established (just as in the previous proposal)
· The number of helicopter sorties in the Magdalena Ranger District will quadruple (keep in mind that currently there are 2,964 allowed sorties per day at one Helicopter Landing Zone, which include 8,892 day landings and 8,892 night landings).
· Helicopter flight paths go directly over residences
· Training areas have not been moved – and in fact still encompass private property
· Environmental impacts have not been adequately addressed.

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October 10, 2019 -
Socorro City Reply to Socorro Electric Co-op August 2019 newsletter related to "The City of Socorro is proposing to create a municipal electric utility and to begin "siphoning off " Members of SEC."  
Download SEC newsletter  
Download Socorro City reply to SEC newsletter  

September 5, 2019 -
City: SEC wants a 'second bite at the apple' Chieftain

September 5, 2019 -
Socorro County needs economic development, lower electric rates. Letter to the editor Chieftain  

August 28, 2019 -
SEC says rate increase is just, reasonable.Chieftain
Download      Related: August 22, 2019 - SEC response to PRC Download  

August 28, 2019 -
Plains of San Agustin aquifer safe .. for now. 

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